Wood County, WV Genealogy

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Wood County, WV Genealogy

Some Early City, Village and County Burying Grounds
by John A. House
"Being an account of some of the cemeteries of Reedy, Sandy and Mill Creeks from visits made in 1903, 1904 and 1905. With additions by the author through later years of some Wood and Wirt County Cemeteries."

"Some Pioneer Cemeteries of Parkersburg And Wood County"
For the sections covering Jackson, Roane and Wirt Counties,
see the WVGenWeb Jackson County page.

  • Keene Graveyard
  • Kincheloe Cemetery
  • Jesse Kincheloe Cemetery
  • Kinnaird Graveyard
  • Leach Graveyard
  • Lewis (Old) or Neale Graveyard
  • Locker Cemetery
  • Lubeck Cemetery
  • McDougle or Walker Cemetery
  • Meldahl (German)
  • Mount Moriah Cemetery
  • New England Graveyard
  • Odd Fellows Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery
  • Riverview Cemetery
  • Sharpe Graveyard
  • Spencer Graveyard (Old)
  • Spencer Graveyard (South)
  • Stagg Graveyard
  • Staunton Pike Graveyards
  • John Stephenson Graveyard
  • Tavenner Graveyard
  • Tracewell Graveyard
  • Uhl Cemetery
  • Vaughan Graveyard
  • Woodyard (Harrison) Graveyard
  • Woodyard (Old) Graveyard
  • Zion Cemetery
  • Virginia Ludwick graciously gave permission to post John A. House' book, with her only request being that the page be dedicated to her late husband, John M. Ludwick, grandson of John A. House.