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Weese Cemetery - Lost Run, Webster Co., WV
Lost Run ,  Webster Co., WV


Submitted by Roger Stanley - Thanks Roger!



    Row 1
     1. Grave marked only with fieldstones.
     2. Grave marked only with fieldstones.
     3. Byrd Rosa Lee  1897-1981.

          Row 2
     4. Peggy Sue Mick 1963-1964.
     5. Deceased removed and reburied elsewhere.
     6. Deceased removed and reburied elsewhere.

          Row 3
   **7. Clarence L. Weese  1927-1963. Military monument at foot of  grave reads - C. L. Weese, West Virginia, PFC 569 ORD MAM CO., World War II, Mar. 17, 1927 - June 10, 1963.
   **8. Beulah M. Weese  1928-19  .
     9. Claude Weese Sr. 1929-1969.
  **10. Mary M. Weese  1896-1968.
  **11. Lewis M. Weese 1885-1955
    12. Clyde F. Weese 1920-1947.

          Row 4
    13. Grave marked only with fieldstones.

          Row 5
    14. John Gordon Weese 1881-1953.
    15. Sacred Memory G. A. Weese  Nov 19, 1845 - Mar. 17, 1914.
    16. Rosa L.   Wife of Geo. A. Weese. Born Jan. 2, 1863 - died  Jan. 30,
    17. Small stone (unreadable).
    18. Grave marked only with fieldstones.
    19. Grave marked only with fieldstones.
  **20. Walter L. Bogart  Nov. 26, 1886 - Apr. 28, 1968. Military  monument at foot of grave reads - W. L. Bogart, Colorado,          F3, US Navy, World War I, Nov. 26, 1887 - Apr. 28, 1968.
  **21. Clara L. Bogart  Aug. 28, 1883 - Mar. 10, 1981.

   * There are two Weese Cemeteries at Lost Run. The term "upper"  refers to the location of this cemetery and is not part of  it's name.

  ** Indicates a double monument.

 1. Elbert L. Lee, husband of Byrd Rosa (Weese) Lee. He was born  Feb. 21, 1921 and died Jan. 11, 1965. Elbert was named Westfall      at birth. After his mother's death, he was given to Thomas &       Amanda (Weese) Lee who raised him as their son. He was never  legally adopted by them.  2. Glen Lee was a son of Elbert & Byrd (Weese) Lee. He was born Jan. 15,
1927 and drown May 22, 1936.
3. Rosa Byrd (Weese) Lee was a daughter of George & Rosa Weese.
4. Peggy Sue Mick was a daughter of E. R. "Bobby" & Nellie (Weese)  Mick and a grand-daughter of Lute and Mary Weese.
 5. & 6. Andrew Joseph Utt and his wife Christina Olive (Boyce) Utt were buried here. About 1964, their remains were removed       and reburied in Braxton County. Andrew was born May 4, 1857 and      died March 17, 1932. Christina was born Dec. 30, 1858 and died May 10, 1942. Both were natives of Marion County.
 7. Clarence Lewis Weese was the second son of Lewis & Mary (Nutt)  Weese. He was killed in the coal mines.
 8. Beulah Mae Weese was a daughter of Fletcher & Freeda (Henline)  Workman. Her parents are buried in the "lower" Weese Cemetery.     Beulah first married Clarence Weese. After his death, she married his brother Claude Weese.
 9. Claude Jennings Weese, Sr. was the third son of Lewis & Mary  (Nutt) Weese. Like his brother Clarence, he was killed in the Coal mines.
10. Mary Malinda Weese was a daughter of William H. & Matilda  "Tillie" (Miller) Nutt. Mary's mother, Matilda Nutt is buried in the Cowen Oddfellows Cemetery.
11. Lewis Morgan "Lute" Weese was a son of George & Rosa Weese. He and his wife Mary were the parents of five children. Three sons: Clyde, Clarence and Claude are buried in this cemetery.      They also had two daughters: Nellie Mae Mick and Stella Jane Stanley. Both daughters are now living in Ohio.
12. Clyde Franklin Weese died of Tuberculosis at age twenty-seven.  He was the oldest son of Lute and Mary Weese.
13. Daughter of George & Rosa Weese. This the grave of either Anna  (Weese) Morris or Lillie K. Weese. See number six above.
14. "Johnny Gordon" Weese was a son of George A. & Rosa (Johns)  Weese. He was a constable for several years.
15. George Alexander Weese was a son of John & Jane C. (Dunbar)  Weese.  Eight of the ten children of George and Rosa Weese are  buried in this cemetery.
16. Rosa Lee Weese was a daughter of Morgan & Margaret (Cooper) Johns. When she was young, her name was written as Rosalena,  Rosaline or Rosalean. After her marriage to George on March 31,1880, she changed her name to Rosa Lee.
17. Unnamed infant son of George & Rosa Weese. Born and died July  24, 1882. This was the first person buried in this cemetery.
18. Unnamed stillborn son of George & Rosa Weese. Born and died  Feb. 7, 1902.
19. One of the daughters of George & Rosa Weese is buried in this  unmarked grave. It is no longer known which daughter is buried      in this grave, as two of the daughters of George & Rosa are  buried in unmarked graves. The daughters were Anna K. (Weese)  Morris, wife of Morgan Sampson "Samp" Morris. She was born May 11, 1891 and died June 9, 1914. The other daughter was Lillie      D. Weese born Feb. 27, 1895 and died Nov. 8, 1915.
20. Walter Leonard Bogart was a native of Winston, Missouri and a  son of William & Phoebe (Hales) Bogart.
21. Clara Lavina Bogart was a daughter of George & Rosa Weese. Her  father and two sisters, Anna Morris and Lillie Weese died of  Tuberculosis in 1914 and 1915. Clara and most of her surviving      siblings moved then to Colorado where the climate was supposed  to be healther. They all moved back to Webster County within a few years. While in Colorado, Clara married
Walter Bogart.

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