This cemetery is located 2.1 miles up Archers Fork.  There are 2 hunting trailers below the road.  Across the creek is a brown hunting camp.   Across the creek and in back of the hunting camp you can see the Pine Trees located in the cemetery.  Go up the hill about 100 yards.  I don't know the name of this cemetery as there are many graves marked with only field stone.  This cemetery was read in march 1995 by Bill Cunningham.  Additional information by Karen Hucko.

Barker, Elmer

Sept 25,1897

Feb 2,1951

PFC, 117th Ammo Bn, 42nd Div, WW 1s/o Silas & Saline Williams Barker

Barker, Burnard Ray

Jan 26,1935

Feb 8,1935

s/o Elmer & Levenia Swiger Barker

Shreve, Isaac M.

Dec 18,1856

May 5,1909

s/o Elias & Amelia Edgell Shreve

Lowe, William R.

July 10,1878

Nov 13,1905

s/o Charles & Sarah Edgell Lowemarr: Mary Wilson

Lemasters, Levine

Nov 7,1840

Nov 4,1896

d/o Abraham & Mary Postlethwait Shreve

Lemasters, Edward N.

Dec 8,1880

Dec 14,1900

s/o Joseph C. & Levine Shreve Lemasters

Lemasters, Laura B.


Oct 19,1907

d/o Martin & Dosia Beverlin Lemasters

Lemasters, Dessie

Jan 24,1900

Oct 30,1907

d/o Martin & Dosia Beverlin Lemasters

Lemasters, Edward

Apr 27,1901

Nov 17,1908

dso Martin & Dosia Beverlin Lemasters

Lemasters, Joseph C.

Apr 4,1822

Jan 31,1908

s/o James & Harriet Cumberledge Lemasters

Lemasters, Howard Earl




Lemasters, Donald Richard

Apr 1,1931

Nov 12,1931

s/o Albert & Adaline Tucker Lemasters

Lemasters, Doshia B.

Oct 13,1881

Apr 18,1933

d/o Elijah & Eliza Shreve BeverlinShreve Cemetery*

Lemasters, Martin E.

Aug 19,1871


s/o Joseph & Levine Shreve Lemasters

Lemasters, Curtis L

May 14,1870


s/o Joseph & Levine Shreve Lemasters

Lemasters, William J.

July 3,1870

May 1,1931

s/o Elias & Martha Hammond Lemasters

Lemasters, Cora Bell

Sept 23,1882

June 4,1933

d/o Jonathan & Martha Fluharty Shreve

Lemasters, Kenith R.

Sept 23,1932

May 23,1937


Price, John C.

Mar 15,1844

Feb 24,1930

Private, Co D, 17th W.Va. Inf.s/o John & Sarah Starkey Price

Price, Cyrilda


Oct 21,1933

d/o Mary Barker *

** Cyrilda could have been the daughter of Margaret ( Mary) Barker, before she married John C. Price



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