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Morgan County, WVGenweb

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to the Morgan County, West Virginia


    site for the WVGenWeb Project, part of the USGenWeb Project, a massive undertaking to provide free resources for genealogists. Morgan County was formed in 1820 from parts of Hampshire and Berkeley Counties and named in honor of General Daniel Morgan, prominent soldier of the American Revolutionary War.

    This site is getting a facelift!
    There are many outdated links and there is new information available. So please bear with us as we perform badly needed updates.
    Thank you.

    Hello Morgan County researchers. My name is Marilyn Gouge and I am the volunteer coordinator of this site. All of the GenWeb pages are maintained by volunteers who know how important it is to find information when you are not close to the areas of your ancestors. In the coming weeks I will be updating broken links, contacting researchers to ensure the addresses given on the Surnames, Lookups, and Morgan County webpages within this site are as current as they can be. If you have a website you previously listed and that site has changed locations, please notify me. Also, if you see your name on the Surnames Page and when you click on it, the incorrect address comes up, please notify me.

    Please do not email me to do research for you. I don't live in Morgan County or even close to it (though my paternal ancestors are from Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (Morgan, Jefferson and Berkeley counties), so I am not able to go to the courthouse or visit the library there or even recommend places to stay. Resources within your own area could include the Family History Centers; most public records are on microfilm from the Family Hisotry Center Salt Lake City Library and can be "borrowed" for a small fee. Look through the pages here. There are already a number of links listed that will take you to the courthouse, libraries, etc. and I will be including additional sites for gathering information, either through the internet or by writing to agencies. Please check back with us; changes will be taking place.

    Thanks for your patience.


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    1850 Morgan County Census
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    Map Information —
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    Excerpts from the book
    A Ridenour Family History
    by Thomas Ridenour
    Morgan County Churches, Historical and Modern
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    Occupations of Yesteryear

    Morgan County Historical and Genealogical Society (MCH&GS)
    Mr. Fred Widmyer, President
    P.O. Box 52
    Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 25411

    The MCH&GS is open for anyone who has a desire to help preserve the history of Morgan County and the surrounding areas
    and is willing to help with the research done for its members and others who request help.
    Annual dues are $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple.
    Meetings are held January through December at First United Methodist Church Social Hall at 49 S. Green St., Berkeley Springs, WV.

    We are located upstairs in the Morgan County Public Library. There is no charge for people who go to the library and do their own research.
    However, for those who can't do that, the society will do research for $15.00 per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour, or $15.00. The charge for paper copies is $0.25 per page of copied material plus shipping and handling charges based on current postal rates.

    Hours of operation:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Wednesday — Call for an appointment
    Saturday — 9 a.m. to noon
    No evening hours.

    Phone contacts for Wednesday appointments: Betty Ditto, 304-258-1251, Marian Park, 304-258-2034 or Pat Widmyer 304-258-0181 or E-mail the society.

    Please remember these folks are volunteers and their time is precious — don't ask for vague information such as, 'please look up everything you have on Smith.' Try to be specific about the information you need (full names and probable dates). Thanks!

    You might also find the folks at the Berkeley County Library helpful in finding information that predates the formation of Morgan County in 1820. The Berkeley County Library's Genealogy Section

    Morgan County Courthouse
    County Clerk
    Morgan County Commission
    202 Fairfax St. Suite 100
    Berkeley Springs, WV  25411


    Sources Available for Lookup

    The people listed below have graciously volunteered to look up information pertaining to Morgan County. By doing this, they are doing the genealogy community a tremendous favor. Many/most of these people have full-time jobs (besides genealogy) and they may live anywhere in the world. They simply own or somehow have access to sources for Morgan County...please do NOT expect them to go to Morgan County for you. Also BE SPECIFIC about the person you are asking about, as well as the resource you would like them to review. Do not say "hey...ya got any SMITHs in any of your books?"

    As law-abiding citizens, we ask that no one violate copyright laws. Some publishers may have stated limits on what/how much can be in a look-up...our volunteers will let you know what limits there are, if any. Finally, be sure to thank our volunteers; without them our work and yours would be much more tedious and time consuming!

    NOTE: Please put MORGAN COUNTY LOOK-UP in your subject...some of these people are on many mailing lists and volunteer to do look-ups for other areas — your request could get deleted if you do not put a meaningful message in the subject area.

    References for Berkeley County are included here because Morgan was formed from Berkeley County. Information within parentheses generally reference the author or publisher of the book.

    If YOU own any resource material and can return the favor by doing lookups for others, give me a holler.

    Thanks to all our volunteers!

    Source Name Person to contact
    Morgan County, West Virginia Birth Records 1865-1904 (Turner) Staci Porter
    Angel Rogers
    Harry Grossman
    Morgan County Death Records 1865-1903 (Davis) Nettie Grace
    Harry Grossman
    Sherry Neff
    Staci Porter
    Morgan County West Virginia Obituaries, Volume IV (Davis, Allemong, Mellott) Harry Grossman
    Morgan County West Virginia Obituaries (Allemong and Davis); red book Harry Grossman
    Morgan County West Virginia Obituaries 1936-1953; also 1907-1909 (Genealogical Society) Staci Porter
    Harry Grossman
    Obituaries Berkeley County Virginia (West Virginia) 1791-1855 (Historical Society) — because it includes the area of Morgan county for years 1791-1820 Harry Grossman
    Graveyard History of Morgan County (Virginia )West Virginia (Genealogical Society) Harry Grossman
    Sherry Neff
    Nettie Grace
    Morgan County West Virginia Graveyard Book Staci Porter
    Morgan County West Virginia Marriage Records 1820-1865 (Genealogical Society) Harry Grossman
    Sherry Neff
    Staci Porter
    Morgan County West Virginia Marriage Records 1865-1903 (Turner) Sherry Neff
    Harry Grossman
    Staci Porter
    Marriage Records of Berkeley County 1781-1854 (Keesecker); because these include the area of Morgan County for years 1781-1820 Harry Grossman
    Berkeley County (West) Virginia Deeds and Wills Abstracts, Deed Books 1-5 and Will Books 1-3 (Shuck); because it includes the area of Morgan County for the years 1772-1820 Harry Grossman
    West Virginia Estate Settlements to 1850 (Johnston) for Berkeley County; because these include the area of Morgan County for the years 1772-1820 Harry Grossman
    A Ridenour Family History by Thomas Ridenour Thomas Ridenour
    1820, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 (Marsh), 1900 (Davis) Morgan County Census Harry Grossman
    Index to the 1810 Census of Virginia (Bentley); because it includes surnames for the area of Berkeley and Hampshire counties that became Morgan County in 1820. Harry Grossman
    Index to the 1820 Census of Virginia (Feldin); because it includes surnames for the first Morgan County Census Harry Grossman
    1850 census Staci Porter
    Sherry Neff
    1860 census Staci Porter
    Sherry Neff
    1870 census Staci Porter
    Sherry Neff
    1880 Census of West Virginia vol 13 — Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson counties ONLY Staci Porter
    Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Infobase (free database) Ancestry Site

    Morgan County Researchers' Web Sites

    Meet the Family! Here are some folks' web sites who are doing research in Morgan County:

    Charlene Smith —

    Pat Asher —

    Billy Yoho —

    If you have a web-site with Genealogy Information from Morgan County please notify me so I can add your link to the list.

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