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Albany County

Albany County

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Towns, Cities, Post Offices in Albany County

Albany County Towns and Populated Places

Town or Populated Place

Latitude and Longitude

Albany 411103N 1060753W
Binford 422000N 1052033W
Bosler 413434N 1054141W
Bosler Junction 413310N 1054051W
Buford 410719N 1051815W
Centennial 411754N 1060828W
Collins (historical) 410636N 1060945W
Cooper Lake 413758N 1054608W
Dale Creek 410459N 1052327W
Deerwood 411412N 1060752W
Foxpark 410446N 1060907W
Gramm 410218N 1060743W
Harmony 411018N 1055146W
Harper 414234N 1055317W
Hatton 411818N 1055858W
Hermosa 410500N 1052913W
Hirsig 411129N 1051804W
Howell 412504N 1053653W
Jelm 410328N 1060046W
Keystone 411005N 1061529W
Laramie 411841N 1053526W
Little Medicine 422304N 1055839W
Lookout 413957N 1054806W
Millbrook 411915N 1055511W
Mountain Home 410029N 1061019W
New Jelm 410455N 1060034W
Point of Rocks 422032N 1051638W
Red Buttes 411057N 1053539W
Reed Place 421605N 1054330W
Rock Creek (historical) 415030N 1055156W
Rock River 414429N 1055827W
Sherman 410552N 1052101W
Squaw Place 422212N 1054212W
Tie Siding 410449N 1053025W
Toltec 421825N 1053910W
West Laramie 411832N 1053712W
Wilcox 414733N 1055900W
Woods Landing 410638N 1060046W
Wyocolo 410016N 1061019W
Wyoming 412839N 1053810W

Information taken from the USGS

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