Webster Co., WV History

Webster Co., WV History 

Webster Springs is the county government headquarters for Webster County. It is a commercial center for a large region containing agriculture, mining and lumber operations.

The town lies at the western end of Point Mountain where the Back Fork River joins the Elk River. The town was first known as Fork Lick because of the salt spring at the fork. It was incorporated in 1892 under the name Addison, for Addison McLaughlin, donor of the land on which the courthouse is built. Addison is still it's legal name, but it is popularly known by its post office name, Webster Springs.

The spring lick was discovered in 1785 by Abram Meirs. Because of the change in the course of the river, the lick has become choked with sand.

The town's first settler was Polly Arthur, in 1860. Early settlers made salt from the lick & many claimed medicinal qualities of the salt.

Webster County is in central West Virginia on the Allegheny Plateau and partially in the Monongahela National Forest. Webster County is the last county to be created before separation from Virginia. Founded in 1860 & named in honor of Daniel Webster, early American statesman & orator from New England. Holly River State Park is located here.

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