McLaughlin House Committee

TIDBIT OF INFO: The McLaughlin House (1870) was owned by a prominent doctor.  Although a lot more money is needed, the goal is to make the house a community center (like for meetings), museum, and genealogy/history reading room.

Grant Recieved To Help Restore The McLaughlin House

The Award of a $19,600 grant from the Benedum Foundation was announced by James Moran, Cochair  of The McLauglin House Committee.  The grant will be used to repair the structure and restore the exterior.

The purpose of restoring the house of Dr. John M. McLaughlin is to provide a museum, genealogy research center, and meeting place for the community.

Many have been generous to this project. Mr. Moran expressed appreciation for the generosity and support from the Society and community members.  If you have any questions about the McLaughlin House, you may contact Mr. Moran.  He continues to enthusiastically pursue resources and grants to complete this project.

The other members of the committee include John Brannon, Chairman (of  Williamton, S.C.), Alfred Clay, and Dan Tenney.

(Story taken from the Webster County Historical Society News, Jan.-Mar. 1999 Issue.)

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