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  • Francis Marion Fullerton and Elizabeth Keyser Fullerton Bible entries
  • Rosalie Fullerton Riel Bible entries
  • Image of Marriage Record in James W. Porter, Lutie Perry Bible
        Submitters: Peg Schreiber, Unknown

  • 1% Sample of the 1880 Census
  • 1783-1910 Census Artrip Family Members
  • 1850 Census Index, Wayne County
  • 1850 Census, Wayne County
  • 1860 Census Keyser Family, Ceredo Post Office, Wayne County
  • 1930 Census Index, Wayne County
  • 1930 Census ED 50-10 Wayne County
  • 1930 Census ED Numbers Wayne County
  • 1930 Census ED 501 Page 1 of 3
  • 1930 Census ED 501 Page 2 of 3
  • 1930 Census ED 501 Page 1 of 3         Submitters: Randy Lambert; Alice V. Malphus; Peg Schreiber; S-K Publications; USGenWeb volunteer team; Al Zopp

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  • Deed of Colbert Artrup, 1745
  • Deed of Colbert Atrup, 1754
  • Deed of Booth/Corns, 1885
  • Deed of Corns/Corns, 1861
  • Deed of Corns/Corns, 1878
  • Deed of Isaacs/Smith/Simpson/Fletcher/Duncan Deed, 1883
  • Deed of Wellman/Corns, 1859
  • Land Grant of Alderson Workman, 1860
  • Index to Workman Family Deeds, 1844-1897
  • Land Grants issued 1866-1875, Wayne County
  • Property Entries Wayne County, 1807
  • Property Entries Wayne County, 1808

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "A" Surnames — Adkins, Atkins, Adams, Aken, Akers, Artrip, Asbury

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "B" Surnames — Baisden/Baisding, Baker, Ball, Banks, Bartram/Bartrim/Bartrum, Bean/Been, Bear, Bellamy, Bench, Benoist, Blair, Blankenship, Blevins, Bloss, Booton, Booth, Bowen, Bradley, Bradshaw, Breckenridge, Bromley/Brumley, Brown, Bryan/O'Bryan, Buffington, Burk, Buskirk, Buzzard

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "C" Surnames — Campbell, Canterbury, Carroll, Carson, Cassady, Cavendish, Chaffin, Chaffins, Chenith/Chenwith, Childers, Christian, Cissle/Scissle, Clark, Clay, Copley, Cox, Crabtree, Cremeans, Crum, Cyrus

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "D" Surnames — Davis, Dalton, Damron, Dean, Deboy, DeFoe, Dempsey, Deweese, Donathen, Donahoo, Drawn, Duvall

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "E" Surnames — Edwards,Elkins,Endicott, Eplin, Estep, Evans

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "F" Surnames — Farley, Ferguson, France, Frasier/Frazier, Friley, Fry, Fulkerson

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "G" Surnames — Garrett, Gartin, Gilkison, Griffith, Grizzle

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "H" Surnames — Hager, Hammon, Hammond, Hampton, Hany/Haney, Harris/Harriss, Hatton/Hatten, Heater, Henkle/Hinkle, Herald, Hill, Hobbs, Holt, Hollingsworth, Hopkins, Hooser/Hoosier, Hunter

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "I" Surnames — Issacks/Isaacs

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "J" Surnames — Jackson, Jarrell, Johnson

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "K" Surnames — Kenyon, Killgore, Kirk

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "L" Surnames — Lambert, Lewis, Loar, Low/Lowe, Lucas, Luster, Lycan/Lycans

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "M" Surnames — McCann, McCleery, McDyer, McGinnis, McGregor, McHenry, Mainard/Maynard, Madison, Mansfield, Marcum, Martin, Massey/Massee, Mathis, Matthews, Mayo, May/Mays, Mead(e)/Meed, Miller, Mills, Moore/More, Morgan, Morrison, Munsey/Monsey, Mutter

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "N" Surnames — Napier, Nelson, Newman, Nixon, Noe

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "O" Surnames — Osborn

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "P" Surnames — Pack, Page, Parks, Parsley/Pasley, Parsons, Pauley, Perry, Pierson, Pinson, Porter, Pratt, Preston, Price, Pritchett

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "Q" Surnames — Queen

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "R" Surnames — Ramey, Ratliff, Reed, Roman

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "S" Surnames — Salmons, Samuels, Sawyers, Scales, Sciscle, Selbee, Sellards, Sharp, Shelton, Short, Sick, Smiley, Smith, Snidow, Spaulden, Spaulding, Spence, Sperry, Spry, Spurlock, Stapleton, Stephens/Stephenson, Stone, Stratton, Stroud, Sumner, Swearingin, Swift

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "T" Surnames — Tabern, Taylor, Thompson, Tomlinson

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "V" Surnames — Vancouver, Vanhoose, Vaughn, Vinson

  • Land Grant Abstracts, "W" Surnames — Wade, Walker, Wallace, Wampler, Watson, Wats/Watts, Ward, Watts, Wethro, Whitt, Wiley, Williamson, Wilson, Witcher, Wooten         Submitters: Diana Kinzer Heath; John K. Isaacs; John E. Snyder; June White; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Open letter written by Francis Marion Fullerton, son of Calvary Fullerton and Elizabeth Wilkinson, to his children, ca. 1895         Submitters: Peg Schreiber

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  • Miscellaneous Wayne County Marriage Records, 1857-1889. Various surnames.
  • Selected Marriage Records, 1857-1889 (may be the same as previous entry)
  • Marriage of Goodman/Lawhorn, 1882
  • Marriages of the Powers Family, 1873-1899
  • Marriages, Tabor Family
  • Marriages, Various, by Brides

  • Marriages, Various, by Grooms

  • Marriages by Grooms

  • Compiled Marriages
  •       Submitters: Dottie Tabor Blankenship; Beatrice Goodman; June White; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Casualties from World War I
  • Casualties from World War II
  • Casualties from the Korean War
  • Casualties from Vietnam
  • Roster of Men Who Registered 6-5-1918 World War I
  • Honor List World War II (from NARA records)
  • Confederate information on James M. Corns
  • Captain's Bond Colonel James M. Corns
  • William and John Artrip on the Revolutionary War Muster Roll of Michael Reader's Company
  • Civil War Military Records of Nathaniel Chaffins
  • Civil War — 8th Virginia Cavalry
  • Civil War — 16th Virginia Cavalry
  • Civil War — 34th Virginia Cavalry
  • Civil War — 45th Battery Virginia Infantry
  • Civil War — Guerilla Problems in the Big Sandy Region and "Rebel Bill" Smith
  • Civil War — Virginia State Line and Swann's Battalion         Submitters: Candie Freeman; Diana Kinzer Heath; Fran M. Roen; John Snyder; June White

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  • 1760 Apprenticeship of John Artrup
  • History of the Ceredo Independent School District, Wayne County
  • The First Settlers, Wayne County
  • History of the town of Cassville, Wayne County
  • History of the town of Trout's Hill, Wayne County
  • History of Lincoln District, No. 4, Wayne County
  • History of Grant District, No. 5, Wayne County
  • Publications, written between 1850 and 1876 on the History of Wayne County
  • A Story of Dreamland, Wayne County
  • Minor Civil Divisions (Districts), Wayne County         Submitters: Valerie Crook; John Edwin Snyder; June White; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Article on the death of Paul W. Workman, 1967. Surnames: Campbell, Hedrick, Holderby, MacCorkle, Manser, Myers, Runyon, Snow, Stemple, Workman.
  • Wayne County News, 1901-1902. Surnames: Adkins, Angus, Baker, Barrows, Bayless, Bloss, Boroman, Brown, Bryan, Cassady, Chadwick, Curnutte, Davis, Flannigan, Forbush, Freeman, Godsby, Johnson, Jones, Kirk, Kirtman, McDowell, Marcum, Moore, Neal, Newman, Nunn, O'Dell, Perdue, Polley, Rakes, Salter, Self, Smith, Spangler, Stock, Thompson, Tooley, Vinson, West, Wilson, Wise, Witmer, Workman.
  • Ceredo Advance Newspaper abstracts  March — December 1887. Surnames: Berger, Bloss, Blubaugh, Brown, Burke, Burgess, Bush, Calvin, Cameron, Canterbury, Cheuvront, Chittendon, Collier, Cook, Cowie, Crow, Dietz, Duncan, Emmons, Feazell, Fee, Ferguson, Floyd, Frasher, Frizzell, Fry, Gordon, Griffith, Grothe, Gum, Handley, Hoard, Hodsc?, Holt, Johnson, Kelley, Kendrick, Kirk, McCormick, McCune, McDougal, McMahon, McQuin, Mansfield, Maxwell, Millender, Napier, Ogden, Osburn, Osgood, Perdue, Perry, Plymale, Powell, Ramsdell, Ratliff, Segur, Sheldon, Shumate, Sonnanstine, Spurlock, Stewart, Stockham, Thompson, Tiltbruner, Vinson, Walker, Walters, Waymer, Wentz, Wharton, Wilson, Witcher, Wright, Young, Zorick.
  • Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper abstracts March 1, 1905. Surnames: Ferguson, Mahan. June 7, 1903. Surname: Strother.
  • Wayne County News
  • 1919 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • October 23, 1919
    • History of School System in Wayne County Shows Immense Growth in Century. Surnames: Napier, Deering, Walker, Bean, Jarrell;
    • Wolf Creek Items. Surnames: Puckett, Osborn, Huff, Johnson, Ellis, Plymale, Hooser, Johnson, Lycan, Ball;
    • Camp Creek Items. Surnames: Tabor, Morrison, Osburn, Adkins, Richards;
    November 27, 1919
    • Squibbs from Early History of Districts (Stoneway District). Surnames: Adkins, Bias, Bartram, Ferguson, Harmon, Lambert, Lycan, Moore, Napier, Osburn, Queen, Smith, Thompson, Watts, Withrow;
      Broom Business Under Headway.
    December 4, 1919
    • Squibbs from Early History of Districts (Butler District). Surnames: Adams, Artrip, Bartram, Beaire, Breeden, Breedon, Burke, Cyrus, Deering, Ferguson, Frasher, Fulkerson, Grayson, Hatten, Kelly, Lee, Lindsey, Loar, Lycan, Marcum, Newman, Perry, Queen, Romans, Short, Smiley, Smith, Sperry, Stith, Tabor, Thompson, Vaughan, Workman;
    • Celebrates Ninetieth Birthday (re: Mrs. Amanda Osburn). Surname: Osburn;
    December 11, 1919
    • Squibs from Early History of Districts in this County (Ceredo District). Surnames: Bellomy, Cartmill, Durney, Haney, Hatton, Kelly, Keyser, McCormick, Maxey, Parsley, Perdue, Plymale, Sharp, Stewart, Stodridge, Toney, Wilson;
    December 18, 1919
    • Squibs from Early History of Districts in this County (Lincoln District). Surnames: Cox, Damron, Giddings, Hampton, Jarrell, Lycan, Nevins, Noe, Prinston, Ratcliff, Spence, Wiley, Wilson, Workman;
    • Victory Buttons. Surnames: Bellomy, Cox, Copley, Ray, Ramsdell, Smith;
    • Aunt Mary Ann Sansom, 92 Years Old, Passes Away. Surnames: Bloss, Booton, Osburn, Sansom, Smith, Walker;
    December 25, 1919
    • Pioneer District History. Surnames: Adkins, Bother, Bowen, Blankenship, Bloss, Booton, Chandler, Crockett, Davis, Drown, Ferguson, France, Garrett, Lambert,Lycan, Morris, Newman, Reuben, Spurlock, Stephens, Stephenson, Thompson;

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  • 1920 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 22, 1920
    • County's First Rural High School. Surnames: Cox, Hussell, Hypes, McClure, Plymale, Staley;
    • Wayne County Woman, Age 94, Dies (re: Mrs. Eliza Ann Clark). Surname: Clark;
    • Whites Creek Woman Makes a Farm Record. Surnames: Gray, Rigg;
    February 5, 1920
    • Only Sixteen Living Descendants of Bloss Family. Surnames: Bloss, Clark, Dempsey, Ferguson, Morris, Turner;
    • First Love Triumphs. Surnames: Chapman, Ferguson, Spurlock, Walker;
    September 9, 1920
    • Westmoreland Woman is 105, Well, Active, but Won't Vote (re: Mrs. Hanna Runyon Blankenship). Surnames: Blankenship, Blair, Enslow, Jackson, Loar, Mays;
    September 16, 1920
    • First Will in County Recorded in 1846; is Preserved by Clerk (brief history and text of the will). Surnames: Burke, Loar;
    • State Legislature Holds Extra Session This Week (re: provisions in registering women to vote for the first time in the upcoming November election and lingering opposition to their voting). Surname: Wysong;
    • Coat Hung over Hole in Brick Wall of Jail as Three Prisoners Escape. Surname: Adkins;
    September 23, 1920
    • Dunlow Woman, 104, is Victim of Paralytic Stroke. Surnames: Kelly, Neace;

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  • 1922 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 19, 1922
    • Hot Lunches are Proven Success in One Local School. Surname: Copley;
    • Deaths. Surnames: Crabtree, Mills, Parsons, Thompson;
    February 16, 1922
    • Aged Woman Pictures the Hardships of Early Days. Surnames: Jackson, Mansfield, Osburn, Smith;
    May 11, 1922
    • Capt. Ferguson Sold Farm for Race Track, but Didn't Know It. Surnames: Cannon, Dickenson, Ferguson, Pollock, Smith;
    • Monument to be Built in Memory of Dead Heroes. Surnames: Adkins, Beale, Bradshaw, Crum, Damron, Davis, Dean, Hamm, Hooser, Jackson, Johnson, Kesiter, Lester, Lynch, Marcum, Milum, Muncy, Napier, Payne, Pogue, Postle, Sellards, Smith, Stone, Tabor, Thompson, Wellman, Williamson,
    July 27, 1922
    • Wayne Woman is 71 years Old and has Taught for Half a Century. Surname: Copley;
    October 12, 1922
    • Death Takes...Dr. G.R. Burgess. Surnames: Beale, Burgess, Curry, Ferguson, Jenkins, Ketchum, McClure, Martin, Meck, Powell, Stoughton;
    November 16, 1922
    • Beloved Woman Succumbs After Year's Illness. Surnames: Beale, Booton, Bowen, Damron, Dial, Goddard, Herald;
    December 7, 1922
    • Wayne Woman is Given Party on 93rd Birthday. Surnames: Booton, Click, Damron, Lambert, Napier, Newman, Osburn, Peters, Pigg, Porter, Scaggs, Smith, Thompson, Walker, Wilcox, Walker;

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  • 1923 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • February 1, 1923
    • Death Summons Judge P.H. Napier, One of the County's Most Notable Men. Surnames: Beale, Davison, Fry, Keesee, Napier;
    • "Uncle Pat" (a euology re: Judge Napier). Surname: Napier;
    August 9, 1923
    • Old Timer Tell of Killing Deer in Wayne County. Surnames:Booth, Brumfield, Chapman, Drown, Garrett, Johnson, Luther, Showater;
    • Vocational Agriculture is Added in Local High School. No surnames.
    • Lost: County's Freakish Chicken Among the Missing. No surnames.
    November 22, 1923
    • Did George Washington Cut Initials "G.W." on Chimney Rock Near (re: land grants and early settlers of Wayne County). Surnames: Adkins, Bartram, Bellomy, Bias, Brown, Crawford, Dunmore, Ferguson, France, Harmon, Hatten, Hensley, Howe, Kelly, Savage, McCormick, Myers, Napier, Nevens, Sharp, Stewart, Spurlock, Tabor, Thompson, Washington;
    • Local News. Surnames: Baisden, Brown, Browning, Chaffin, Crum, Damron, Frasher, Mills, Jackson, Jude, Lovins, Lowe, Perry, Stafford, Straley, Waller, Watts;
    December 20, 1923
    • Sturdy Pioneers of Wayne County Eulogized. Surnames: Artrip, Ball, Bloss, Bowen, Bromley, Brumfield, Burgess, Chapman, Copley, Cyrus, Damron, Frazier, Fry, Garrett, Gibson, Hampton, Handley, Hatten, Hoard, Hutchinson, Hoard, Jarrell, Johnson, Kelley, Kirk, Loar, McGinnis, McKeand, Marcum, Maynard, Moore, Napier, Newman, Parsley, Plymale, Prichard, Pyatt, Queen, Ratcliff, Smith, Shannon, Spaulding, Spurlock, Stone, Strothers, Thompson, Tiernan, Vinson, Ward, Wellman, Wilson, Witcher, Wright, York;
    • In Quiet Thought (editorial comment on Col. Vinson's richly detailed letter). No Surnames.
    December 23, 1923
    • Wayne's Seven Wonders (re: scenic spots/history). Surnames: Boone, Fuller, Harrison, Ridgley, Utterback;
    • J.H. Meek Began on $26 a Month Teaching School. Surnames: Burgess, McClure, Meek, Renshaw, Thompson, Vinson;
    • O.J. Wilkinson at Charleston Practicing Law. Surname:Shumate;
    • Local News Briefs. Surnames: Blankenship, Bowen, Cyrus, Fraley, Hay, Monroe, Napier;

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  • 1924 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 17, 1924
    • Mrs. Donald Clark of this County, Announces for Secretary of State (re: the first woman ever to seek elected state office in West Virignia). Surnames: Clark, Vinson;
    • Local News Brief. Surnames: Drown, Jackson, Poole, Rife, Thompson, Wilson, Wright;
    February 7, 1924
    • Execution of Walker Here is Outstanding Event in History (re: 1878 public execution, Wayne's only civil execution). Surnames: Adams, Adkins, Dillon, Fry, Gibson, Hampton, McLeece, Maynard, Nolen, Peters, Preston, Roberts, Stephenson, Tooley, Walker, Ward, Wharton;
    • Local News Briefs (includes some marriage licenses). Surnames:Adkins, Copley, Jarrell, Johnson, Loggins, Maynard, Marcum, Miller, Perry, Poindexter, Robinson, Salmons;
    April 10, 1924
    • Ancient Savage Land Grant was Sold for Taxes (re: first land granted to private individuals). Surnames: Bailey, Bolton, Bostick, Brown, Buffington, Catlett, Coleman, Conway, Donn, Easton, Evans, Ford, Given, Gorman, Hampton, Hannon, Henderson, Hogan, Jones, Jordan, Kelly, Langdon, Latrol, Ludlow, McCarty, McCormick, McCoy, Meade, Morgan, Morrow, Parks, Pratt, Poage, Ramsey, Rogers, Rutherford, Tupper, Scully, Smith, Sterrett, Spurlock, Summers, Thomas, Trotter, Tunstall, Wells;
    • Local News Letters (details routine events and interests within small Wayne communities). Surnames: Akers, Artrip, Asbury, Bartram, Belcher, Billups, Booth, Brown, Buckingham, Buskirk, Crabtree, Crockett, Damron, Drenner, Drown, Elkins, Ferguson, Finley, Freeman, Hayton, Hooser, Horn, Jackson, Kendrick, Lester, Lovins, Mathis, Maynard, Napier, Neal, Nobel, Noble, Perdue, Perry, Phillips, Plymale, Pratt, Roberts, Rigg, Ronk, Ross, Rowe, Russell, Sheppard, Smith, Spence, Staley, Tabor, Thompson, Toppins, Webb;
    • Notice to Teachers (re: qualifications for elementary certificates in the 1920's). Surname: Beckley;
    May 15, 1924
    • Death Takes Women Age 108 Years; was Oldest Person in this County (re: Hannah Runyon Blankenship, life and interesting funeral). Surnames:Blankenship, Loar;
    • Local News Brief. Surnames: Buskirk, Williams;
    June 12, 1924
    • Nationally Known Man Recalls Boyhood Days Spent in Wayne County (reprint from Wheeling Telegraph). Surnames: Archer, Ferguson, Kirby, Napier, Pack, Polley, Robinson, Thompson
    • Local News Brief. Surnames: Booton, Burgess, Ferguson, Mosser;
    December 18, 1924
    • From F.S. Vanhoose (a remarkable letter depicting a life with Wayne connections). Surnames: Burgess, Ferguson, Vanhoose;
    • From Pvt. Emergy Wilson (a letter from the Mexican border).
    • From Paul Wilson (a letter from an ex-Wayne Countian).

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  • 1925 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 15, 1925
    • Wayne County of Forty Years Ago. Surnames: Adkins, Bloss, Booton, Burgess, Burke, Deane, Enslow, Frizzell, Ferguson, Fry, Garrett, Goodman, Howell, Hutchinson, Jarrell, Lewis, McClure, McDougal, Mansfield, Marcum, Mereick, Mitchell, Morris, Napier, Prichard, Queen, Ratcliff, Rife, Salyes, Shumate, Spurlock, Tiernan, Vaughan, Vinson, Walker, Watts, Webb, Wellman, Wheeler, Wilkinson, Wilson, Workman;
    • Public Opinion (G.M. Johnson writes letter to the editor calling for tax collection revisions). Surname: Johnson;
    • News Briefs. Surnames:Adkins, Baily, Bowen, Lewis, Vaughan;
    January 22, 1925
    • Y.B. Salmons Taken in Death (an obituary). Surnames: Perry, Salmons;
    April 30, 1925
    • Death Ends Useful Career of Wayne County Woman Who Taught 52 Years. Surnames: Beaire, Bryan, Chapman, Copley, Damron, McClure, Toney, Wellman, Wilson;
    • New Law Requires Cedar Trees to be Cut Down to Stop "Rust."
    • Numerous Local Folks to Attend Sunday School Convention.
    • News Briefs (including the formation of Wayne County's first Rotary Club). Surnames: Bailey, Breece, Byron, Drown, Ferguson, Francis, Jackson, Lambert, Luther, Porter, Preston, Rife, See, Wilson, Staley, Stratton, Swisher;
    May 21, 1925
    • News Briefs (truck farming and apple orchards). Surnames: Ferguson, Merchant, Preston;
    • 2 Killed and 3 Injured at Kermit. Surnames: Chaffin, Chapman, Kirk, Parsley;
    August 8, 1925
    • Many Attending Bethesda Homecoming and Toney Family Reunion Saturday. Surnames: Staley, Toney
    • Death of Mrs. W.W. Marcum. Surnames: Bryner, Burgess, Marcum, Nell, Swetman;
    • Co-Operation (food for thought).
    August 27, 1925
    • What Do You Know About Twelve Pole?
    • Wayne-Logan Connected by Way of Mingo (part of 200.1 mile Tug River Highway from Huntington to Charleston; guide to motoring the Tug River Highway. Surname: Smith;
    • K.G.E. Castle to be in Huntington (Wayne delegates among officers of lodge, Knights of the Golden Eagle). Surnames: Gibson, Lambert, Rigg;
    December 3, 1925
    • Celebrates 96th Birthday (re: "Aunt" Amanda Osburn). Surnames: Jackson, Osburn, Walker;
    • Deaths, Dr. C.E. Wilkinson and Mrs. Nancy Hale. Surnames: Adkins, Clay, Hale, Johnson, McGinnis, Price, Thomas, Wilkinson;

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  • 1926 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 28, 1926
    • First Deed Recorded in this County 84 Years Ago; 2,100 Recorded Last Year. Surnames: Adams, Adkins, Cushing, Moore, Ratcliff, Tupper, Webb
    • Jurors for Court Term Next March (grand and petit jurors' names and their home districts). Surnames: Adkins, Banfield, Bartram, Beckett, Beckley, Bromley, Brumfield, Clark, Cole, Copley, Crabtree, Crum, Cyrus, Davidson, Dean, Drown, Dyer, Ellis, Farra, Ferguson, Frazier, Freeman, Fry, Gillipsie, Griffin, Hatten, Holt, Hughes, Hunt, Jarrell, Justice, Kidd, Lambert, McClelland, McComas, Malcolm, Marcum, Marshall, Maynard, Mills, Moore, Morrison, Napier, Pack, Parsley, Peak, Plymale, Queen, Ray, Rayburn, Rucker, Skeans, Simpson, Smith, Stiltner, Tabor, Thacker, Umphrey, Watts, Webb, Wiley, Wilkinson, Wilson;
    • Births. Surnames: Adkins, Cook, Corns, Crossen, Donahoe, Eastham, Elliott, Jeffers, Napier, Parsons, Perry, Queen, Robertson, Scaggs, Vanhoose, Williamson, Wellman, Wilson
    • Wayne Countians in Ritchie County. Surnames: Conners, Dean, Eblin, Harrison, Lloyd, Marcum, O'Dell, Sparks,Thompson;
    • 12-Pole Flooded Road Last Week.
    • News Briefs. Surnames: Byer, Berisford, Saunders, Meade, Maynard
    February 11, 1926
    • Local Church in New Home; Founded in 1874. Surnames: Bowers, Gadsby, Gieskie, Hoard, Hoyt, Stark, Stump, Wright;
    • M.E. Revival in Wayne Promotes Church Council. Surnames: Black, Blankenship, Evans, Icard, Ketchum, Newman, Vinson;
    • Pioneers from this County in Wars of 1812, 1861 (a Barboursville historian notes Wayne soldiers). Surnames: Miller, Brunfield, McComas, Ferguson, Reynolds, Ballengee;
    March 25, 1926
    • Negro Hangs Next Month for Attack on Mingo Woman. Surnames: Amburgy, Bailey, Brockus, Sawyers
    • Indictments of Long Standing are Nolled Here. Surnames: Adams, Adkins, Blankenship, Brooks, Coffin, Collinsworth, Counts, Davidson, Davis, Ferguson, Fraley, Holbrook, Houchin, Koger, Lancaster, Lester, Lett, Lycan, McComas, McCoy, Marcum, Maynard, Mills, Newman, Nutter, Payne, Queen, Spaulding, Spence, Stedham, Stepp, Vinson, Ward
    May 20, 1926
    • Teachers are Employed for Lincoln District. Surnames: Adkins, Baker, Branham, Copley, Curry, Deerfield, Frazier, Harris, Little, Marcum, Meade, Mills, Mollett, Napier, O'Neil, Parsons, Perry, Queen, Ratcliff, Salmons, Stepp, Thompson, Vanderpool, Vanhoose, Vinson, Walker;
    • W.B. Smith Candidate for Legislature. Surname: Smith;
    • Crop Conditions in Wayne County Shown in Report.
    • YWCA to Open Camp at Dickson Again this Year. Surnames: Carpenter, Riggs
    • Gragston News Items. Surnames: Boothe, Christian, Evans, Ferguson, Frasher, Hatten, Huff, Kites, Kitts, McCoy, Pyles, Romans, Shannon, Thompson, Viers, Wellman;
    • President Lakes-Florida Highway Association to Stop in Wayne Saturday. Surnames: Johnson, Rosenhelm;
    May 27, 1926
    • Ranks of Blue and Gray in Wayne County are Thinned Out. Surnames: Adkins, Billups, Chaffin, Clark, Davis, Ferguson, Foster, Gilkerson, Hobbs, Johnson, Lloyd, Massie, Mead, Osburn, Parsons;
    • Veteran of Civil War Tells of his Part in Conflict. Surnames: Ferguson, Gilkerson, Jenkins, Kindreck;
    • Edmund Thompson is Now Able to See After Remarkable Operation. Surnames: Cook, Hawes, Thompson;
    June 3, 1926
    • Interesting Letter Written by Wayne Man in 1864 Still Preserved. Surnames: Bartram, Booth, Dean, Grizzle, Huff, McCaslin, Osburn, Toney, Wilson, Workman;
    • 33 Veterans of Civil War Listed in this County. Surnames: Bradley, Christian, Ferguson, Marcum, Maynard, Moore, Muncy, Noble, Perry, Smith, Spaulding, Stone, Ward;
    • Officers Named by Wayne Royal Arch Masons for Coming Year. Surnames: Ball, Booton, Curnutte, Ferguson, Lester, May, Mosser, Saunders, Scraggs, Walker;
    June 10, 1926
    • Names of 36 Civil War Veterans in the County Reported to this Paper (additions to previous article). Surnames: Adkins, Queen, Watts;
    • Former Wayne Countian Visits Home After Absence of Thirty-Five Years. Surnames: Corns, Ferguson, Hansford, Hanse, Napier, Osburn, Watts;
    • Klansmen Decorate Graves of their Departed Members. Surname: Salmons;
    • James Ferguson's Letter to the Editor Recalls Civil War.
    • Article Prompts Mrs. Shuff to Reflect Upon Earlier Days and Relics. Surnames: Clark, McClellan;
    • Wayne Blackberry Forecast. Surname: Mitchell;
    August 26, 1926
    • Former Pupils of L. Dickerson Will Again Live School Days at Reunion. Surname: Dickerson;
    • Cuts Earliest Cabbage (re: Wayne truck farmers Burl Cyrus and R.R. Gillette). Surnames: Cyrus, Gillette;
    September 16, 1926
    • Harrison Gives Official Tabulation of His Race in Sixth Senatorial District. Surnames: Curry, Harrison, Prichard;
    • Teachers Favor County as Tax Unit and Oppose Darwin Theory. Surnames: Baisden, Berkley, Blankenship, Buckingham, Burgess, Copley, Frasier, Frazier, Fry, McClure, Millett, Plymale, Queen, Ratcliff, Tabor, Thompson, Vanderpool, Wagonlander, Wilkinson;
    • Good Program is Planned for 24th at Wilson School. Surnames: Bartram, Frazier, Matthews, Queen;
    • County Court news. Surnames: Adkins, Crabtree, Collins, Cyrus, Fraley, Hunter, Johnson, McKinsey, Maynard, Murphy, Price, Pyles, Toney, Staley, Wiley, Wilkinson, Wilson;
    • Local News Items. Surnames: Berisford, Bloss, Chafin, Cyrus, Damron, Dickerson, Malcolm, Miller, Sprencher, Stewart;
    November 4, 1926
    • Wayne Boy has Fiddle Crown. Surnames: Charles, Sullivan;
    • Perfect Attendance Records is Made by Adrian Sullivan. Surname: Sullivan
    • Stock Law Again Defeated in Grant.
    December 9, 1926
    • Jenny Wiley's Escape from Indians Recalled by Mrs. Vinson's Death. Surnames: Borders, Crum, Damron, Harmon, Murray, Nelson, Vinson, Wiley, Williamson, Yost;
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  • 1927 — Includes the following alternate sources —
  • January 13, 1927
    • Letter to the Editor (by Lee Frazier), favors factory sites in Wayne over sites in Cabell. Surnames: Frazier, Thompson;
    • Captain Joseph M. Ferguson (obituary of a Confederate veteran). Surnames: Cannon, Daughery, Dickerson, Ferguson, Minister, Pollock, Smith, Spencer;
    January 20, 1927
    • Mrs. Mahala Wells Huff, Native of Wayne County, Dies at 108 Years. Surnames: Camp, Huff, Pennington, Wells, Workman;
    • Local Boys Make Big Showing in State University Farm Contest. Surnames: Adkins, Garrison, Mckee, Perry, Preston, Sellards, Tabor, Wellman, White, Wilson;
    • Wayne Loses; C-K Keeps on Winning.
    • Marcum and Watts Get Important Committee Posts in Legislature. Surnames: Harrison, Johnson, Marcum, Watts, White, Williamson;
    March 17, 1927
    • Ceredo Town History Full of Interest (founded on a Massachusetts congressman's dream). Surnames Adkins, Brown, Bruns, Click, Floyd, Griswold, Hoard, Jenkins, Jordan, Kelly, McCormack, McLeese, Morse, Pond, Stewart, Ramsdell, Roberts, Stark, Stewart, Stump, Thayer, Wilson, Wright;
    • Louisa, Kentucky, Adopts Eastern Standard Time to be Effective April 3rd.
    • Local News Items, Prichard. Surnames: Bryant, Boyd, Cole, Cooksey, Drown, Frazier, Hatten, Heaberlin, Keyes, Meredith, Perry, Shannon;
    • Local News Items, Wolf Pen. Surnames: Adkins, Clay, Dickerson, Finley, Gilkerson, Johnson, Lockhart, McComas, Sansom, Simpkins, Wagenlender;
    April 21, 1927
    • Scott Adkins, Obituary of WWI Veteran. Surnames: Adkins, Damron, Frazier, Harrison, Icard, Ketchum, Newman, Sansom, Spurlock;
    • Better Homes Campaign in the Wayne Community. Surnames: Brand, Burgess, Click, Ferguson, Garrison, Rhodes, Scaggs, Smith, Ward;
    June 16, 1927
    • News Briefs Across Wayne County. Surnames: Adkins, Booth, Burchett, Burgess, Clay, Ketchum, Lester, Matthews, Mosser, Newhouse, Newman, Osburn, Rice, Smith, Staley, Tabor, Taylor, Thompson, Walker, Wilkinson;
    • Local News Items, Webb, Coleman and Wilson's Creek. Surnames: Banfield, Bias, Buckingham, Curry, Cyrus, Damron, Harmon, Jackson, Little, Lockhart, Mills, Mullens, Parsley, Poindexter, Rutherford, Wilson, Workman;
    October 27, 1927
    • How Tug Fork of Sandy was Named.
    • White's Creek Covered Bridge Breaks Under Heavily Loaded Truck. Surnames: Johnson, Wiles;
    • Notice of Application for Telephone Franchise. Surname: McMahon
    • News Letters, Macedonia. Surnames: Adkins, Bench, Congor, Ellis, Hunter, Keller;
    • News Letters, Jim Branch. Surnames: Adkins, Bowen, Berry, Lester, Mills, Morrison, Osburn, Smith;
    • News Letters, Crum. Surnames: Adkins, Camel, Corns, Crum, Doss, James, Marcum, Mead, Molette, Parsley, Prince, Queen, Salmons, Sammons, Self, Spurlock, Stepp, Valley, Wiley;
    December 8, 1927
    • 28 Practicing Wayne Midwives to Renew License This Month. Surnames: Adkins, Brown, Copley, Crum, Dortin, Dyer, Evans, Farley, Finley, Gilkerson, Marcum, Mathis, Messer, Moore, Perry, Porter, Thompson, Smith, Skeens, Roberts, Vinson, Wheeler;
    • Bodies of Col. J.J. Mansfield and his Daughter Exhumed Here After 66 Years. Surnames: Adkins, Boyd, Booton, Ferguson, Mansfield, Osburn, Smith;
    • Kenova Company to Sell New Gas. Surnames: Ball, Tabor
    • School News (local schools). Surnames: Irby, Jay, McCoy, Newman, Plymale, Price, Pyles, Ray, Smith, Sparks, Staley;
            Submitters: June White; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Obituary of Rutherford L. Ashworth, 2000
  • Obituary of Ruth Ross Booth, 1964
  • Obituary of Clarence Cline, 1983
  • Obituary of Hazel Ross Cline, 1986
  • Obituary of Ted S. Cline, 1963
  • Obituary of Nellie Powers Munsey, 1927
  • Obituary of Samuel Osburn, 1938
  • Obituary of Lewis Edward Porter, 1984
  • Obituary of Mrs. Ida Shuff Powers, 1947
  • Obituary of Wade Hampton Powers, 1924
  • Obituary of Pearl Ross, 1989
  • Obituary of Rebecca Powers Ross, 1964
  • Obituary of Zachary Taylor Ross, 1952
  • Obituary of Eliza Sansom, 1933
  • Obituary of Herman Okey Sansom, 1990
  • Obituary of Oma Ross-Samson, 1964
  • Obituary of Russell Sharp, 1996
  • Obituary of Tabor Family
  • Obituary of Frank Thompson, 1973
  • Obituary of Sam Vaughan, 1977
  • Obituary of Ruby Ross Vaughan, 1970
  • Obituary of Grace Wellman Workman, 1945
  • Obituary of Jefferson Bowen Workman, 1942
  • Obituary of Theodore Workman, 1927         Submitters: Dot; June Henson; Doreen Ashworth Jones; Pamela Porter-Newville; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Selected Birth Records ('P' and 'W' surnames only)
  • Birth Record of Cora Blankenship, 1870
  • Birth Records of John Frank and Charles H. Kendrick, 1853 and 1859
  • Births, Goodman Family, 1883-1889
  • Selected Birth Records, 1883-1909
  • Various Births. 1883-1909
  • Death Record of Joe Davis, 1991
  • Death Record of Charles H. Kendrick, 1936
  • Selected Death Records, Potter, Powell, Powers, Workman, 1856-1943
  • Death Record of Freeland Runyon, 1964
  • Death Record of Charles "Carlos" Starr, 1968
  • Death Record of Sam Starr, 1983
  • Selected Death Records, Tabor, 1889-1973
  • Miscellaneous Birth and Death Records, Caudill, Hatten, Reynolds, Spencer, 1942-1994         Submitters: Dottie Tabor Blankenship; Elizabeth Burns, Candie Freeman; Beatrice Goodman; Debi Kendrick; Russell L. Lawrence; Janice Milam; Lorna Corns Workman

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  • Administration Bond of Mary Artrup, 1752
  • Will of Sarah Jane Keyser, 1885
  • Inventory, Estate of Thomas J. Keyser, 1886
  • Will of James Wilson, 1856
  • Will of James Wilson, 1910
  • Will of Alexander Wilson, 1868
  • Will of Obediah Ferguson, 1842         Submitters: Glen Gallagher; June Henson; Peg Schreiber; John E. Snyder

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  • Marriage Bond of Porter/Perry, 1895
  • Funeral Card of Lutie May Perry-Porter, 1902-1992
  • Photo of Nellie Powers Muncy/Munsy with niece Edith Sharp Dailey
  • Photo of Wade Hampton Powers
  • Photo of Ida Shuff
  • Photo of Jerusha A. Powers
  • Photo of Rebecca Powers
  • Photo of Monie Powers         Submitters names are not available for these

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