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This is an experiment. Below is an excerpt from the 1880 census that includes the heads of households listed in the census for the community and area of Little Laramie River, dated June 1st, 1880. This is just a listing of the heads of households, their professions, age and place of birth. The reason that I have only listed heads of households is quite simply time. Otherwise, by listing wives and children, the list would be five times as long. Feedback is welcomed, email me if you have comments or suggestions.





Place of Birth

Hunter, Thomas Farmer 51 Ill.
Taylor, George Farmer 61 Scotland
Williams, Edward Laborer 20 N.Y.
Harting, Frank Laborer 23 Iowa
Kellogg, John Farmer 36 Ireland
Mulhere, Frank Clerk in Store 25 Scotland
Mandel, Philip Farmer 45 Alsace
Post, George Laborer 18 W. Virginia
Ripper, Peter Laborer 31 ?
Hickman, William Laborer 27 Inidana
Farrell, Edward Farmer 47 Ireland
Main, John Laborer 17 Penn.
McKay, Willis Laborer 26 Scotland
Daiser, Chas. Working on Farm 30 Penn.
Thomas, Theodor Laborer 18 Mo.
Nathan, Newly ? 55 England
Sullivan, Buck Laborer 33 Ireland
Bath, Henry Farmer 47 Meklenburg
Phelps, George Farmer 35 N.Y.
Koont, Robert laborer 18 Penn.
Mace, John Farmer 19 Indiana
Tolle, Will Farmer 45 Maine
Campbell, Fletcher Farmer 28 Ohio
Rich, George ? 47 N.Y.
Herberts, Charles Farmer 32 Prussia
Feotzcher, Frank Working on Farm 33 Prussia
Madson, Alfred Laborer 35 Sweden
Brown, Minna(?) Keeping House 26 Prussia
Abbott, William Laborer 27 Iowa
Abbot, Henry Laborer 22 Iowa
Ames, John Hotel Keeper 49 England
Mower, George Laborer 29 Ohio
Good, Henry Butcher 35 Baden
Bonig, Gustav Merchant grocer 44 Prussia
Schloger, Joseph Hotel Keeper 34 Austria
Brown, George Farmer 42 N.Y.
Lovett, William Painter 30 Mass.
Brubeck(?), Theodor Farmer 29 Penn.
Fenduck, Sigmund ? 23 Penn.
McDonald, Donald Herding Sheep 30 Scotland
Cameron, Angus Working on Farm 26 Canada
Dougherty, James Farmer 47 Ireland
Carrington, Edward ? 27 Rhode Island
Seed, Hobert ? 29 Boston
Clugston, Howard Farmer 30 Ohio
Clugston, Charles Working on Farm 31 Ohio
Baggs, Aleck Herdiing Sheep 31 Tenn.
Mitchell, Henry Laborer 23 South Dakota
McKinney, Gail Farmer 34 Kentucky
Pascow, Paul Farmer 33 England
Sprague, Calvin Farmer 59 N.Y.
Sprague, Maurice working on Farm 61 N.Y.
Booth, Willis Working on Farm 17 N.Y.
Herman, George Working on Farm 30 N.Y.
Chase, Charles Farmer 43 N.Y.
Tunnison, Albert Working on Farm 25 N.Y.
Fleming, Ezra Farmer 38 Mo.
Shankland, Jesse Working on Farm 19 Ill.
Hicks, John Working on Farm 31 Ireland
Fisher, Thomas Farmer 55 N.Y.
Bird, Thomas Working on Farm 35 N.Y.
Wilson, William Working on Farm 28 Penn.
Spaulding, Sam Working on Farm 27 N.Y.
Clark, Thomas Working on Farm 35 Ohio
Brewengton, Thomas Working on Farm 25 N.Y.
Spencer, Bingham Working on Farm 25 Penn.
Sharp, Edward Working on Farm 32 Penn.
Hassett, George Working on Farm 23 Penn.
Meyer, Herman Working on Farm 40 Germany
Fullet, Henry Working on Farm 48 England
Post, Thomas Working on Farm 25 N.Y.
Mayflower, Willis Working on Farm 16 Wyo.
Congdon, Jerry Farmer 58 Ireland
Lammon, James Miner, Placer 61 Ireland

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