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Every census record has a link to show the family (almost) - the information has been provided by relatives and my personal research. Please send any information which you would like to add. A BIG THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE SENT THEIRS IN!!

Samuel GIVEN, Sr. took the first census of Webster County in 1860.
The second census was taken by Isaac H. GRIFFIN in 1870.

1860 Webster County Census: Index Only

1860 Webster  County Census: Entire Census (large file)

1870 Webster County Census : FORT LICK TOWNSHIP

1870 Webster County Census: GLADE TOWNSHIP

1870 Webster County Census: HOLLY TOWNSHIP

1880 Webster County Census (in part)



                               The Webster Echo (W)            The Webster Republican
                               P.O. Box 749                           P.O. Box 749
                               Back Fork Street                       Back Fork Street
                               Webster, WV 26288                 Webster, WV 26288


Records of David B. KUHL

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