Although Wyoming wasn't made a state until 1890, it did get enumerated... just not where most of you probably think.  Where then, are you supposed to look for your relatives?  Hopefully, this page will give you the answer; and, if not the answer, then at least a direction.

If emboldened or underlined, you should run your cursor over the place of enumeration to access a particular page.   Hopefully, we have a transcriber (or two, or three) out there who would like to donate their time and efforts to getting some of the censuses online here for everyone.  If you have any censuses you'd like to submit, please contact me.

Dated notes are injected where necessary in between census years.  They should be used as guides to your next census step.  In advance, you might like to know that a red Note: is not a good thing.

Links to an assortment of maps on this site are provided to give you a visual image of at least some of the boundary changes. 

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At that time the region that would become Wyoming was in...

Location & Any Notes



Spain   X
1800 Spain   X
1810 Louisiana Territory, Oregon Country, Spain   X
1820 Missouri Territory, Oregon Country, Spain   X
1930 Unorganized Territory, Oregon Country, Mexico   X
1840 Unorganized Territory, Oregon Country, Mexico, Disputed Area   X
1850 Unorganized Territory, Oregon Territory, Utah Territory, Texas   X
1860 Nebraska Territory, Washington Territory, Utah Territory 1860 Fort Laramie census

1867. Cheyenne founded.

1867. Laramie County created by Dakota Legislature.

1868 July 25. Wyoming Territory created.

1868. Albany and Carter Counties are organized. Wind River Reservation created.

1869-Wyoming Territory organized. Carter County is changed to Sweetwater County. Uinta County is organized.

1870 Wyoming Territory   X
1880 Wyoming Territory 1883 Civil War pensioners census taken

1884. Fremont County is organized.

1888. Crook, Pease (Johnson), Converse, Natrona, and Sheridan Counties are organized.

1890 Wyoming NOTE: Non-existent.  Destroyed by fire in 1921 in the Commerce Building in D.C. A replacement for this census is the special schedule enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans of the Civil War. A set of these schedules exist for Wyoming.

1890 July 10. Wyoming Territory admitted into Union as 44th state

1900 Wyoming Population: 92,531

1909. Park County is organized.

1910 Wyoming Population: 145,965.

1911.  Campbell, Goshen, Hot Springs, Lincoln, Niobrara, Platte, and Washakie Counties are organized.

1920 Wyoming Population: 194,531. X
1930 Wyoming Population, 225,565.

1921. Teton and Sublette Counties are organized.






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