Wedding and Anniversary Announcements


Charles BAGLEY and Mrs. Estella JOHNSON

Kemmerer it still in the ring as the town without a dull moment in the entire 24-hour trip of the clock, and to keep things going and maintain this praiseworthy reputation, as a couple staged a regular wedding at the hour of 1:30 a. m. yesterday. every detail was complete, bride, groom, minister, witnesses, chauffeur and everything .

The high contracting parties were Charles Bagley of Montpelier and Cokeville and Mrs. Estella Johnson of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the license was issued and the knot tied by County Clerk Harrison. Mrs. Johnson is only a recent arrival in the city, having arrived Monday on an early train from the East.  She was the widow of a former O. S. L. local fireman, who died at the L. C. M. hospital several years ago.  The bridegroom is a sheep man and at present is employed by Bennion Bros, at Cokeville, and he had come to Kemmerer for rest and recreation.  Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Bagley were introduced by mutual friends during Wednesday evening and Dan Cupid, as usual, worked fast, although in this case it must be admitted that he exceeded the speed limit, for at the end of an acquaintance, which had extended over a period of nearly two hours, the suggestion was made that   well, anyway, some one said, Lets get married and the result was a unanimous affirmative vote.  Scouts volunteered and their services enlisted in the effort to find a minister and finally Mr. Harrison was awakened from pleasant dreams and obligingly came down town, opened his office, issues the license and united the happy couple forthwith, not forgetting, so it is said, the ancient prerogative of kissing the bride.  The ceremony having been completed, a hasty council of war was held and it was decided to begin the honeymoon at once, and accordingly, plans were made to take No. 19 westward the same morning, which was done, and a number of friends and well-wishers were present to bid them Godspeed.  Cokeville Register August 23, 1919

John BOURNE and Mrs. Jennie ANDERSON

Mr. John Bourne und Mrs. Jennie Anderson, respectively 73 and 68 years young, strolled around to the office of Justice of the Peace Somsen in Cokeville lust Saturday after-noon, Mr. Bourne produced u marriage license and the solemn Justice pronounced the words that made the young couple man and wife.

And the event awakened greater interest than any that has occurred in the bungalow city for some time.  The friends of the bride and groom and that includes every man, woman and child who has lived in that vicinity at any time during the past half-century, had been kept in ignorance of the affair, although the wise ones had noticed that the couple had spent much of their time together recently, and the happy couple were the recipients of hearty congratulations from every source as the news of the wedding became known.

It was just a little less than fifty years ago that John Bourne came to Cokevillehe enjoys the distinction of being the first settler. And it was only a year or so later that his bride, who was then Mrs. Collett, became the first white woman to take up her residence in that vicinity. Just forty-seven years ago the Bournes and Colletts had Christmas dinner together.

Nearly a half century had passed since then, and although they are both grand parents, no one would think of calling them old. None of the residents of Cokevllle are younger in heart or in action than the newest bridal couple, Mr. and Mrs. John Bourne. Many, many years of continued happiness to. them both.

The bride is the mother of Mrs. P W. Olson, while the groom has a number of grown children residing in Cokeville und Montpelier.  Kemmerer Camera December 28, 1921


A quiet wedding too place at the residence of Superintendent Thomas Sneddon, Monday August 17, 1903.   The contracting parties were Miss Margaret Sneddon daughter of Thomas Sneddon and Mr. O. W. Brown the traveling salesman for the Diamond Coal & Coke Co. and the ceremony that made these tow popular and happy young people husband and wife was solemnized by Elder Andrew Easton.  Miss Sneddon for several years has been the popular postmistress at Daimondville, and has a host of young friends who will wish her the fullest realization of wedded happiness.  Mr. Brown is well known both in this community and on the road, and is a popular gentleman as well as a hustling salesman.  The Camera joins their many friends in wishing this happy couple long life and a liberal share of the worlds blessings.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown left at once for Denver, and will return Tuesday.  Miss Cecelia Sneddon has succeeded as postmistress in the place of her sister. Kemmerer Camera August 29, 1903


A wedding of more than passing interest was held in Kemmerer Monday afternoon at the St. Patrick's church parsonage, when Miss Marye Fuller, popular young school mistress became the bride of Peter Etcheverry, Cokeville and Rock Springs livestock operator.

The party was attended by Mr. And Mrs. D. Etcheverry of Cokeville, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Father T. D. Lynch after which the bride and groom boarded O.S.L. train No. 19 for Rock Springs, where they will make their future home.

Mrs. Etcheverry is the accomplished young daughter of Joseph Fuller of Cokeville, and for several years had been teaching school in that district, lately at Border.  For two terms she taught at Sage.  Mr. Etcheverry is general manager for Quadros & Co. one of the largest sheep firms in that district, and has resided in that section for the past fifteen years.  Both the bride and groom are very popular, and the congratulations of hosts of friends are extended.----Republican.  Cokeville Register January 4, 1919

N. C. LYNE and Mary Bethel BELL

The marriage of Miss Mary Bethel Bell and Mr. N. C. Lyne secured on Sunday last at the home of Dr. Ebwards. It was a quiet affair only a few outside the family being present.  Proceeding the ceremony which took place at 1:30 oclock. Miss Gene Collett sang Oh Promise Me. Rev. G. T. Needles officiated using the beautiful ring ceremony, during which Mendlesone Spring Song was rendered on the piano in soft tones. About 3:00 oclock a dainty wedding breakfast was served.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Arnold Tallent and was one of the popular young ladies of this city.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyne of Salt Lake City and is an enterprising young man holding the position of District Manager for the Continental Oil Company with head quarters at Pocatello.  Amid showers of rice and the hearty good wishes of their many friends, the happy couple left on No. 17 that evening for Pocatello where they will be at home to friends in the Fargo Apartments.  The Register joins their many friends in wishing them a happy and prosperous journey thru life.   Cokeville Register  March 13, 1915

Thomas MARSHALL and Esther CARTER

Early in the week when Thomas Marshall told his friends that he was compelled to make an urgent business trip to Pocatello they little suspected the nature of the business, nor how urgent it really was. Even his brother, Jack, the contractor, was not let into the secret until Tom was in Idaho and at his (Jacks) home, when the long-distance telephone was used.  Tuesday, at the home of his brother, J. H. Marshall, in Pocatello, Thomas Marshall was married to Miss Esther Carter, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Judge and Mrs. Carter, former residents of Cokeville, but now of Lava Hot Springs. When the groom-to-be reached Pocatello he en-listed the services of his brothers wife and she attended to all the details, including the minister, who was the Rev. Mr. Hamilton of the Presbyterian church.

The happy young couple came to Cokeville Thursday and are at home at the Haggerty hotel for the present, their wedding having been celebrated there that evening with an in-formal dinner in their honor, given by their brother, and attended by a few close friends.

The bridegroom is one of the most popular of the young men here and has only been back from the army since last June, when he came at once to Cokeville and has since been acting as foreman for his brother in his contracting operations. He spent three bloody years in France with the Canadian troops and saw some of the fiercest fighting of the war.  Cokeville Register October 11, 1919

Albert E. MAU and Marguerite KENNEDY

The social event of this past week was the wedding of Albert R. Mau.  one of the best known young men In this section, to Miss Marguerite Kennedy at Laramie last Monday The following account of the affair Is from the Laramie Republican:

A pretty wedding was solemnized Monday evening at 5:30 when Miss Marguerite Kennedy and Albert R.  Mau were united In marriage by Father Hugh Cummlskey at the parochial house. On account of recent bereavement In the Kennedy family, the ceremony was a very quiet one, attended only by the Immediate relatives of the bride and very close friends.

The bride was attended by Miss Alice Cady, a sorority sister, and a chum since early girlhood, and Miss Meredith Langheldt, who she also numbers as one of her most intimate friends also stood up with her. Marshall Feris. a classmate of Mr. Maus.  came from his home at Riverton to attend as best man, and George Haskins was the second attendant.

Immediately after the ceremony the wedding party repaired to the Kennedy home where a delicious wedding supper was served. They left on the 7:55 train for their wedding trip. going first to Salt Lake and then to Los Angles. before returning to Cokevflle. where they will be at home on a large ranch of which Mr. Man to be the manager.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Mau are graduates of the University of Wyoming in the class of 1917, Mr. Mau taking his degree of Bachelor of Science and Mrs. Mau taking the normal diploma. Mr. Mau received his degree in absence for he had already entered the officers training camp, receiving his commission as first lieu-tenant and afterwards going over seas where he saw active service.  Miss Kennedy taught first at Kemmerer and then in the local schools, meeting with marked success For the last few months she has been en-rolled at the University. She Is a member of the Delta Delta  Delta sorority and Mr. Mau is of the Sigma Alpha Epailon fraternity. Roth were most popular in University circles and start in their married life with the wishes of a host of friends for a long and happy career..

On Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs.  H. H. Haslett entertained at a dinner In their honor, having as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kennedy.  Mr. and Mrs. .Guy Holliday. Miss Margaret Mau and Miss Mary Mau. Yesterday they were guests at a lunch eon of Mr and Mrs. Guy Holliday.  covers being laid for the same group.  Mr. and Mrs. Albert R Mau were arrivals on the late train from the East Friday evening and after spend-ing the night at the town home of the grooms father went out to the ranch which will he their future home.  The newly-weds will be the subject of much social attention from the young people and already plans are under way for some of these affairs.  Cokeville Register December 27, 1919

Alfred N. MURPHY and Margaret FERN

Saturday afternoon at two thirty, a very pretty wedding took place when Margaret Fern and Alfred N.  Murphy of Denver were united in marriage at the R. H. Embree home.  Rev. J. H. Williams of the Methodist church officiated. The bride was attired in white and carrying a bouquet of pink and white roses, wait attended by her cousin Miss Elsie Scott, while Thomas Fern attended the groom. Only immediate friends and relatives were in attendance.

After the ceremony a dainty lunch-eon was served. The following day a wedding dinner was served at the home of John Scott at Diamondville.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs.  J. Fern of Point of Rocks, Wyoming, and a niece of Mrs. R. H. Embree of this city. She at one time attended the local high school and is well known here..  Kemmerer Camera January 26, 1921

 James Edgar NEILD Elvina SWENSEN

James Edgar Nield and Elvina Swenson left Friday Nov 4th for Salt Lake City where they were joined in matrimony Wednesday Nov 9, at the Salt Lake Temple.  They will spend a few days in Utah and then return to make their home in this city.

Their many friends join with us in wishing them a successful and happy married life. 

The groom is the son of James Nield of this city and the bride is the daughter of Ebeneser Swenson of Osmond, and has been associated with the Burton Mercantile Co. for several years.  Star Valley Independent Nov 11, 1921

Claude NETHERLY and Adeline Helen MACLAIN

Court Commissioner H. R. Christmas last Monday performed the ceremony uniting Claude Netherly and Adeline Helen MacLain in the bonds of matrimony at Kemmerer, both of the newlyweds reside here, and it is understood they will make their home in Cokeville.  The bride is the daughter of Peter MacLain one of the old settlers of this district.  The groom has but recently returned from overseas service with the A. E. F. having joined the forces from Big Piney and entrained from Kemmerer with the Third Wyoming Infantry, Machine Gun company, later being assigned to the Forty-second Division  Cokeville Register November 15, 1919

Arthur P. NEWCOMB Dorthea BUDD

Two of the most prominent young people of Lincoln county were united Monday afternoon when Miss Dorthea Budd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Budd of Marbleton was wedded to Arthur P. Newcomb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Newcomb of Pocatello, Idaho in the local Catholic church chapel by the Reverend Father Short.

Miss Budd is one of the best known young ladies in the county and prominent in the social life of Marbleton. She is a graduate of St.  Marys academy, at Salt Lake City, and a niece of Dr. and Mrs. C. D.  Stafford of Kemmerer.

Mr. Newcomb is a comparatively recent arrival in Lincoln county. He was born in Iowa and graduated from Simpson college, belonging to the A. T. O. fraternity. His parents now reside in Pocatello, Idaho. For some time the young man has been engaged in the lumber business in the Big Piney country.

The ceremony was a quiet one only a few relatives and friends being present..   Dr. and Mrs. Stafford acted a. witness.   The young married couple will make their home for the present at Marbleton.  Kemmerer Camera August 3, 1921


Tony Nocker and Miss Iva Haddenham both of Kemmerer, but of lately living near Merna were married last week in Kemmerer by Justice of the Peace T. B. Carnahan.  Kemmerer Republican Friday September 29, 1916

Charles PETERSON and Hattie MULLENS

The wedding nuptials of Mr. Charles Peterson and Miss Hattie Mullens were celebrated Wednesday evening at the Eagles hall, in Kemmerer and a most enjoyable time was had by all the guests attending.

Mr. Peterson the groom is the head of the well known tailoring firm of Peterson & Mullens, and the charming bride is the daughter of his partner Mr. Mullens.  In the presence of a large gathering of Eagles and friends the ceremony that united in the bonds of holy wedlock the happy couple was performed by Judge Rosenberg in the most dignified and impressive style which was followed by the hearty congratulations of the host of guests. The reception and congratulations lasted until a late hour and was an afternoon long to be remembered.  Kemmerer Camera August 1, 1903

Carl PFAFF and Vieno MATSON

Further depletion of the ranks of the younger folks of Kemmerer was made during the week when Carl Pfaff one of the youngest business men in the city was united in marriage to Miss Vieno Matson of Elkol.

Mr. Pfaff's marriage came as somewhat of surprise to his friends who were caught unaware by the groom. He is a member of the Best Tire and battery company firm and one of the best known young business men in the city. His bride Miss Matson. is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. Matson of Elkol.  The marriage was performed quietly Thursday by Justice of the Peace McAllister in his office. Only two friends of the couple were present.  The plans of the young married couple are for the present to reside at the Elk hotel  Kemmerer Camera August 10, 1921

Sam O. ROSS - Elizabeth Marjorie WOOD

The greatest surprise of the week to many of the residents of the city was the announcement of the marriage of Miss Elizabeth Marjorie Wood to Sam O. Ross one of the best known young men of the city.

It has frequently been reported that Mr. Ross had been united to Miss Wood but nothing could be ascertained, both young people stoutly maintaining that it was nothing but a mere rumor.  However it is definitely known now that the two young people were married at Green River on July 9th.

Mrs. Ross is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wood of Kemmerer, and has for many years been one of the most prominent young ladies in the city.

She was educated in the local schools, graduating from the local high school in the class of '12. She is the second member of her graduating class to be married during the present season. Upon completion of her academic education she attended the state normal school at Laramie, returning three years ago and becoming an instructor in the local schools, the position she has held continuously up until the present time.

Mr. Ross is a local boy, having received his education here also, he graduated from the Kemmerer high school in 1915 and shortly after attended the state university at Laramie. He is a member of the Wyoming chapter of the A. T. 0. fraternity and was while there prominent socially and in various student activities. He is a member of the Kemmerer baseball team, the American Legion and various other organizations. He is at present employed by the Blyth-Fargo-Hoskins company as bookkeeper, a position he has held since he returned from service in the American Expeditionary Forces.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross contemplate establishing themselves in a cozy house keeping apartment shortly, at which time they will be at home to their many friends.  Kemmerer Camera August 10, 1921


Word was received here last Wednesday that Ruth Roberts was to be married in Denver last Monday to Fred Schermerhorn, formerly an operator at the local station. Mr. Schermerhorn worked at this point about four years ago as operator and is now employed at the same occupation at Carlin. Nev. As a man he was highly spoken of by all who knew him during his residence here.  Ruth has been in Denver since last winter taking a business course in one of the colleges there and finished her course about two months ago and has been engaged as a stenographer in one of the big stores of that place. The newly-weds will soon leave for Nevada where Mr. Schermerhorn will resume his position, and on their way home they promise, if possible, a visit to their Cokeville friends. If this should prove true we can assure them that they will be accorded a hearty welcome by all their old friends, and we take the liberty of extending to them congratulations and best wishes. of all Cokeville and vicinity.  Cokeville Register June 27, 1914

Thomas M. SNEDDON and Goldie ROBERTS

Miss Goldie Roberts, who with her sister Bess, were visiting in Salt Lake, and Thomas M. Sneddon, of Diamondvflle, stole a march on their friends and much to the surprise of all were married in Salt Lake last Thursday and left the same day for Long Beach CA. where they will visit for a time.

News of their marriage and their future plans was meager as short telegrams of the affair is all that were received and we are not informed of their future plans.

Miss Goldie was one of Cokevilles  popular and estimable young ladies of whom the best man might be proud of and while we all dislike to see her go from among us we join in wishing her and her husband all the happiness of wedded life and extend congratulations to both.

Mr. Sneddon is a son of Thomas. R. Sneddon of Diamondville and is operating a coal mine at that place under lease. While he is not personally known to all in this vicinity he has many friends here  who speak well of him as being a temporate, energetic young man fully deserving of the prize he has won.   Cokeville Register June 27, 1914

Oscar SMITH and Louisa SCHILLING

A quiet but very joyful wedding was consummated at the Elk hotel Wednesday evening in which 0scar Smith of Kemmerer, and Miss Louisa Schilling of New York City were the contracting parties. Judge Rosenberg performed the ceremony in his most gracious manner and reports the affair as one of the finest of the most enjoyable at which he has officiated for some time.  The bride was gorgeously arrayed in a profusion of white silk and crowned with a handsome wedding wreath making her very fair to behold.  Mr. Smith is one of our popular and prominent  business men and in winning Miss Schilling he has won a fair bride.  May continual happiness be their lot.  Under the personal supervision of Mrs. John Doran, the proprietress of the Elks. the parlors of the hotel were made very attractive and the wedding arrangements were elaborate and in perfect harmony with the happy occasion  Kemmerer Camera May 16, 1903

Jacob TURK and Mary ZELE

Father Short of the local Catholic church officiated at one of the largest weddings ever performed in Diamondville during the past week when Miss Mary Zele of that city was united to Jacob Turk.

Following the marriage ceremonies one of the moat elaborate banquets yet provided for wedding guests was served. The cake alone being sufficient to satisfy an ordinary sized group. The young couple intends to make Diamondville their home.  Kemmerer Camera August 31, 1921


Two of Aftons most popular young people being that of Mr. Bennie Welch and Miss Minnie Crawford were married in Paris ID.  Mr. Welch is too well known to need an introduction, while Miss Crawford is the daughter of Mr. James Crawford.  The young couple left Afton Tuesday at noon and expected to reach Paris in time to be married that same evening.  From there they will go on an extended honeymoon through Utah and perhaps as far as California.  The Independent joins their many friends in wishing them a happy journey through life.  Star Valley Independent Nov 11, 1921


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