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Organized from Uinta in 1913. First individuals came as trappers, explorers, and settlers. Oregon, Mormon and California Trails cross this area. The county covers from the West border of Wyoming past Opal and From Afton South of Kemmerer. The major industries are ranching, farming, mining, gas and oil production, and numerous production plants. Bridger National Forest covers part of Lincoln County. Fossil Butte National Monument is located west of Kemmerer and is a large collection for public view of Fossils. The road from Kemmerer to Afton is one of the major routes to Yellowstone National Park. The area has mountains, desert, and farm land. The terrain is ever changing and beautiful with something for all individuals.
The county seat of Lincoln County is Kemmerer it was founded in 1897 by Patrick J. Quealy and was named after a Pennsylvania coal magnate Mahlon S. Kemmerer who was also a financier of Patrick J. Quealy's  

Kemmerer is an incorporated town.  The towns of Lincoln County are as follows:  Kemmerer, Afton, Cokeville, Diamondville, Opal, Labarge, Starvalley Ranch, Thane.  Census designated place are as follows:  Alpine Northeast, Alpine Northwest, Auburn, Bedford, Etna, Fairview, Fontenelle, Grover, Oakley, Smoot, Taylor, Turnerville


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Five Generations in One Family At Sage

Lincoln county claims the distinction of having representatives of five generations in one of its families.  Four generations are rather unusual, but there are very few instances of five living representatives of as many generations.

In line of descendents, the great-great grandmother is Mrs. Hunt, aged 87, of Sage, the great-grandmother is Mrs. Julia Thompson, while next in line is Mrs. Nellie Keen, the grandmother followed by Mrs. Harry Julian, then the three months old son of the latter represents the fifth.  Kemmerer Republican Friday, January 3, 1919


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