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Wood County, WV Genealogy

Amos Cemetery

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce

Take Rt. 68 from Parkersburg, South through Lubeck. Turn left onto Wadesville Road, next to the Ohio Valley Motor Speedway. Follow Wadesville Road for about 7 miles. The cemetery is on the right side of the road. This cemetery is about 2 miles past the Wigal Cemetery. This is a small Family cemetery on property owned by the Amos family. It is maintained by Roger and Mildred Amos of Rockport. The cemetery has not been used much in recent years. 

Amos, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1850, d. 1906, s/o Benjamin James and Susanna A. Eaton Amos

Amos, Benjamin James, d. Feb 12, 1880, aged 85y 6d, s/o Robert and Elizabeth Amos

Amos, Blake E., b. 1901, d. 1934

Amos, Charles Berkley, b. Jul 18, 1916, d. Apr 16, 1998

Amos, Charles Loyd, b. Aug 18, 1880, d. Oct 4, 1881, s/o F. T. and E. Amos

Amos, Infant, d. July 5, 1870, aged 6 days, s/o C.D. and M.S. Amos

Amos, Infant, d. Mar 5, 1895, s/o Benjamin Franklin and Phoebe Ellen Amos

Amos, Jean, b. 1921, d. 1932

Amos, Mary S., b. Apr 7, 1847, d. Sep 21, 1907, w/o David Amos

Amos, Nancy E., d. Jan 2, 1860, aged 4m 24d, d/o Benjamin James and Susanna A. Eaton Amos

Amos, Phoebe Ellen Riel, b. 1860, d. 1930, w/o Benjamin Franklin Amos, d/o Samuel T. and Charity Alice Flinn Riel

Amos, Susanna A., d. Apr 8, 1901, aged 77y 5m 2d, w/o Benjamin James Amos, d/o David and Hannah Mantle Eaton

Buckley, Mary Ann, b. Mar 7, 1857, d. Jul 24, 1899, w/o Andrew Jackson Buckley, d/o Benjamin James and Susanna A. Eaton Amos

Buckley, Mary Virginia, b. Nov 6, 1880, d. Feb 14, 1898, d/o Andrew Jackson and Mary Ann Amos Buckley

Buckley, S. J., b. 1851, d. 1909
McHenry, Infant, b. Jul 27, 1884, d. Aug 2, 1884, d/o L. D. and M.A. McHenry

Ryan, Copie E., b. 1888, d. 1895, d/o Thomas B. and Mary Alice Allen Ryan

Ryan, James Benton, b. Dec 17, 1873, d. Aug 18, 1956, s/o Thomas B. and Mary Alice Allen Ryan

Ryan, Mary Alice, b. Feb 11, 1854, d. July 21, 1929, w/o Thomas B. Ryan, d/o John W. and Miriam Lane Allen

Ryan, Thomas B., b. Feb 18, 1849, d. Apr 1, 1900, s/o Micajah and Eliza Smith Ryan

Webber, Elizabeth, b. Feb 17, 1823, d. May 27, 1889, w/o John V. Webber

Webber, John V., b. Oct 19, 1821, d. Jul 23, 1888

2 fieldstones with no information
1 marked only with a rock