Lincoln County Wyoming Births


BORINO, Tony - Sept. 14, 1914 son of Anton and Maria Pozza Borino born in Diamondville

BOTT, Dahlia E. - Dec. 15, 1915 daughter of Anselmo and Oliva (Griff) Bott born in Kemmerer

DEWAR, Mary Isabella - June 19, 1926 daughter of Robert and Mary Lees Dewar in Kemmerer

EVEZICH, John A - July 24, 1920 in son of Joseph and Josephine (Tiljak) Evezich born in Cumberland

MAFFEI, Robert J. - July 7, 1948 son of Orlando J. and Frances M. (Saari) Maffei born in Kemmerer

GODDARD, Leah  - December 11, 1899- Daughter of Samuel Goddard and Sarah R. Morris Goddard born in Kemmerer

KLANCNIK, Rudolph Joseph  - March 29, 1910 son of Josef (Joe) and Stephania (Kasprik) Klancnik born in Sublet Submitted by Carole Rossi     

KLANCNIK, Frank April 2, 1912 christened in Sublet May 12, 1912 son of Josef (Joe) and Stephania (Kasprik) Klancnik born in Sublet Submitted by Carole Rossi
KOSCAK, Joseph  Jr - Feb. 18, 1923 the son of Joseph and Rose (Baselj) Koscak Born in Diamondville
POLEC, Alfonse (Alfred) - March 23, 1908 son of Adalbert (Albert) and Maria (Kasprik)  Polec born in Sublet
Submitted by Carole Rossi
ZAGER, Frank Jr - December 29, 1921 son of Frank W. and Antonia (Rosenstein) Zager born in Kemmerer
Submitted by Carole Rossi

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