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Jack Cut Cemetery
Arcola, Webster Co., WV

Directions: Located at Arcola  across the road from McAvoy (Mack) Run.  Sits on the hill on the left, about six miles below Cowen going towards Erbacon on the Erbacon Road. No road or path up a steep hill. Site of two train wrecks, was covered up by coal for years. After the second train wreck the coal was loaded back into coal cars by an endloader and the tombstones were discovered in the coal when it was processed at the coal tipple. The railroad returned the markers to the grave yard but made no effort to return them to their proper locations.  Only three stones survive, all lying flat, three bases for tombstones are also visible but don't match the surviving stones. It is possible that some of the stones remain buried. Several people who remember the cemetery state that it contained about a half dozen graves. The following information comes from a list made by a descendant before the cemetery was destroyed. The McElwain marker is missing, the two Crosby stones are broken, the Adkisson stone is badly scratched but is still clearly legible. Due to the layer of coal, overgrowth is minimal and location was recently logged.

Amos S. Crosby Jr. 10/2/1827-11/19/1891

Ollie Rebecca Crosby 10/2/1873-6/4/1893

Charles P. McElwain 3/28/1882-11/6/1882

Enos W. Adkisson 12/20/1859-4/21/1894

JACK CUT CEMETERY read Summer 2000 by Michael Henline

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