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"Cow-Belles Ring School Bell; A History of Rural Schools in Albany County, Wyoming"

By The Albany County Cow-Belles, 1976

Below is the table of contents for this book. The book deals with the development of the schools, from in-home to larger schools of Albany County. Many of the schools listed below were run out of the main house on a ranch, and reflect the names of the owners of the ranch. The chapters are broken down by district. Also included is an excerpt from the book to tell you what sort of data it contains.

Chapter 1: Laramie Schools, District 1

Laramie, Red Buttes, Hutton Grove

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings::
Fish Hatchery, Ft. Saunders, Maynard Ranch, Riesdal Ranch, Horse Creek, Farrelle Ranch, Kingman Ranch, Holladay Ranch, and Hoge Ranch.

Chapter 2: Buford-Sherman Hill, Districts 2 and 9

Old Sherman, Dale City, Williams, Dale Creek, Buford, Braae, Sherman, Kinnamon, Pine Ridge, Pumpkin Vine, Farrell, Williams, Clark

Chapter 3: Tie Siding-Boulder Ridge-Sand Creek, Districts 3 and 17

Tie Siding, Boulder Ridge, Diamond Peak, Kingman-Mauk, Russell, Sand Creek, Trapper's Ridge, Goetz, Handen, Robinson, Burton, Pridemore, Point of Boulder

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings::
Tie Siding at Hermosa, New Tie Siding (at present location), Neal School, Fish Creek School, Canyon School, Home Rock, Lundquist School, Wooden Shoe School, Trapper's Spring.

Chapter 4: Sodergreen-Harmony, Districts 8 and 10

Sodergreen, Larsen, Popp-Harmony, Harmony, Brubaker, Wymore, Mason, Lakeside, Hunziker

Chapter 5: Jelm, District 7

Jelm, Woods Landing, Klouda, Montgomery, Cole

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Cummins City School, Woods School.

Chapter 6: Fox Park-Keystone-Boswell, Districts 14, 25, and 28

Fox Park, Albany, Keystone, Buckeye, Strain, Boswell

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Mountain Home, Spruce Gulch, Lake Creek, Horatio Rock, Spring Creek, West Beaver, Gramm and McGill.

Chapter 7: Centennial, District 12

Centennial, Rhinesmith

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Christenson Ranch, Jason Baily Ranch.

Chapter 8: Millbrook-Little Laramie, District 4

Bath, Fillmore, Millbrook, Valley View, Big Hollow, Osterman, Pahlow Lane, Shedd, Strom

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Big Hollow, Foster, Rex Route High School.

Chapter 9: Sprague Lane-Quealy Dome, Districts 6 and 18

Sprague Lane, Seven Mile, Wolf, Bliler, Mead, Blackburn, Coen, Loyd, Alsop, Carroll, Steckelberg-Iiames, Walther, Perue, Sword, Oasis, Roadside, Iiames, King-Stevenson, Puls, Quealy Dome-Hunt

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Brown or Basin School.

Chapter 10: Bosler-Sybille, Districts 15 and 30

Radichal, Tom Moore, Innes, Cooper Lake, Fisher-Stumpf, Conwell, Lew Wallis, Peden, Fuhs, Farley-Ballard, Middle Creek or Ben Smith, Gillespie, Dusenbury, Hill, Knight, Bosler, John McGill, Dover, Sommers, Shaffer, Wayside, Taylor, Martens, Allen-Schune-Boyd, Doc Stevens-Ed Allen-Ennis, Adam Boyd, Bluegrass, Boyd, Lookout, Waechter-Richardson, Hall, Harry Payne, Leo Sheldon, Henderson, Edington, Jim Peden, Davis, Hay, Garlock, Berner, Berner-Smith, Plaga, Flaharty, Jewett, Johnson, Lucy, Greaser, Sybille or Garton, Brow

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Dusenberry Hill (or Hall), Knight School, Dodge, Shamrock, Reservoir School, Halleck Canyon, Blue Grass, Beruer, Day, Lemmon.

Chapter 11: Pilot Knob, District 11

Eagle Rock, Leslie, Perue, McKechnie, Berner, Krueger

Chapter 12: Rock River, District 5

Rock River, Ambler, Cal Gillespie, Peterson, Franzen, John White, Fairview, Lincoln, Kansas Valley, Carlin, Gillespie at Rock Creek, Komo Ridge, Banzhaf

Chapter 13: Garrett, District 27

Frank Praeger Sr., Praeger-Garret, Tom Garrett, R. N. Garrett, Hall, Newkirk, Dunlap, Cow Creek, River Bridge, Jim Atkinson, George Atkinson, Winbourne, Estes, Smith, Bowie, Rob Sturgeon, Dobson, Donald Crerar, Brooks, River Canyon

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Haagensen, A.B. Gillespie.

Chapter 14: Little Medicine, District 19

Comstock, Cram, Davidson, Burke-Moser, Cassidy, Smith, Little Medicine, Hamilton, Lacy, Brown, Kamp, Burnett, Holaday

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Burnett Ranch.

Chapter 15: Marshall-Toltec, District 20 and 21

Atkinson, Patton, Bennett, Emerson, Jewell, Bridges, Bridges-Waring, Marshall, Curry-Meyer, Cameron, Eder, Bean Herzer, Robinson, Gore, Robinson-Gore, Mieck, Griffith, Ketchem, Robbins, Nickerson, Cole, Burke, Bitner, Marshall, Newell, Kafka, Matheson, Bone, Prager, Bell, Merle Atkinson, Ralph Hall, Antelope Creek, Tuttle

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Reed, Edwards, Jim and George Newells.

Chapter 16: Laramie Dell, District 23

Bill Sturgeon, Wilson, David McFarlane, Stumbough, Ed Robinson, Pole Canyon, Hagerman, Luman Creek, Palmer, Scranton, Memmer, Shapley, Nash, Nash-Royce, Royce, Miller, Hall, Pleasant Valley, Pine Mountain, Paulson, Mylet, Palmer Canyon, Shamrock Ranch, Newkirk-Williamson, Dillon-Koons, Pickens, Douthitt, F. O. Gibbs, Brandle, Kennedy, Cozy Hollow, Hall-Swope-Brooks

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Andrews, Floyd Moffet, Owen School, Hall, Ralph Hall Ranch, Holcombe, Hope, Sturgeon.

Chapter 17: Laramie Peak-Cottonwood-Esterbrook, Districts 16 and 24

Cottonwood Park-Parker, Fish Creek, Held, Starr, Robinson, Robinson-Hoffman, Hoffman, Hess-Rutherford, Binford, Rinker, Rutherford-Wallace, Pierson-Fawcett, Kissel, Williams, Ketchem, Harris Park, Bromley, Burney, Fletcher Park, Hanks, Cottonwood-North Fork, Pickerill, Cottonwood Park-Southfork, Ballard, Bovee, Wilson, Henderson, Rainbow's End, Parker, Riley, Clamp, Lidsey, Shoemaker, Double Four, Southfork, Cottonwood, Hall, Springhill, Mary Cooper, Esterbrook, Gray Rocks, Hamner, Shepard-Brose, Spracklin, Braae, Newell, Pexton-Dunn

Schools mentioned in text, but not on chapter headings:
Wyman, Barnes, Rock Hill, Starr-Rutherford, Lindsey, Crabb, Bolln

Chapter 18: Experiences of a Wyoming Country School Teacher in the Early 1900's, by Olive Garrett Kafka, 1907


Sample from the Book:

"Estes School By Jo Robbins

The Estes School apparently operated on a homestead on what is now called the Robinson. Records show a Helen J. Wells taught in 1931-1932.

Smith and Haagensen Schools by Jo Robbins

The Smith School, established in 1926-27 and continued through 1929, was a small, one-pupil school. Mrs. Essie Smith taught her own son "Butch", at their home on South Duck Creek while her husband worked as a blacksmith for the 2-Bar. The Haagensen School, located on the flats along the Fetterman road, was in session two years, 1933-1935, with Lewis W. Webber and Evelyn Lewis listed as teachers.

Bob Sturgeon School by Jo Robbins

Bob Sturgeon was one of William Sturgeon's children, of which there were also George, Sid, and Cecilia (Wilson). Bob Sturgeon started the school in 1903 or 1904 at the Owen Post Office and his first teacher was Suzie Lewis. They only had school for one month that first year. Don't know who the other students might have been. Owen was located on the Frank Banner Ranch on Owen Creek, north of the Cuba ranch, on the road to Van Ortwick Hill. It was near what was then called Owen Peak..""The second year Bob went to school, the school was moved between the William Sturgeon place and the McFarland ranch. The third year, Olive Garrett (Kafka) taught the school and lived with the Frank Banners, who was her uncle. This meant a two mile walk to school. She was probably 16 at the time. Others who taught the Owen School were Ellen (Mandy) Prager, Helen McGill (Yarborough), Mae McGrew (Red Carlisle), Minnie (Mrs. Charlie) Wagner, and Emma Lamb. Frank and Ed Rae families went to school there too.

In 1924, Bob married Julia Prager. Their son Bobby was born in 1931 and started school in 1937 with an aunt, Mrs. Harry (Leona) Prager, as his first grade teacher..."

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