20th Century Wars

World War I

The wars of the 20th century are well documented, and a few veterans of even the first of them are still with us.

These men from Hampshire County are memorialized on a plaque on the statue of a Doughboy which stands in front of the Courthouse as having died in that conflict:
Lt. Robert W. Gilkeson
Corp. James Cleveland Lee
Corp. Joshua Davis Slonaker
John Frederick Abe
Arthur C. Bean
Edward Leslie Brown
Thomas F. Ewers
Ferman Lee Fultz
Jesse Jones Haines
Harry Myron Jackson
Harry Guy Leith
Joseph W. Leith
Arthur Sylvester Nelson
Ova Truman Parrill
Charles Albert Poland
James Rodney Power
Marshall Pultz
Carter Carson Racey
Herman Herbert Racey
Elza Mayo Saville
Roy Sylvester Shanholtzer
Willis Richard Shoemaker
William Bryan Swisher
Foreman Francis Taylor
Edgar Tripplett
Charles C. Wolford.

The names from World War I, Korea and Viet Nam were provided by M. Daniel Singhal.

The 1930 Hampshire County Census shows these World War Veterans:
    Alexander      John C
    Anderson       Earnest
    Ansel          John I
    Arnold         Nelson

    Baird          William
    Barker         Arthur C
    Barnes         J Guy
    Betson         Harvey S
    Billmyre       Richard M
    Biser          Baker
    Blackburn      Harry C
    Bohrer         Floyd H
    Boone          Luther C
    Bradford       Albert A.
    Brelsford      Marion C
    Brown          Elmer L
    Brown          Thurston B
    Burkett        Orin T
    Burkett        Samuel L
    Burton         David

    Campbell       Henry W
    Cannon         William M
    Carder         Cleaveland
    Combs          Harley J
    Combs          Robert F
    Corbin         Lester J
    Corbin         Luther E
    Corbin         William
    Crane          Robert
    Croston        Elmer
    Cunningham     Lyle

    Davis          Harry C
    Davis          Harry C
    Davy           Henry T
    Davy           Russell E
    Davy           Sam
    Day            Elmer D
    Day            Oscar R
    Delaplaine     Waltar R
    Dicken         Irven M
    Didawick       Homer R
    Dodrill        Carl B
    Douglas        Mervin C

    Eaton          Elmer B
    Evans          George H.
    Ewers          Albert L

    Feaster        Clyde V
    Fink           Bernell C
    Fishel         Granvil
    Fletcher       Lee
    Fletcher       Roy R
    Foley          Richard
    Foltz          Daily D
    Foltz          Homer C
    Franks         Charles W
    Fuller         Raymond L

    Ganoe          Gilbert
    Guthrie        Ralph N

    Haines         Jessie
    Haines         Montia A
    Haines         Noah A
    Haines         William B
    Haines         William B
    Hale           James P
    Halterman      Brown S
    Hardee         Marshall T
    Hartman        Burr
    Hartman        Guy
    Hawse          Raymond G
    Heare          E Port
    Henderson      Charles
    Henderson      V G
    Hill           Bernard W
    Hockman        India
    Hott           Joseph C

    Judy           Fred A

    Kaylor         Clarence
    Kaylor         Roy E
    Kesler         William F
    Kessel         Allen
    Kidwell        Marion L
    Kidwell        Osa H
    King           Floyd J
    Kiser          William

    Lambert        Edgar K
    Landis         Claude
    Landis         Oliver
    Largent        Silas
    Larrick        Harry L
    Larson         Herman
    Lewis          Alex D
    Lewis          Alex D
    Lewis          Frank J
    Lewis          Frank J
    Lewis          George L
    Lewis          George L
    Lewis          Joseph A
    Lewis          Joseph A
    Lewis          Taylor T
    Liller         Paul
    Long           Carl P
    Long           Charles W
    Loy            Harry
    Loy            William R
    Lupton         Fred W

    Mc Bride       Marsha
    Mc Cauley      Alonzo
    Mc Donald      Arthur W
    Mc Donald      Osa W
    Mc Donald      Wilbur C

    Martin         J Frank
    Mason          Charles W
    Mayhew         Gus
    Millar         Robert F
    Miller         Everett L
    Miller         Isaac
    Miller         Otis N
    Miller         Ray
    Miller         Sylvester
    Mills          Claude
    Moreland       Victor G

    Newhouse       Robert
    Newhouse       Thomas I
    Nixon          Bernard T
    Nixon          Gaither L
    Nixon          John K

    Orndoff        Therman
    Orndorff       Bursie
    Ours           Elvin S

    Pancake        McDowell
    Parker         Harry
    Parker         William E
    Peasemaker     Charles A
    Poland         Arnold
    Poland         Virgil L
    Potter         Modissa R
    Powell         Sessosney
    Pownell        Clarence T
    Pownell        Clarence T
    Puffinburger   Roy
    Pugh           Homer W
    Pyles          Clarence H

    Racey          John C
    Ricewick       Charles C
    Rinker         Dick
    Roy            Harry J
    Rude           Clarence A

    Sanders        Carl B
    Sanders        Harold T
    Saville        Clinton I
    Saville        Guy E
    Saville        H Orland
    Shanholtz      Charles L
    Shear          David
    Shirk          Homer
    Shoemaker      Elijah
    Short          Burton T
    Sibold         Francis A
    Simmons        Boyd
    Sirk           Casper
    Slane          Benjamin F
    Slonaker       Carl M
    Smith          Adalean
    Smith          John W
    Smith          Lonza D
    Snarr          John M
    Spurling       Alonzo
    Stein          William L
    Storn          George B
    Streets        Robert
    Sulser         Charles O
    Sulser         Clifton E
    Swisher        Owen

    Taylor         William
    Thompson       James R
    Timbrook       Elmer
    Timbrook       Thomas M
    Tutwiler       Frank G

    Ullery         Holly A

    Watson         Jethro S
    Whetsel        Lorenza G
    Whitacre       Basil G
    Whitacre       Byron
    Whiteman       Willie
    Whitlock       Albert E
    Wilkins        Hubert O
    Williams       Paul C
    Williams       Daniel
    Wolford        Ray

    Yost           Machir V

The names from World War I, Korea and Viet Nam were provided by M. Daniel Singhal.


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