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Thanks for your interest in the WYGenWeb Project. We are always looking for dedicated people to help us provide genealogical and historical information that is free to our visitors.

The WYGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers who coordinate or assist in providing genealogical information for each county in the State of Wyoming. Our volunteers are people just like you ... individuals who have a desire to learn more about their ancestors, where they lived, and what their lives may have been like.

If you have the same desire, then we invite you to become a volunteer in the WYGenWeb Project.  There are a number of ways for you to help our project grow and we are always pleased to have new volunteers.


  How You Can Make a Contribution

The success of this Project depends on people helping people

A common trait of WYGenWeb volunteers is an inherent desire to do research and to share valuable genealogical and historical information with others. Participation in the WYGenWeb comes at many levels of involvement.


The County Coordinator

County Coordinators (CC) are the foundation of the WYGenWeb.  They produce and maintain the county web sites. They come from all walks of life and can live anywhere there is access to the internet. The only prerequisites are having a sincere interest in the genealogy of the county they coordinate, a basic knowledge of HTML and FTP to maintain the website and, of course, internet access. County Coordinators also provide basic assistance to visitors, locate and transcribe data and format information submitted by other contributors. Age is unimportant WYGenWeb has CC's as young as their 20's and as old as their 70's. Additionally, you don't have to live in the county you host.

To view a list of current adoptable Wyoming counties visit the Counties Table page.  If the county in which you are interested does not have a host and you wish to become a coordinator, please see the Adopt a County page.  Coordinator assistance pages are under the Koordinator's Korner section of the index page of this site.

The county page requirements for the WYGenWeb Project are listed at the Guidelines for All Coordinators page.


Assistant County Coordinator

If being a County Coordinator isn't for you, or if you want to ease into the position, there's always the possibility of starting as an Assistant County Coordinator. You should contact the County Coordinator directly and offer to be an assistant.


Lookup Volunteer

Lookup volunteers offer to do e-mail-based lookups in genealogical material that they own or have access to. Every county coordinator is searching for volunteers to help researchers with simple lookup requests. Do you have an old plat book, a church or town history, or anything similar on the history of an area and its people? Can you look up records at your county courthouse or historical society? Do you have access to cemetery records, county and town histories, marriage information, or any other genealogically useful data? 

If so, then you may want to consider volunteering to do lookups in those particular resources. Lookup requests would be forwarded to your e-mail and you would respond by e-mail. Contact the coordinator of the county for which you have reference material and offer to do lookups for other researchers. You will find their contact information on their county site. You may also contact the State Coordinator.



A contributor simply shares genealogical or historical information that he has collected. That date is then published on the specific county website. 

Public records - census, plats, cemeteries, land deeds, births and deaths, marriages, voters' lists, post office locations, newspaper clippings - any public record that will help genealogists find their ancestors, even if the record is for a small area or short time period.  Photos are also welcomed.  Everything helps. To contribute information, contact the County Coordinator for the county involved. You may also contact the State Coordinator.



Many WYGenWeb sites are in need of people to help transcribe census records, older research materials - a variety of items. Requirements are a good eye, a steady typing hand and lots of patience. Some knowledge of HTML is helpful, but is not always necessary. To volunteer, contact the specific county coordinator and let him/her know you'd like to transcribe records. Cemetery records, tombstone transcriptions, church records, and censuses are always wanted. Just please, make sure the ones you're planning to do are not already online.



THANK YOU for your interest in supporting the WYGenWeb Project.

Please volunteer your services.  Your help will be greatly appreciated!




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