GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 39.63420, Longitude: -80.7817

From Route 2 in New Martinsville, turn onto Doolin. About 5 miles out, turn at the first right (Green Hill Road—not marked). About a mile later, Tarpon Ridge Road (Burlington Hill) is on the right. The cemetery is about a mile down that gravel, narrow road, up a hill on the left. The path toward the cemetery has a curved access from both directions for easy access by automobile.  Cemetery read by Karen Mitchell 15 June 2009.  A church service is held every year the last Sunday of June starting at 10:30 AM.  Additional information provided by Karen Hucko.



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Apoistolic Christian Church



Barth, Winona

Mar 14,1906

Oct 29,1908

d/o John L. & Lyda Riggenbach Barth

Blair, George R.

Sept 14,1898

July 31,1899

s/o John & Belle McEldowney Blair

Blair, Ethel


Mar 17,1900

d/o Isaac & Rhoda Stewart Blair

Blair, Frank



s/o Isaac & Rhoda Stewart Blair

Bleuer, Benjamin

Jan 26,1894

Apr 2,1900

s/o Joseph & Adaline Sweigard Bleuer

Bleuer, Edna

Oct 5,1897

May 5,1898

d/o Joseph & Adaline Sweigard Bleuer

Fisher, Clarence

Feb 8,1897

Feb 8,1897

s/o Charles & Emma Kernan Fisher

Hassig, Henry

June 17,1833

July 20,1911

s/o Samuel & Maria Welty Hassig

Hassig, Anna

July 29,1834

May 11,1908

d/o John & Mary Haflinger Witschey

Hassig, Jacob

Feb 28,1863

Dec 29,1920

s/o Henry & Anna Witschey Hassig

marr: Iva Viola Fluharty

Hassig, John

Aug 18,1857

June 9,1925

s/o Henry & Anna Witschey Hassig


Hassig, Mary E.

Jan 30,1859

Apr 15,1938

w/o John Hassig

d/o Jacob & Anna Lapport Witschey

Hassig, Pearl J.

May 5,1920

May 13,1939

d/o Lena Hassig

Hassig, Iva Viola

Mar 18,1869

Apr 15,1934

w/o Jacob Hassig

d/o Henry & Sarah Snodgrass Fluharty

Hassig, William

July 26,1891

Bef 1900

s/o Jacob & Iva Viola Fluharty Hassig

Nichols, Anna Hassig




Witschey, Bertha May

Dec 22,1889

Jan 26,1899

d/o Jacob & Anna Witschey

Witschey, C.




Witschey, Della

Mar 16,1896

Nov 1982

d/o John & Elizabeth Emch Witschey

Witschey, Elizabeth

Feb 22,1850

Dec 30,1928

d/o Benedict & Anna Zanker Emch

Witschey, Godfrey


Feb 7,1939


Witschey, infant



i/o John & Elizabeth Emch Witschey

Witschey, Jacob

June 29,1823

Nov 23,1891

h/o Mary

s/o Hans Jacob & Barbara Ruefenacht Witschey

Witschey, John

June 3,1812

Mar 1892

s/o Hans Jacob & Barbara Ruefenacht Witschey

Witschey, John E.

Jan 12,1837

Jan 21,1922

s/o John & Mary Haflinger Witschey

Witschey, Joseph A.

Jan 29,1887

Mar 19,1968

s/o John & Elizabeth Emch Witschey

Witschey, Mary

Feb 9,1812

Dec 31,1874

d/o Johan & Magdalena Butikofer Haefliger

Witschey, Margaret

Aug 13,1867

Oct 24,1918

d/o John & Elizabeth Emch Witschey



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