Old Palmer Cemetery

Old Palmer Cemetery

Read 7 May, 1997 by Nancy Watson, Liz, Betty and Patty

This cemetery is located on Friendship Ridge.  From Proctor, go out Rt 89 to New Dale, turn right at New Dale and go to the Mt. Olive Cemetery.  Looking North West down over the hill and out of site about 500 yards is the cemetery.  It is located at the head of Proctor Creek and there is an old barn beside of it.

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Photos by Gary Palmer

Row 1      
Palmer, Hamilton S.   10 Dec 1854 0/3/22 - s/o E & J Palmer
Palmer, Penelope B.   3 Oct 1858 6/2/13 - s/o E & J Palmer
Palmer, William S.   12 Apr 1859 3/5/22 - s/o E & J Palmer
Jennett     I couldn't read the dates but believe this is the un-named female on record as b & d 4 Aug 1861 child of Ephraim & Jeanette Montgomery Palmer as they are all in the same row.
Row 2      
Palmer, James 9 Apr 1851 9 Apr 1851 s/o W & A Palmer
Palmer, Josephus 29 Jun 1852 25 Apr 1854 s/o W & A Palmer
Palmer, Sarah J 21 Mar 1849 4 Oct 1854 I believe this is the daughter of William and Ann Montgomery Palmer, as they are in the same row as their sons.  Marker is repaired but unreadable.
Row 3      
Palmer, Edmund P.**   18 May 1855 12/1/21 s/o A. & MA
Palmer, Margaret   15 Apr 1840 0/1/11 d/o George & Penelope Palmer
Palmer, George   25 Nov 1864 81st year
Stansberry, Penelope   27 Mar 1883 85th year.  Penelope was the wife of George.  She remarried after his death, but is buried beside him.

**  This may be a son of Alfred and Mary Ann Palmer Wilkerson.  I may have missed the last name and assumed it is Palmer. - Nancy Watson