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Carpenter Cemetery
Hickory Flats, Webster Co., WV


Located at Hickory Flats in Webster county. From Erbacon go to top of hill turn left at fork, cemetery is about a half mile from fork, sits on right beside road. Cemetery is mowed. Thanks to Nettie Gregory and Goldie Rose for providing the names of people in unmarked graves and with
illegible markers.

ROW 1 starting at left moving to right, back of cemetery

Military Marker Edward T. Radcliffe PVT US ARMY 1911 1990
(note the 'e' at the end of Radcliff is not an error, this is the way it is
on the marker)

Andy Ray Radcliffe 1966 1966
(same note as above)

Claude Padcliff 1880 1966
(the 'P' is an obvious error on the marker and should be an 'R'.)

Kelly (no other information, marker is a large wooden duck)

Harvey McCourt 1910 1967

empty space

Double Stone HOLCOMB Ember Rex 1914 1994 Roxie L. 1921 1988

Military Marker Ember Rex Holcomb S SGT US ARMY Air Corp WWII Sept 13 1914
Jan 25 1994

Eliza Sanson 1880 1967

Eli A. Sanson Feb 1 1903 May 21 1973

Empty space


Military Marker Alva Pierson Green WV SP4 3 BN 32 Artillery Vietnam Feb 9
1950 Aug 13

Double stone SMITH James Arthur Jan 1 1897 May 23 1968 Ruhama Alice March
24 1902 Dec 18 1963

Randal R. Smith Feb 28 1959 April 27 1960

Verl E. Smith May 12 1921 July 10 1970

Open space

GIVEN Harold David Nov 2 1948 Nov 11 1948


Double Stone CARPENTER Alice B 1964 1973 Evelyn E 1930 1972

Double Stone (Backwards) CARPENTER Bessie L. 1912 1993 Amon M.
1906 1979

Empty space

Jewell Radcliff (twin) dau of Rube and Rosa Smith Radcliff (marker is
paper behind glass and illegible)

Jackie Radcliff (twin) son of Rube and Rosa Smith Radcliff (marker is
paper behind glass and illegible)

Joyce E. Green 1947 1947

Geneive Radcliff

Wes Radcliff (grave marked by a rock)

Double Stone RADCLIFF Carl 1880 1947 Jocie 1894 1972

Double Stone WILLIAMS Macil 1927 Blank Elven 1911 1974


Double Stone CARPENTER Andrew L 1908 1981 Eula Maye 1920 1969

Flavy D. Carpenter 1944 1944

Dolan Ray Carpenter 1942 1942

Jennings Carpenter died 1922

Lura Carpenter 1900 1925

Lula Carpenter died 1916

Home made marker J.H.Carpenter Born July 30 1851 Died Apr 7 1918 (this home made marker and the next are for the same people as the double stone below)

Double Stone CARPENTER John Hamilton July 30 1851 Apr 4 1918 Martha Elizabeth Apr 29 1874 Jan 4 1955 (note different birth date on this stone from the homemade stone below)

Home made marker M.E. Carpenter Born Apr 28 1874 died Jan 4 1955 (the home made markers are for the same two people as the double stone)


Eva Roberts dau of Rachel and Joe Roberts (grave marked by a rock)

Rachel Roberts Groves dau of Sarah and Wade Groves (grave marked by a rock)

1884 Rebecca Brown 1953

Flora Dell wife of Blain Groves July 8 1921 Jan 29 1938

Infant Groves (grave marked by a rock)

Double Stone GROVES Sarah D. 1879 1937 Wade E. 1872 1963

Amos Carpenter (grave marked by a rock)

Double Stone RADCLIFF Roy D. 1887 1961 Anis A. 1898 1977 Metal marker to right states Roy Daris Radcliff


Double Stone CONRAD Benjamin June 10 1903 Oct 27 1986 Wriller Nov 9 1907 Nov 18 1984

Ira Riffle 1873 1953

Tom Riffle (marker is paper behind glass and illegible)

Cora E. Riffle 1891 1943 (Field stone with carving reads Cora E. Riffle born Oct 8 1891 died Dec 11? 1942)

Wayne Riffle (marker is paper behind glass and illegible)

Clarence Riffle infant son of Clarence and Christine Brady Riffle (grave marked by rock)

Myrtle Riffle dau of Ira and Cora Riffle (grave marked by a rock)

Frank Riffle infant son of Ira and Cora Riffle (grave marked by a rock)

Double Stone Willa V. Donato Skidmore May 27 1919 Dec 31 1988

Edward V. Donato Mar 11 1912 Oct 23 1930 metal marker reads Willa Virginia Skidmore


Double Stone JOHNS Warder 1905 1990 Rosa 1922 Blank,  metal marker reads Warder W. Johns


Bobby Lewis Riffle Aug 20 1938 May 28 1985

Teddy Claypool 1926 1946

Double Stone (home made) Rufus Cook born April 9 1866 died March 13 1935 Anna Cook born Feb 18 1877 died June ? 1937 (Marker is difficult to read, had to consult records to determine birth and death dates)

Infant son of Tom Riffle (grave marked by a rock)

Myrtle Jean Skidmore 1949 1990

ADKISON CEMETERY read summer 2000 by Michael Henline

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