Shreve Cemetery

Shreve Cemetery - Arch's Fork

This cemetery was read by Margaret Gene Capelety

This cemetery is located at the mouth of Arch's Fork.  After you cross the railroad tracks and bridge, turn left and go about 1/4 mile and then up the hill.  It is no longer accessible by automobile.


Adams, Thomas 1884 1971 m. 22 Oct 1909
Adams, Maude B.  w/o Thomas 1890 1970 d/o Jasper & Sarilda Price Shreve
Adams, Luther 11 Jan 1916 14 Feb 1970 PVT US Army WW II
Altman, Helen - 1913 d/o HH & RE
Barker, Thomas - - s/o A & M
Barker, Anne - age 12 years d/o A & M
Berger, Joseph 1907 1988 -
Bevelin, Brenda J 1879 1916 w/o J.W
Bevelin, S. J. (Sarah) 21 Mar 1880 30 May 1911 w/o J.W. - d/o Jesse Morris
Edgell, Virgil 1882 1888 -
Edgell, Lucy 1883 1939 "Beloved Mother"
Edgell, Luther 1922 1936 -
Doyle, Lilly Iva 1866 1945 w/o Thomas Doyle
Lemasters, Charles 1894 1961 PVT US Army WW I
Lemasters, Rosa Lee 1911 1949 -
Field Stone P.H.  D.C.   30 Oct 1872 -
Hooper, Grace R. 20 Feb 1898 5 Oct 1908 d/o Charley & Nora
Morris, Allie  w/o Stephen 26 Apr 1877 21 Feb 1908 d/o Jasper & Sarilda Price Shreve
Price, Sarah E. 5 Mar 1861 13 Apr 1881 -
Shreve, Emilia  (Edgell) 1821 1913 w/o Elias Shreve
Shreve, Jasper 1847 1920 s/o Elias & Emilia
Shreve, Sarilda 1850 1922 d/o John & Sarah Ann Starkey Price
Shreve, Jefferson 6 Apr 1888 2 Nov 1965 s/o Jasper & Sarilda
Shreve, Sarah E. 30 Nov 1889 6 Sep 1945 (d/o Benjamin & Eliza Jane Beverlin Swiger)
Shreve, Kenneth B. 1934 1944 "Son"
Shreve, Albert Burl 1908 1924 "Brother"
Shreve, George 13 Dec 1876 13 Sep 1923 (s/o Jasper & Sarilda  - h/o Cora E. Edgell)
Shreve, Ezra 20 May 1886 7 Feb 1946 "Father"  (s/o Jasper & Sarilda)
Shreve, Elias 1884 1963 (s/o Jasper & Sarilda)
Shreve, Malissa (Mary Malissa Stout) 1894 ---- w/o Elias Shreve
Shreve, Wilma Rose 25 Dec 1923 25 Dec 1923 (d/o Elias & Mary Stout Shreve)
Shreve, Geneva Blanche 18 Apr 1915 2 Jan 1922 (d/o Elias & Mary Stout Shreve)
Shreve, Jasper Jr. 1 May 1919 27 Dec 1921 (s/o Elias & Mary Stout Shreve)
Shreve, John F. 22 Feb 1881 6 Mar 1899 -
Shreve, Ora Walter 20 Mar 1895 20 Oct 1897 -
Shreve, Robert L. 1892 1954 (s/o Jasper & Sarilda)
Shreve, Ethel D. 1897 (23 Jun 1983) (w/o Robert L. - d/o George & Rebecca Tharp Hart)
Shreve, Bernice R. 1920 1923 -
Shreve, Bennie F. 8 Mar 1909 - - - - s/o Jefferson & Sarah Swiger Shreve)
Shreve, Minervia J. (Roberts) 26 Aug 1912 7 Jul 1970 w/o Bennie F. Shreve
Shreve, Harold K. 17 Aug 1940 13 Jan 1950 (s/o Carl & Georgia Gump Shreve)
Shreve, Phyllis Linda 11 Oct 1946 14 Jun 1951 -
Shreve, Lenore M. 1914 1918 "Sister"
Shreve, Carl S. 1939 1944 "Son"
Shreve, Richard R. 14 Aug 1916 7 Jun 1917 -
Shreve, Burl 20 Sep 1918 11 Nov 1918 -
Shreve, Clifford D. 1941 1946 -
Swigger, Harold J. 8 May 1908 14 Jun 1908 -
Welch, John Lee, Sr. 1865 1953 -
Welch, Margaret J. 1869 1912 w/o John Lee
Welch, John Lee 1911 1913 s/o J.L. & M.J.

Shreve, Elias b. abt 1823 and died 1 Jul 1864 at the General Hospital, Harrisonburg, Va.  He is buried at the National Cemetery for Union Soldiers, Staunton, Va.  His grave was found by Joyce Fluharty and her husband.  Elias married on 24 Feb 1845 Amelia "Emila" Edgell who is buried in the Shreve Cemetery, Arch's Fork.  He went off to the Civil War and never made it back home again.

Pvt Co H 1st Reg WVa Volunteers Civil War

Wounded 15 May 1864 at the Battle of New Market, Va.

Died a prisoner 1 Jul 1864 in Harrisonburg, Va.

According to Emelia Shreve's Widows Pension Application, Elias was killed in

the Civil War. The following is the text of the Adjutant General's Office

which I (Joyce Fluharty) received from the National Archives.

Adjutant General's Office,

Washington, D. C.

June 2, 1870


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for

Pension No. 186,280, and to return it herewith, with such information as is

furnished by the files of this Office.

It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that Elias Shreve was

enrolled on the 29th day of December, 1861, at New Martinsville, in Company H,

1st Regiment of West Virginia Volunteers, to serve three years, or during the

war, and mustered into service as a Recruit on the 1st day of January 1862, at

Camp Chase (?), in Company H 1st Regiment of West Virginia Volunteers, to serve

three years, or during the war. On the Muster in Roll of Company H of that

Regiment, dated November 26, 1864, he is reported Private died July 1st 1864 of

wounds received in action at New Market Virginia May 15, 1864.

I am, Sir, very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

L Martin (?)

Assistant Adjutant General

The Commissioner of Pensions,

Washington, D. C.

From the book "The American Heritage," Picture History of The Civil War, by

Bruce Catton, published 1960 by American Heritage Publishing Company, page 534,

we read the following:

"As part of his grand stragety for 1864, Grant planned to lay waste to the

Shanandoah Valley, that rich granary upon which Lee was so dependent for food

for his army. The Valley's summer harvest was vital to the South, for rations

were running short; in April Lee wrote Davis, 'I cannot see how we can operate

with our present supplies.'

"At first Grant's plans were frustrated by the inept Union generals assigned to

that region, Franz Sigel and David Hunber were carrying on the tradition of

bungling set in the past by Patterson, Fremont, Banks, and Milroy.

!"Sigel had advanced up the Valley as far as New Market, where on May 15, he met

a scratch force assembled by John C. Breckinridge, which included the cadet

corps of the Virginia Military Institute. Breckinridge attacked and, with the

V.M.I. cadets distinguishing themselves, chased Sigel back down the Valley.

This little victory assured Lee of the Valley's wheat harvest.

"Hunter replaced Sigel and managed to get as far south as Staunton. In June he

skirmished with Jubal Early, then beat an ignominious retreat into West

Virginia, whereupon Early took the initiative in the Shenandoah. It was the

Confederacy's last major offensive in the East."

We can assume that it was in this battle that Elias Shreve was fatally wounded.

Elias Shreve is buried at Staunton National Cemetery, 901 Richmond Ave., Staunton, Va. 24401. His grave was found by Joyce Fluharty and her husband.

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