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This Cemetery is located at the forks of Mt. Herman Church Road and Kodal Road.  It was updated 25 Apr 2002 by Susan Folmar and Lorraine Streetman.  Additional information was provided by Karen Hucko.


Cemetery Index

Horner Cemetery

Hibbs, Lucy



d/o William & Sally Cross Hibbs

Hibbs, Sally

May 21,1878


d/o Samuel & Delia Sole Cross

Hibbs, William R.

Feb 19,1872

Feb 19,1926

s/o Lacey & Melissa Crawford  Higgs

Hibbs, Mary M. Cross

June 3,1883

Dec 1964

d/o Nicholas & Mary Cross

Hibbs, William

June 23,1838

Oct 13,1856

s/o William & Barbara Hibbs

Horner, Theophelus

Mar 22,1833

Apr 30,1909

s/o Joseph & Martha Sole Horner

Horner, Mary J.Higgins

Oct 4,1832

Mar 6,1912

w/o Theophelus Horner

Horner, Martha E.

Sept 11,1865

Dec 8,1877

d/o Theophelus & Mary Higgins Horner

Kiger, Cassie A.

Mar 18,1847

Jan 6,1897

d/o John & Margaret Brock Owens

marr: Jeremiah Kiger

Kiger, Amanda Opal

Jan 15,1906

Jan 4,1909


Kiger, Grover C.

Aug 17,1884

Jan 21,1885

s/o J.M. & Maggie Lamunion Kiger

Phillips, Sarah C.

Feb 15,1895

Jan 16,1896


Shupp, Alice

May 20,1865

Oct 4,1939

d/o Abraham & Barbara Morris Loudenslager

Shupp, Henry A.

Aug 23,1860

Jan 17,1918

s/o George & Mary Haught Shupp

Shupp, Margaret A.

Apr 30,1864

May 14,1888

w/o Alpheus P. Shupp

d/o James Cross

Sole, Susanna

Jan 10,1808

Feb 21,1875

w/o Jacob Sole

d/o Henry & Mary Freed Whistler

Sole, William W.

Sept 7,1873

Nob 26,1876

s/o David & Julia A. Higginbotham Sole

Sole, Julia

Aug 25,1843

Aug 18,1877

w/o David Sole

d/o Haymond & Mary Watson Higginbotham

Sole, Catherine

Aug 6,1845

Nov 13,1876

d/o Jacob & Susanna Whistler Sole