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Wood County, WV Genealogy
Family Stories & Narratives
James Alexander Arbuckle

Told by Charles Henry ARBUCKLE to Jessie (CREWS) ARBUCKLE *
James Alexander ARBUCKLE died before I was born. He was a very exacting man. Had to have things just as he wanted them. When Isaac Ralston was about grown, Alexander moved to Ohio. He lived there a short time. then moved to Wood County; West Virginia. He died there. Isaac and Matilda were the only ones that went to W. Virginia with him. Isaac married Permelia Elizabeth HARPER; daughter of Henry and Ann HARPER. in Wood County , W. Virginia. Alexander ARBUCKLE had a large farm in West Virginia. He willed the farm to Isaac and the unmarried Matilda in return for their care of him for the rest of his lifetime. 

Isaac foolishly overheated a favorite horse, and brought her home all sweaty .James was very angry and cut Isaac out of his will completely. James made Matilda. his daughter (unmarried) swear to him on his deathbed that she would not marry a certain ** Mr. .Lockhart who was not allowed on their farm. She so swore. and inherited the farm when James died. Soon afterward. Matilda married Lockhart anyway and had two daughters. Lockhart poisoned Matilda. When Isaac and Permelia. his wife. came over and saw Lockhart's sister sponging Matilda's neck with alcohol, they lifted her head and saw how awfully black her neck was. 

They had him arrested and convicted of murder . This took place at the time of the Rebellion. Lockhart was released from jail to serve in the Rebel army and was never seen again. His wife, Permelia Elizabeth HARPER, belonged to quite a large family. Isaac Ralston ARBUCKLE left Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia about 1869 and came to McClean County, Illinois. This was when Charles Henry (his son) was about four years old. They moved to Ford County. which is near to Gibson City .They lived there a few years. then went to Milan. Missouri. They lived there in Sullivan County. Mo.. until Charley was nineteen years old. 

Isaac died in Missouri at seventy one and a half years. Isaac Ralston ARBUCKLE was was 5' 8. tall, wt. 165 -170 lbs. He had no enemies. He settled many arguments among his neighbors. and his judgment was accepted by all. Was sort of an official Judge. When he died. the Minister stated that he could not picture Isaac as he was could not do him justice. Was quite a tribute to a wonderful man. Isaac never lost his temper. Didn't talk much, was quiet. 

One defect was not good (of capable) in his own money matters. Was always too easy on the other fellow in his dealings. .Alexander's first name was Joseph. not James. He was Joseph Alexander ARBUCKLE, Jr. 

Ref: Pa. Gen. Soc. Pub. #7page 145 Wills ** Matilda ARBUCKLE married George W. LOCKER (not Lockhart ) as stated in the above narrative)

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