Trails to the Past
Lincoln County Wyoming
World War II Veterans
Lincoln county        
ARENTSON Richard C 17006181 PFC KIA
BEYDA John 39825286 PVT DNB
BLACK Alexander 37086086 TEC 5 DOW
BLACK Frank W 37460211 PFC DNB
BOOKS Charles T 37085964 S SG KIA
CARLSON Oren E 39950820 PVT DNB
CAROLLO William J 37358409 SGT DOW
CASAZZA Ralph L 37086907 S SG DOW
DE GRAW Charles R 37357397 PFC KIA
DRANEY Doyle F 37364244 PVT DOW
EVEZISH William M 01581693 2 LT KIA
HASSELL Gerald M 01180939 2 LT KIA
MARX Walter A 37139537 S SG KIA
McCORMICK William L 17024696 PVT DNB
PEAD Ballard H 37712480 PFC KIA
PERKINS Floyd T 37086746 TEC 5 KIA
PORTER Leroy J 6533798 T SG KIA
PRATT Woodrow W 0-025485 CAPT DOW
PRINGLE Hyrum P 19121366 CPL FOD
STEVENSON Harry E 19010663 S SG DNB
TURK Adolph 37086494 PFC DNB
Vietnam Veterans
Hart Joseph Leslie LTC - OS Air Force Sep. 11, 1924 Feb. 25, 1967 In Laos Hostile Crash on Land
Johnson Dale William PFC - E3 Army Nov. 10, 1948 Nov.18, 1968 Hau Nghia, South Vietnam Hostile Action DOW
Stumpp Alma Jack PFC - E2 Marine Corps Jan, 20,1947 Oct. 27, 1965 Quang Nam, South Vietnam Ground Action

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