Mount Olive Cemetery (nicknamed Goose Heaven by locals, is located on a ridge above Kodol. Access is limited to ATVs, 4 wheel drive vehicles, horseback or hiking. From Rt 7, take Brookover Rd to Kodol Rd, turn right at log building, proceed up the steep grade, bearing left at the two Y intersections. The cemetery is being kept up by Bill Utt, descendant, and others who have family buried there. The most recent burial is 1995.

There were many families living on this ridge who wanted a church on the ridge, as it was sometimes difficult to get to the churches in the hollow. Land was donated by a local man to build a church and cemetery, with the condition that the families living on the ridge, and their descendants might be buried there at no cost for the grave site. Families moved away, the church was standing idle and was torn down, but the cemetery is still used.

Many thanks to Bill Utt, who told us of the cemetery and took us there. Anectodal information was supplied by Bill, who remembered most of the persons buried there, or had heard stories. Rather than a strict alphabetical listing, I have put names together, the way they were buried, whether with a dual headstone, or individual headstones. Submitted by Donna and Gus Cross.  Additional information provided by Karen Hucko.



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Mt Olive - Border Cemetery



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Dulaney, Clark Fred

Nov 8,1930

Nov 18,1930

Twins - died at birth

s/o Raymond & Agnes Stoneking Dulaney

Dulaney, Wilma Lee

Nov 8,1930


or shortly thereafter

d/o Raymond & Agnes Stoneking Dulaney

Dulaney, Geneva

Jan 7,1930

Jan 8,1930

d/o Raymond & Agnes Stoneking Dulaney

Efaw, Dwayne

 Mar 1,1941

Mar 1,1941

s/o Edwin & Freda Stoneking Efaw

Efaw, Dwight

 Mar 1,1941

Mar 1,1941

s/o Edwin & Freda Stoneking Efaw

Efaw, Dovie

10 Oct 1917

22 Nov 1972

 d/o Darley & Ada Wilson McVicker

Efaw, Jolly H.

17 Jul 1920

12 Dec 1965

 s/o John & Jesse Hendershot Efaw

Efaw, Drexel Pearl

5 Jan 1939

Mar 9,1939

twin to Joseph

s/o Sylvia Efaw

Efaw, Joseph Paul

5 Jan 1939

16 Mar 1957

twin to Drexel

s/o Sylvia Efaw

Efaw, Glenn E.

June 14,1909

Feb 10,1938

s/o John & Jessie Hendershot Efaw 

Efaw, Gilbert E.

Feb 2,1906

14 May 1979

 s/o John & Jessie Hendershot Efaw

Efaw, Margaret

29 Apr 1917

Mar 8,2005

 d/o John & Mary Utt Barr

marr: Gilbert Efaw

Efaw, James Franklin

Oct 21,1925

Sept 26,1993

 s/o John & Jessie Hendershot Efaw

Efaw, Jessie L.

Feb 28,1884

Nov 10,1964

 d/o Jason & Alice Hall Hendershot

Efaw, John Nelson

July 12,1880

Mar 23,1965

 s/o Thomas & Phebe Stiles Efaw

Efaw, Donald G.

12 Aug 1927

July 12,1928

s/o John & Jesse Hendershot Efaw

Greathouse, Donald

9 Apr 1925

23 Aug 1969

 s/o Jess & Olive Hawkins Greathouse

marr: Anna Efaw

Hendershot, Jason

26 Sep 1855

21 Aug 1940

 s/o Elijah & Lilly Yoho Hendershot

Lemmon, Audrey Leonard

Aug 22,1929

13 Nov 1984

Commemorative plaque naming Audrey as PFC USMC, Korea

s/o Lem B. & Cora Kemp Lemmon

Lemmon, Sarah Ellen Utt

Mar 31,1935

Still living

w/o Audrey, sister to Bill Utt

d/o Anthony & Mary Horner Utt

McNeely, Sylvia

23 Jun 1923

12 Nov 1979

 d/o John & Jessie Hendershot Efaw

Rice, Betty M. Utt

25 Jan 1931

23 Jul 1990

 d/o Kelly & Alma Hibbs Utt

marr: Daniel C. Rice

Stoneking, J. Milton

June 3,1863

Nov 19,1945

1st Preacher at Mt. Olive Church

s/o John & Dorcus Troy Stoneking

Stoneking, Anna

July 7,1866

Oct 8,1933

 d/o John & Mary Brookover Rice

Stoneking, Charles Thomas

Apr 29,1892

May 30,1947

 s/o J. Milton & Anna Rice Stoneking

Stoneking, Clara Barr

Mar 25,1896

Nov 17,1967

 d/o Wm. & Harriet McLaughlin Barr

Teagarden, Goldie Mae

19 Jul 1924

7 Jul 1937


Utt, Alma Earcy

21 Mar 1908

16 Dec 1984

 d/o Nute & Cecil Pott Hibbs

Utt, Anthony

8 Jul 1896

26 Dec 1981

Commemorative plaque naming Anthony as PVT US Army WWI

Utt, Mary A.

20 Nov 1899

15 Nov 1991

(d/o George Riley Horner and Bertha Ellen Six)

Utt, Clarence Russell

14 Apr 1930

10 Oct 1930

s/o Anthony E & Mary A Horne Utt

Utt, Beatrice

Dec 22,1927

Aug 11,1928

 d/o James & Mary Shreve Utt

Utt, Bernard

7 Mar 1933

10 Mar 1933

brother to Willard

s/o Thurman& Virginia Jones Utt

Utt, Kinsey Willard

2 Oct 1923

10 Oct 1923

brother to Bernard

s/o Thurman & Virginia Jones Utt

Utt, Francis Leroy

Dec 29,1887

Mar 20,1956

 s/o William & Sarah Brewer Utt

Utt Mary Ruby

Mar 31,1906

Apr 17,1939

 d/o George & Cora Edgel Shreve

Utt, Kelly Mark

19 Oct 1908

26 Jan 1975

 s/o William & Sarah Brewer Utt

Utt, Lovie Mae

Jan 22,1921

Mar 14,1921

 d/o Anthony & Mary Horner Utt

Utt, Marvin G

6 Feb 1953

23 Aug 1977

 s/o Kelly & Alma Hibbs Utt

Utt, Mollie Irene

12 Oct 1925

11 Jan 1934

 d/o Anthony & Mary Horner Utt

Utt, Ethel Jane

21 Feb 1933

23 Oct 1933

 d/o Anthony & Mary Horner Utt

The above two girls buried together because of circumstances surrounding their deaths.  Mollie was rocking the baby in a chair near the stove.  A teakettle/pot of water was boiling so hard that the pot skittered off the edge of the stove, scalding the two. Ethel died right away.  Mollie some time later

Utt, Ogdar L.

9 Jan 1948

12 Jan 1948

 s/o Kelly & Alma Hibbs Utt

Utt, Joseph L.

25 Jan 1942

26 Mar 1942

 s/o Kelly & Alma Hibbs Utt

Utt, Baby Boy

 June 5,1937

5 Jun 1937

 s/o Kelly & Alma Hibbs Utt

Utt, Thurman Willard

15 Feb 1902

9 Feb 1985

 s/o William & Sarah Brewer Utt

marr: Virginia Jones

Utt, William

Feb 7,1871

Sept 11,1952

 s/o John & Sarah White Utt

Utt, Sarah C.

Oct 22,1867

Oct 30,1955

d/o Ezra & Hannah McGill Brewer