Meadow Creek, WV

Meadow Creek, WV

Summers County, WV

The King of England gave a Land Grant to the GWINN family that included the Meadow Creek Valley in the State of West Virginia. This document is recorded in the Monroe County (WV) Court House. Moses GWINN was the original owner and later, William GWINN brought the Western half of the Meadow Creek Valley. With the building of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad in 1875, the town of Meadow Creek became a railroad Terminal. J.M. RAINES was responsible in building the Sewell Valley Railroad to supply the largest hardwood lumber mill. As the town grew, a general store was built and owned by J.E. and William Abraham GWINN. Later, the passenger trains and local freight trains made scheduled stops and the Sewell Valley passenger train also ahd a regular, daily scheduled stop at Meadow Creek. New businesses such as the Sewell Valley Bank, Withrow Furniture and Funeral Parlor, Tom Mosley's Restaurant, and the United States Post Office served the growing town of Meadow Creek. On the South side of New River in Raleigh County, which was across the river from Meadow Creek, small settlements that were named New Pear, and Abraham sprang up. The sawmill and mining towns were located along the Sewell Valley Railroad. The town of Meadow Creek had it's own water and electric power system until the present light system became the owners. The electric power was the result of a dam built by J.E. GWINN across Meadow Creek. Mr. GWINN was at that time the owner of the dam and water system. The Baptist Church was built in Meadow Creek in 1908. In 1974, the New River Company, which is a part of the Chessie System, built the present coal cleaning plant that is located on the Moses GWINN property at Meadow Creek.

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