Anderson Cemetery 2


Anderson Cemetery 2

Martin V Anderson

From the Jacksonburg Post Office, Rt 20 go 1.3 miles, turn left, 0.1 mile make sharp right turn up hill.  Go 0.1 mile and stop, cemetery is in Briars & Weeds on the right.  This cemetery is in very bad shape.  No stones are standing.  There may be more stones I couldnít find, most of these were buried with only a corner showing.  There is evidence of unmarked graves, I saw several fieldstones. 

Read 06/22/2007 by Nora Hostutler







Anderson, Martin V

     His Wife

   Lyda E McIntyre







No death date on stone, which has fallen on the ground.  He died 02/18/1939 per death certificate. 

Anderson, Bashty M

19 Mar 1895

28 Oct 1895

7 mo 9 days, d/o M & LE-stone was lying on ground partially covered with dirt

Anderson, Custa Lee

17 Sep 1888

23 Jul 1923

Stone on ground, very hard to read

Musgrave, David S


18 May 1865

S/o James & Sarah

ďDied in defense of his countryĒ age 23 yr? Mo 4 days.  Stone on ground, partially buried under dirt

Musgrave, Sarah Ann


26 Oct 1849

D/o of J & SS, age 17-1-9

Stone broken into, my first visit I only found bottom half, when I returned I located the top of stone, buried under the dirt.

Footstone initials V.M.A



There is a large base, but no stone found. 

There is evidence of a grave near Martinís with a footstone that reads Father.

   At one time there was a fence around it, but it is no longer up and animals have been through the cemetery.  The footstone VMA, I thought might belong to Martin, but it located a few feet to the left of the Headstone.  I was told that years ago this land belonged to the Andersonís.  The property owner told me he didnít think anyone had been to the cemetery in about 50 years.

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