Moccasin Tracks & Imprints

Moccassin Tracks And Other Imprints

A wonderful book written about Webster County, WV by Wm. DODRILL.


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Transcription: Formation of Webster Co., WV Chapter 10 - Pages 87-104

Various Articles from Mocassin Tracks & Other Imprints

Pioneer School Teachers

In 1850, Robert GREGORY built a school house near the present site of the St. Mary's school house, & William GIVEN was employed as teacher for 3 months. His pupils were: William G., Benjamin & Isabel HAMRICK, Rebecca, Isaac, Thomas, William Currence & Noody GREGORY, Samuel & Betsey GIVEN, James & Nancy DOBBINS. The school building was of the most primitive kind. Among the early pioneer school teachers were the following: William KAIN, William and Samuel GIVEN, Israel CLIFTON, Jonathan GRIFFIN, Joseph WOODS and Timothy HOLCOMB.

Early County Officiers

Elected May 1860 for county officiers: Sheriff, Walter COOL of Holly district; clerk of the County Court, and also clerk of the Circuit Court, Albert J. BAUGHMAN, of Glade district; commissioner of revenue, Thomas COGAR, of Fork Lick District; surveyor of lands, Bernard MOLLOHAN, of Fork Lick District, and attorney for the Commonwealth, David LILLY, of Randolph County.

Early Justices of Peace

Fork Lick District, William G. GREGORY, Adam G. HAMRICK, Ezra B. CLIFTON and David BAUGHMAN; Glade district, Edward MORTON, Arthur HICKMAN, Thomas M. REYNOLDS and Enos WEESE; Holly district, William H. MOOLOHAN, A.G.J. BURNS, Christopher C. COGAR and Ezra CLIFTON.


The majority of early settlers in the Glades came from Greenbriar county, following the Indian and buffalo trails across the mountains. The McCLURES, DUEFIELDS, DILLYs and the GREENs were among the first settlers. Later came David HANNAH, John WOODS, the RADERS and the MORTONS. Descendants of these families are numbered among the most progressive citizens of Webster & Nicholas counties.

War of 1812 Soldiers

The following men went from the Elk valley and vicinity to Norfolk, VA in the War of 1812 to fight the British: Colonel Isaac GREGORY, William HAMRICK, Benjamin HAMRICK, John KYER, Jacob COGAR, Daniel MATHENY, Thomas COGAR, George McELWAIN, and James MILLER.

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