Tucker County West Virginia History

Tucker County, West Virginia: History

Tucker county was first settled in 1772. On March 6, 1856 Tucker county was created from Randolph county*. In 1871 a smaller portion of Tucker county was created from Barbour county. According to the biography of Abe Bonnifield, a prominent man in the early history of the county, a committee of fifteen or twenty persons were chosen to select a site for a courthouse for the contemplated new county. The committee selected a spot on Enoch Minear's farm, where the courthouse was afterwards built. Petitions with numerous signatures were sent to the Legislature at Richmond. Dr. Bosworth was the Delegate from Randolph in the winter of 1855-6. He and Mr. William Ewin, who was chosen as lobby member to the Legislature, succeeded in obtaining an Act of the Legislature for organizing the new county, with the Seat of Justice on the site selected by the committee. The court was organized the following July. The new county was christened Tucker and the Seat of Justice St. George.
The county seat is currently located at 1st & Walnut Streets in Parsons, West Virginia, 26287. The first federal census for Tucker county is 1860.
* Randolph county was created in 1787 from Harrison county. Harrison county was formed in 1784 from Monongalia and Monongalia was formed in 1776 from the West Augusta district. For a map showing this formation, click here.
Records in Tucker county
Births, marriage, divorce, land, probate and court records begin in 1856.
Death records start in 1845 (except for the years 1862-63, 1867, 1875-76, 1879 and 1883).
Land and tax records begin in 1899.
Naturalization records start in 1903.



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