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A Little About Lincoln County

The flags of Spain, Mexico, and England flew over some of the territory that now comprises Lincoln County before it became a permanent part of the United States.  Parts of the county were segmented with Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.  Territories at different times before the Organic Act of July 25, 1868, established the boundaries of the new Wyoming Territory.  At one time Nebraska and Dakota Territories reached to the southeastern edge of present Lincoln County.  Lincoln County was created on February 20, 1911.

The Fur Trade Rendezvous of 1834 was held on Hamsfork, just north of present-day Kemmerer.  The Oregon Trail in its several divisions, and the Lander Trail, the first subsidized road in the United States, and probably the first road in the United States where people and livestock passed each other in moving both east and west, all intersect the county.  Despite this early activity, permanent settlements were not started in the region until after the Civil War.


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