Young Family Data
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Young Henry James---Born---Sept. 15, 1907----At Quincy, WV---Died Feb.24,1977 At Witchers Creek--Feb. 24, 1977

Vivian E. Mullens Young---Born Aug. 7, 1906---At Indian Creek----Died Oct. 2, 1979--- In Charleston Memorial Hospital Hazel

Marie Young---Born, Feb. 10,1909---Died July, 1942--At witchers Creek

Elmer C. Young---Born, May 30, 1910----Died, 1974 ---At Loudendell, WV

Fanny May Young Carte----Born,Oct ,29, 1911----At Quincy ,WV

Margaret Young Priddy---Born Feb. 11, 1913----- At Quincy Noah

Phillip Young----Born August 29, 1914-----At Witchers Creek

Submitted by Ivoryies
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