Sims Index to Land Grants in Virginai/West Virginia -Berkeley/Morgan Counties
Berkeley County VA 1762 - 1863
(which includes the area now known as Morgan County up until 1820)
Morgan County VA  1820 - 1863
Berkeley Co, WV 1866 - 1870
Morgan County, WV 1864 - 1870

The land grants listed herein were made by Lord Fairfax prior to the creation of the Virginia Land Office; by the Commonwealth of Virginia, of lands now embracing the State of West Virginia; and, by the State of West Virginia, under its first Constitution. Preparation of this index was made pursuant to Chapter 120, Acts of the 1951 Session of the West Virginia Legislature.

The information contained herein was compiled after an exhaustive and careful page-by-page examination of the copies of land grants filed in my office, and no effort has been spared to assure that the spellings of the names of grantees, location and descriptions of tracts, are accurate as herein listed. Many variations of spellings of grantees' names were encountered, and required indexing under each spelling, or as a repetition of the names in a different spelling as shown in parentheses. In case of doubt as to correct spellings, due to illegibility of some of the penmanship, careful comparisons were made with the land books of the Commissioner of Revenue, now the Assessor, of the county in which the tract is located.

The editorial work and preparation of this index was done by Mary F. Tessiatore, Mary E. Easton, Spurgeon H. White, and Keith Clark, under the supervision of James M. Hardman, Chief of the Land Department of my office.

  Edgar B. Sims
  State Auditor
 Charleston. West Virginia, 1952

Thanks  to the State of West Virginia for providing permission to put this index on-line and to Patti MacDonald for providing the copies from which the following pages have been transcribed.

Berkeley Co, Va 1762- 1863

Morgan Co, Va 1820 - 1863

Note: Some of the page numbers on the following pages may be inaccurate.

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