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  • First Presbyterian Church of Hamlin, Lincoln County, West Virginia
        Surnames: Dayser, Eels, Hedrick, Holt, Kayser, Robinson, Sanford, Spurlock, Sweetland, Thomas, Wilkinson

  • Methodist Episcopal Church (South) of Hamlin, Lincoln County, West Virginia
        Surnames: Barrett, Bias, Dingess, Hoffman, Holley, Holton, Lancaster, Lawrence, McComas, Spurlock

  • The First Circuit Court of Lincoln County, West Virginia
        Surnames: Adkins, Bias, Cooper, Cummings, Curry, Drake, Elkins, Enochs, Ferguson, Griffith, Harmon, Hindman, Holstein, Johnson, Keenan, Kline, Lusher, Martin, Pauley, Peyton, Plumley, Priestey, Smith, Tomlinson, Vance, Wilkinson

  • Early History of Lincoln County, West Virginia
            Submitters: Sandy Spradling, Patty Tyler

  • The Lincoln Democrat, vol. 1, no. 6 Hamlin, W.Va. August 2, 1917
        Surnames: Butcher, Lunsford, Pearson

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol.1, No. 9, Hamlin, West Virginia August 23, 1917
        Surnames: Beckett, Blankenship, Butcher, Harvey, Holderfield, Midkiff, Morris

  • The Lincoln Democrat September 6, 1917
        Surnames: Butcher, Hash, Hitchner, Holderfield, Johnson, Midkiff, Moore

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol.1, No. 12, Hamlin, West Virginia September 13, 1917
        Surnames: Butcher, Clay, Gill, Johnson, McComas, Midkiff, Morris, Wilson

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol.1, No. 18, Hamlin, West Virginia October 25, 1917
        Surnames: Butcher, Henly, Johnson, McCoglin, Morris, Pullen, Ray

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol.1, No. 25, Hamlin, West Virginia December 13, 1917
        Surnames: Butcher, Johnson, Midkiff

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol. 1, No. 28, Hamlin, West Virginia January 3, 1918
        Surnames: Butcher, Courts, Estep, Holderby, Johnson, Short, Summers, Wilson

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol. 1, No. 32, Hamlin, West Virginia January 31, 1918
        Surnames: Butcher, Courts, Estep, Jeffrey, Johnson, Midkiff, Moore, Ray

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol. 1, No. 35, Hamlin, West Virginia February 21, 1918
        Surnames: Butcher, Johnson, Midkiff, Ray

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol. 1, No. 42, Hamlin, West Virginia April 11, 1918
        Surnames: Butcher, Kaufman, Lewis, Madison, McCleria, McMellon, Perry

  • The Lincoln Democrat, Vol. 2, No. 3, Hamlin, West Virginia July 18, 1918
        Surnames: Brown, Butcher, Johnson, Lockwood, Midkiff
            Submitter: Patty Taylor

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  • Adkins Obituaries
        Blanche Adkins
        Carl J. Adkins
        Colvin G. Adkins
        Clayburn Garrett Adkins
        Darles Clyde Adkins
        Dallas Eugene Admins
        Gary Lee Adkins
        Hatfield Adkins
        Homer Adkins
        Jack Howard Adkins
        Jay A. Adkins
        Kelly Adkins
        Kenny Adkins
        Lula A. Adkins
        Reba M. Adkins
        Shannon H. Adkins
    • Bias Obituaries
          Charles Vinson Bias
          Crosbey E. Bias
          Chauncey Bias
          David Lee Bias
          Ennis Bias
          Flossie M. Bias
          Walter Burk Bias

    • Miscellaneous Obituaries
          Haven "Bus" Barrett
          Hercile H. "Chick" Barrett
          Nora Barrett
          Thomas Blackburn Barrett
          Arvil E. Browning
          Thomas Browning
          Donald C. Burton
          Sadie O. Monk

    • Miscellaneous Obituaries
          Dorsey Ashworth
          Laura Barrett
          Nora Barrett
          Clyde W. Beckett
          Gladys G. Beckett
          Gene A. Bess
          Anna Poe Burth
          Annie Black Browning
          Priscilla Stratton Browning
          Mack Johnson
              Submitter: Jean Monk

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  • West Virginia Boys' and Girls' Roll of Honor 1911-1912
        Surnames: Adkins, Barrett, Bartley, Bragg, Brogan, Brumfield, Burton, Butcher, Clark, Cooper, Craddock, Cronch, Dingess, Estep, Fisher, Goode, Hager, Harris, Hartwell, Hazylett, Holton, Humphrey, Lambert, Lawrence, Linkous, Lipscomb, Lusher, McClure, McKinney, Mann, Meads, Midkiff, Moore, Parsons, Pauley, Pearson, Plumley, Ramsy, Roberts, Robinson, Scites, Smith, Spry, Stanley, Stone, Stowers, Tabor, Walls, Vickers, Waters, White, Wilkerson, Williams, Workman
    • History of Education in West Virginia
          Surnames: Holstein
              Submitter: Valerie Crook

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  • Various Births
        Surnames: Adkins, Honaker, Smith, Strickland
  • Bias Births
        Surnames: Alford, Bias, Johnson
    • Various Lincoln County Deaths
          Surnames: Alford, Bias, Franklin, Holley, Jenkins, Johnson, McClure, Reese, Reesce, Snodgrass, Wilkinson
              Submitters: Alan Bias, Lucy Bell

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