Kanawha County Slave Owners
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Kanawha County Slave Owners

Kanawha County Slave Owners Extracted From Kanawha County Wills, Appraisements of Estates, and Bill of Sale Records

Will Book Volume A & Will Records Volume 1 1820-1858

John Austin

Negro Man Orange $550.00 Negro Woman Eve $400.00 Negro Woman Aggy the mother of two former

John Bagly

Blk Girl Patsey $400.00 Blk Boy William $300.00 Blk Boy Andrew $100.00 Blk Girl Easter $200.00 Blk Boy Cato $500.00 Blk Boy Henry $400.00

William Blaine

one negro woman & 3 children, Fanny, John & Anne 600.00

Thomas L Buster

One Negro Man Abraham $130.00

D J Cabell

1 Negro man John & wife Flora $300.00 1 Negro girl Cresa aged 16 years $350.00 1 Negro girl Chery aged 16 years $325.00 1 Negro Tom & Nelly (his wife) 55 & 35 $400.00 1 Negro Boy Wilches 18 or 20 $450.00 1 Negro Boy Willium (eyes defective) 22 $200.00 1 Negro Woman Aggy & 4 youngest children $750.00 1 Negro girl Eliza aged 12 $275.00 1 Negro girl Ann 8 years $250.00 1 Negro Boy Henry aged 13 $350.00 1 Negro Boy Robert aged 9 $275.00 1 Negro Boy Willis aged 10 $275.00 1 Negro Boy Abram aged 10 $275.00 1 Negro Boy Tom aged 6 $200.00 1 Negro Boy James aged 6 $200.00 1 Negro Main Boy & wife Rhoda 60 & 45 $1 Page 182 Personal Estate and Slaves at the Salt Furnaces. Negro Woman Nancy 300.00 Negro Girl Frances 400.00 Negro Man Jo aged 25 years 500.00 Negro Man Frank aged 50 350.00 Negro Man Norris Aged 45 300.00 Negro Man Yamer Aged 25 500.00 Negro Man Willis Aged 45 300.00 Negro Man Tom Aged 25 500.00 Negro Man Phill Aged 22 475.00 Negro Man Peter Aged 20 475.00 Negro Man Bill Aged 22 500.00 Negro Man Harvey Aged 23 500.00 Negro Man Jeffrey Aged 22 500.00 Negro Man Tom Aged 35 375.00 Negro Man Jack Aged 55 175.00 Negro Man Archibald Aged 23 500.00 Negro Man Lewis Aged 35 350.00 Negro Boy Isham Aged 12 300.00 Negro Boy Reuben Aged 15 325.00 Negro Boy Jefferson Aged 10 275.00 Negro Boy Simon Aged 10 250.00

Calvin Chaddock

1 Negro Man Charles 600.00 1 Negro Man Thomas 416.67 1 Negro Woman 275.00

Thomas Fife

Also my Slaves, My Negro woman Adelaide and her two children Polly and Hary and my negro boy Henry To have and to hold the said real estate and Slaves with the future increase of the females to the said Wm E and Charles T Fife be them and their heirs forever. Upon and in trust however for the Sole and Separate use of my daughter Julia A Fife for and during her natural life remainder in fee to her children, living at her death, and to the use of any such of her children who may have died before her, leaving .. , if any, such .. of any living at her death taking the parents share of the parent had been living. But in the event that my said daughter Julia A should die leaving no issue of her body or in event she should leave such … living at her death who should die without heirs of their bodies, unmarried and before they had all attained the age of 21 years, them and in either event as the case might be, the remainder aforesaid after the termination of the life estate, shall be and is hereby given and devised to my surviving children and the children of any that my be deceased at the time, to be divided equally between them

Mary Forqueran

One Negro man named Charles about 45 years of age $233.00 One Negro woman named Cys about 75 year of age .00

Henry Harmon

1 negro man named George $420.00 1 negro woman named Rose $300.00 1 negro girl named Rhoda $200.00 1 negro boy named Thomas $175.00 1 negro girl named Eliza $150.00 1 negro man named Harry $400.00 1 negro boy named Benjamin $250.00

Joseph Heshbarger

1 Negro man Gabriel $300 1 woman Mary their child $350 1 girl Liz $75 1 girl Harriett $100 1 girl Susan $75 1 girl Mary $225 Fanny $225 Silvey $225 etc.

William Horton

1 Negro man named Stephen aged about 50 years $200 1 Negro man named Jerry aged about 43 years $250 1 Negro woman named Mima about 46 years & her two children Winney & Zachariah $500.00 Esther 42 years of age & her 3 children Lot, Louisa, Jane & William $600.00 Pleasant (a female) about yrs of age $250.00 Harriet 13 years of age $300.00 Flora 25 yrs of age & her son George 4 yrs 350.00 Martha (claimed by M Lacy and not see by us) aged 7 years supposed to be worth Fanny & Her two children claimed by Holmes and not seen by us supposed from information to be worth $500. Belly 40 yrs of age & Her 2 children America 4 years & other an infant $400.00 Sandy aged 16 years $250.00 Lucy Aged 14 $250 Emily Aged 7 $150 Ben Aged 5 $100 Dick Aged 8 $120

William Hogue

1 negro woman Mary $300.00 Mary’s sone Lewis $100.00 Mary’s daughter Maryline $50.00

Thomas Hubbard

One Negro Boy named Ceasar Aged 11 years of Age 300.00 One Negro Boy named Sears 13 years of Age 400.00

Davis Hudson

One negro man named John One negro man named Sam One negro man named Andy One negro woman named Delphy One negro woman named Hannah One negro woman named Marica One negro boy named Lewis One negro boy named Warren One negro boy named Armstead One negro boy named Fountaine One negro boy named Simon One negro boy named Hi..and.. One negro boy named Shadarach One negro boy named Stephen One negro girl named Lizzy One negro girl named Mary Davis Hudson Item 4th I bequeath to my niece Mary A Quarrier my negro slave Mary and her future increase, to her, her heirs and assigns forever Item 5th I bequeath to my niece Elizabeth R Hudson my negro girl slave Lizzy and her future increase to her, her heirs and assigns forever. Item 6th I bequeath to my nephew Robert F Hudson my negro man slave Andrew, and my negro boy slave Simon to him and his heirs assigns forever. Item 7th I bequeath to my brother Jefse Hudson the following slaves to wit, my negro woman Hannah and part of her family Aiz Wanen, Armstead, and Stephen, and the future increase and that Hannah may have and also my negro woman slave Marica and her family Arz Fountain, Alexander, and Shaarach and their future increase during his natural life, and at his death to be equally divided between his surviving heirs, with the exception of Marcia and her family which at his death with their increase is to be equally divided between the four youngest daughters Viz Helena T Judith R. Martha J and Sarah H to them their heirs and assigns forever. Item 8th As to my older negro woman Debby I wish and desire her to be taken care of by my nephew William W Hudson as she will be placed with her grand children and for his trouble I do bequeath to him my negro boy slave Lewis to him his heirs and assigns forever. Item 9th I bequeath to my brother Samuel Hudson my two men slaves Jefse and Sam, to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Manoah Lasley

Dabney a girl 20 years 553.00 Polly a girl 40 years 250.00 Melisa her child 15 years 400.00 Jim her child 15 550.00 Winney her child 10 535.00 Lucy her child 6 100.00 Eliza her child 4 115.00 Maria her child 1 91.00 Fanny a girl child 28 400.00 George her child 9 300.00 Martha her child 5 250.00 Redman her child 3 200.00 Andrew her child 4 50.00 Dolley aged 23 400.00 Henry her child 4 200.00 Bob her child 2 150.00

James A Lewis

Charlotte 250 Ellen 850 Henry 700 Isabella 900 Mary 850 Moses 400 John 1,100 Charles 1,300 Daphne 450 Bill 1,100 Beverly 800 Betty 900 Lorenda

John Lykens

One Negro Man named Frank $500.

Richard McCallister

One Negro man named Sam $350.00 One negro man named Llaw $375.00 One negro boy named Al $175.00 One negro child named Meam $137.50 One negro child named James $87.50 One negro woman named Jude $300.00

Elisha Melton

1 Negro Woman Sarah 1 Negro Woman Betty 1 Negro Girl Martha Ann 1 Negro Girl Sarah Frances $630.00 1 Negro Girl Malvina 1 Negro Boy Coleman 1 Negro Boy Nelson $200.00 1 Negro Boy Phillip $280.00 1 Negro Boy Isaac $200.00 1 Negro Girl Vina $200.00 1 Negro Girl Rebecca $150.00

Robert A Miller

One Negro girl Martha at 250.00

Benjamin Morris

1 Negro Man Jerry and Polly his wife 50.00 1 Negro Boy Caleb 250.00

Edmund Morris

Negro Man Billy 400.00 Boy Charles 400.00 Girl Nancy 300.00

Joshua Morris

One negro woman & child $350.00 One negro girl $100.00 One negro woman his wife 100.00

Leonard Morris

Second, also I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Peggy all my household and kitchen furniture of every kind and description, whatever, as her absolute property, also my Negro man Simon and his son Manuel and my Negro woman Lucy, also my Negro girl Harriet, during her natural life only I also give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Peggy all that part of my plantation where I now live as follows.

Levi Morris

1 Negro Man Mike 500.00 1 Negro Man Allen 500.00 1 Negro Man Jerry 450.00 1 Negro man Backus 350.00 1 Negro woman Anna 275.00 1 Negro woman Malinda 300.00 1 Negro woman Easter 325.00 1 Negro boy Milton 11 years old 250.00 1 Negro boy Clark 9 years old 250.00 1 Negro boy Aaron 5 years old 200.00 1 Negro girl Emeretta 3 years old 150.00 1 Negro girl Easter 8 years old 200.00 1 Negro Boy Joshua 6 years old 210.00 1 Negro girl Rebecca 4 years old 150.00 1 Negro girl Shela 2 years old 115.00

Nancy Morris

First, I give and bequeath to my daughter Celica Harvey and her Heirs my Slaves Jerry, Polly and Caleb to have and to hold the said Jerry, Polly and Caleb to the sole and behoof of the Celica Harvey and her heirs forever ….. the balance of my property I will and desire it to be sold and the proceeds equally divided among all my children according to the last will and Testament of my deceased Husband Benjamin Morris and I do hereby constitute and appoint my son in law Jacob Johnson of the county of Monroe my Executor of this my last will and testament clarifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty sixth day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and thirty-two

Alexander Quarrier

Fourth, I desire that my property opposite the Town of Charleston remain in its present situation and I give to my beloved wife Sarah the whole of said property including land, my Slaves Judy, Julia and her six children together with her future increase, and all my personal property of whatsoever description to be by her used to her exclusive benefit during her said natural life (not how ever wishing her to sell any of said Slaves) And at her death request that all of my said property shall be equally divided amongst my said children or their heirs and I direct my executors to make such distribution of my said Slaves after the decease of my wife as to avoid if possible the sale of any or either them out of my family. My executors may at their discretion after the decease of my wife sell the land on which I now live, so as to make an equal distribution of the profit amongst my children

Isaac Reaburn

1 Negro Girl about 14 years old $300.00

Silas Reynolds

Isaac a Negro Man 450.00 Dave a Negro Man 450.00 Peter a boy about 14 years of age 350.00 Judy a negro woman 350.00 Nelly a negro woman 375.00 Anderson a mulato boy 4 years old 175.00 Loisa Jane 7 months old 75.00 Lewis about 4 years old 175.00 Maria 2 years old 100.00

William Reynolds

1 Negro woman Lucy and her four children, Phyllis, Mary, Harriet & Martha $850.00 1 Negro Girl Hannah 300.00

John Rosser

1 Negro man named Armsted $400.00

Austin Royce

1 Servant man named Moses 500.00 1 Servant man named Esschs 500.00

William Ruffner

One Negro male child eighteen months 75.00

Benjamin Rust

One negro man named George 450.00 One negro boy named Nat 200.00 One negro woman named Agg 150.00

John D. Shrewsbury

1 Negro Woman named Lilly $300.00 1 Negro Woman named chain $300.00 1 Negro Boy named Benjamin $200.00 1 Negro Boy named Albert commonly called Vicko 200.00 1 Negro Boy named Stephen 150.00 1 Negro Boy named William 125.00

John Steele

Sixthly, I do hereby authorize and empower and direct my executors hereinafter named to endeavor under the laws and constitution of Mississippi to process the emancipation and freedom of my Negro slaves. To wit Terry between forty eight and Fifty years, and his wife Aggy aged about thirty eight years and their children Virginia thirteen, George, Tom, John seven and Milly three or four years of age. Peter upwards of forty five years of age and Delphy his wife aged about thirty and their five children, William twelve, Charity ten or eleven, Julian eight, Violet six, Nancy about two years of Age. Milly about thirty four years of age and his give children Polly fifteen or sixteen, Betsey about fourteen, Mariah, between six and seven, Alexander between three and four and Walter about eight months of age, Marcus about thirty years of age and Betty his wife between twenty six or seven and their four children, Reuben about nine, Nancy about eight, Ben about four and Ann about one month old, Also Sun West about forth, Jim Chathane about thirty and Jack about fifty years of age.

Albert S Summers

Frederick a negro boy about seventeen years of age $350.00

George W Summers

1, under the last Will and Testament of my brother the late Lewis Summers I became entitled as his residuary legatie to two shares in the slaves of my fathers estate, the holding and being entitled to one share in his own right and also my share and proportion of said slaves which he has acquired by purchase from me. After his death these slaves were divided between my sisters, June, Celina, Lydney and myself, the only parties entitled under my fathers will and in that division Levi, Sandy, Jack, Thenia, and the her youngest child were allocated to me, the child of Thenia has since died, but she had two others since the division … Betty and James. Two other slaves Frederick and Jim were the property of my brother in his own right by purchase, these also became mine by the provisions of his will, as to these slaves, it is my will and desire and I hereby direct that Frederick be emancipated and set free, at the and of the year within which I may depart this life, and that the sum of one hundred dollars be paid him by my Executors, that Jim shall continue to serve as a Slave for the residue of the year within which I may die, and for one year in addition, at the end of which time, I hereby direct and require that he be emancipated and set free, and that a sum equal to one half the value of his last years hire, or service be given him by my executors, that Sandy continue to serve as a Slave for three years after my death, at the end of which time he be set free and emancipated, and that the sum of fifty dollars be paid him at that time by my executor, that Jackson otherwise called Jack continue to serve as a slave for the term of five years from the time of my death, at the end of which period he be set free and emancipated, and receive from my executor the sum of fifty dollars, that Thenia continue to serve as a Slave for the period of six years from the time of my death, at the end of which time she be set free and emancipated, and receive from my executor the sum of twenty five dollars. It is also my will and desire that Thenia’s daughter Betty and son James - together with any other children she may have prior to the time of her emancipation and the increase of the females thereof be set free and emancipated, when they shall each respectively attain the age of twenty-eight years, I have heretofore offered freedom to my faithful and excellent old man Levi, and he has always declined it, preferring to remain in the family, If after my death he prefers to be free, I do hereby give him his freedom, in full form and fifty dollars in money, but should her prefer to remain as he is, I do hereby enjoin it on my executor to see that he is well taken care of as long as he lives, that he be permitted to work when and as he pleases (he being by nature too industrious to be idle when able to work) and that he be give such small sums of money from time to time, as he may desire and as may be thought reasonable. 2, My Negro boys Lafayette and Same, and my negro girl Martha and her son Wesley and my negro girl Jenney with the future increase of said girls. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Annacetta L Summers, hereby recommending and requesting, that at some future period, according to her own situation and their deservings, she emancipate and set free said negros, I also bequeath to my said wife Thenia and her children, and their increase until they shall respectively be entitled to their freedom, by virtue of the proceeding clause or section of this Will.

William S Summers

Negro woman Easther (not present) but known to one of the appraisers and from information we appraise her to $250.00 Negro Girl Fanny 200.00 Negro Boy Logan 225.00

Mary Teays

1 Negro Woman called Glory 175.00 1 Negro Mullato Boy ..don 200.00

James Truslow

1 female slave named Charlotte 300.00 1 female slave named Patience 175.00

John Vanbibber

Prime a negro man 550.00 Seal & her infant child about 1 ..yr old 1,000.00 Anthony " " 550.00 Jerry A Boy 350.00

Joseph Vincent

It is my will that my negro man Slave called Bill and my negro woman Rhoda be hired out yearly and the proceeds of their hire be applied for the use and support of the family.

Joseph Ward

After payment of all my just debts an funeral expenses I give and bequeath to Judy and her children, Pau.., Levina, Leroy, Onena, and Eliza persons of colour former my Slaves who were emancipated to my Deed of ….. bearing date the sixth day of June in the year of Christ One Thousand Eight hundred and twenty two. All the remainder and residue of my perishable and personal property of what ever kind, not sold as before directed to be equally divided among them as near as may be share and share alike to have and hold to them as their absolute and exclusive property forever and severally to each of .. according to the decision that may be made thereof and in the division thereof should any difference or disputes arise among them which it is hoped may be avoided. It is my will and desire that my executors hereinafter named should settle adjudge and finally determine in an amicable way … such unfortunate

James Watson

Thebe sold to Thos Matthews at 6 months credit for $21.00 Simon sold to Thos Matthews at 6 months credit for $22.00 Edmond sold to Thos Matthews at 6 months credit for $100.00 Henry sold to Thos Matthews at 6 months credit for $100.00 Virginia & Emulus sold to Thos Matthews at 6 months credit for $120.00

Thomas Westlake

First Item I first will and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Westlake the full and entire possession and im..ment of all that farm or trace of land owned by me in said Boone Cournty on which my family now resides as long as she remains my widow, and also a colored man Slave by the name of John, and a coloured woman by the name of Jane with her child by the name of Nelson for the same length of time with all the farming utensils and all the stock which is now on said farm if satisfied there with. Item 3rd I will four .. and the bedding belonging to the same to be sold for the benefit of my four daughters and I further will and bequeath to my said four daughters Nancy, Polly, Minerva, and Sarah Ann all my personal estate reserving to my beloved wife as above.

Stark Whittington

1 negro boy Randle $350.00 1 negro woman Charlett $300.00

Nehemiah Wood

1 negro man named Edmund aged 22 $400.00 1 negro woman named Maria agee 45 $200.00 1 negro boy named Nelson aged 18 $400.00 1 negro girl named Nancy aged 15 $300.00 1 negro girl named Sarah aged 12 $250.00 1 negro girl named Felina aged 9 $150.00 1 negro girl named Jane aged 4 $125.00 1 negro boy named Charles aged 1 $100.00

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