A. B. Goff

to Will

I A. B. Goff of the County of Webster and State

of West Virginia being of sound mind and memory do make,

publish, and declare this to be my last will and testement.

to wit:

First all my just debts and funeral exspenses must be

fully paid.

Second, I give devise and bequeath all the rest, residue,

and remainder of my estate both personal and real to my

beloved wife, Susan Goff to have to hold to her my said

wife as long as she may live, except I give to my son

J. L. Goff One Dollar ($1.00), I also give my daughter

Malinda S. Collins One Dollar ($1.00).

I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter M. S. Goff

at the death of my wife, Susan Goff the part of land on

which we now live, including the Bottom Meadow, provided

she continues to live and make her house with my

wife Susan Goff while she lives, also with the same

provisions as above. My Grand Daughter M. S. Goff is to

have the personal property which I have already give

her to wit: One 7 year old Horse, one two year old Heifer,

three Sheep, also the rest and remainder of my personal

and real estate at the death of my wife is to be sold

and equally divided between my three other children.

Viz: John A. Goff, N. J. R. Barnett, and S. M. Selman.

I nominate and appoint my son John A. Goff to be

the Executer of this my last will and testement hereby

revoking all forever wills by me made in witness

whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 14th

day of March 1897.

A. B. Goff seal

Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and

for his last will and testement, by the above named

testator in our presence who have at his request and

in his presence, and in the presence of each other,

signed our names, Witness thereto

C. B. Fowler

Witness: L. D. Selman

James R. Baber

State of West Virginia

Webster County Court Clerks office May 5, 1897.

(In Vacation)

The last will of A. B. Goff, who had a known place

of residence in the County of Webster State of West

Virginia, was this day presented to the Clerk of the said

County Court in his office, and offered for probate

and thereupon C. B. Fowler & L. D. Selman who appeared

to be the subscribing witnesses to the same personally

appeared before me the said Clerk, and being duly sworn,

stated that the said A. B. Goff was of sound mind and

disposing memory and at the request of the testator, they

each signed the said writing in his presence and in the

presence of each other as attesting witnesses thereto,

Whereupon the said last will being fully proven

according to law, is admitted to probate and ordered to be


Teste: T. A. Gregory Clerk

State of West Virginia

Webster County Court Clerks office May 6, 1897,

The foregoing will together with the order of probate

is this day recorded in said office.

Teste: T. A. Gregory Clerk