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             Abstracts from early newspaper articles with a connection to Berkeley County, Virginia/West Virginia and what was later referred to as the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Berkeley County was created by an act of the House of Burgesses and formed from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia, in 1772. On January 8, 1801, Jefferson County was formed from Berkeley County's eastern section, and on February 9, 1820, Morgan County was formed from Berkeley's western section.

          Note: This information was extracted from the newspapers and is only as good as the editors/reporters who wrote the information (i.e., errors in spelling, dates, locations, etc.). Often, it is not the entire article and isn't always verbatim; all exact wording is within quotation marks. However, all names are exactly as they appeared in the newspapers, even though they may be misspelled. There may be additional information in the newspapers mentioned (although all effort has been made to include all names, dates and locations of those with a connection to the area); it is being offered here to provide a starting point for your research. Please note first names were not always given and exact locations were not always available; for example if there is a city listed here, such as Great Falls, but no state included, then it wasn't in the newspaper article and couldn't be determined because there may be more than one city in the U.S. with that name. For cities that are recognizable and in which there is only one, i.e., Baltimore (Maryland), Richmond (Virginia) and the like, the state wasn't always included — some of the more recognizable cities and their states are listed at the end for reference. All references to Berkeley County are to West Virginia, not South Carolina (where a Berkeley County also exists) and all references to Martinsburg are for Berkeley County, not any other Martinsburg in the country. For more information on the newspapers, see the newspaper section at the end - note: not all newspapers have additional information; therefore, research is being done to see if these newspapers are available. It is likely they are all available on microfilm at the Library of Congress and many of them through the Family History Center's microfilm library.

          If there is no date given in the description of the events, one cannot automatically assume the event occurred the same date as that of the newspaper entry. Often, the newspaper article will say last Tuesday, today, yesterday or other words that can indicate the date, based on the date of the newspaper entry. Other times, it will just have to be presumed the event occurred within a short time of the newspaper entry. All dates given after the abbreviations for the newspaper are the dates of appearance in the paper, not the event date. If there is a question mark in parentheses following a name or location, it means the copy was so poor it was difficult to read; the best interpretation of the characters is included. Please also note some of the information in the transcriptions may be 'distasteful' to some readers (explanation of injuries suffered in an accident) and can occasionally be 'politically incorrect,' but since it is history, it is being presented here in that light.

    There is a website where you can determine the actual date for 'last Sunday' or the day of the week it was for a certain date — check out this page. Enter the number of the month, the date and the year and click on Update — for example, enter 7 4 1906 and the date converter will tell you it was a Wednesday. Therefore, if someone married last Sunday, you can presume the actual marriage date was July 1. If it said "a week ago Sunday," the marriage date would have been June 24.

         The data on these pages may not be used for any commercial interest and is included for your own genealogical use only. See section below on abbreviations for newspaper names and explanations of other acronyms used.

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    Abbreviations used in newspaper extracts:
    AAS — American Antiquarian Society
    abt. — about
    dec'd — deceased
    Esq. — Esquire
    I.O.O.F — International Order of Odd Fellows
    LC — Library of Congress
    NYPL — New York Public Library
    VHS — Virginia Historical Society
    VP — vice president
    VSL — Virginia State Library

    Newspapers (and Bibliography):
    ACN — Adams County News, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    AS — Adams Sentinel, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    BDT — Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, West Virginia
    BVCG — The Virginia Centinel or the Winchester Mercury (VCWM), 1788-1790, became Bowen's Virginia Centinel and Gazette or the Winchester Political Repository (BVCG) in 1790, and Bowen's Virginia Gazette and the Winchester Centinel (BVCG) in February 1796; in early 1798, it became the Winchester Gazette (WG); covers the Winchester area - Frederick, Shenandoah, Berkeley, Hampshire and Loudon counties. The major collections are at the Handley Library in Winchester. LC (LC), AAS, and Harvard. The VSL (VSL) has microfilm of issues 1788-1800. This repository information from the Colonial Source Records, 1600s-1700s,
    CDM — The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, Virginia
    CM — Charleston Mail, Charleston, Virginia
    CMPA — Charleroi Mail, Charleroi, Pennsylvania
    CMAG — The Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette, 1792-1800; covers the Alexandria area including Fairfax and Loudon counties. Major collections are at Harvard and LC (microfilm covering 18 Dec 1793 to 6 Dec 1800 is available)
    CT — Chester Times, Chester, Pennsylvania
    DG — The Daily Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    DGB — Daily Gazette & Bulletin, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
    DJ — Denton Journal, Denton, Maryland
    DN — Daily News, Frederick, Maryland
    EP — Evening Post, Frederick, Maryland
    FD — Fayetteville Democrat, Fayetteville, Arkansas
    FP — Frederick Post, Frederick, Maryland
    FWJG — Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    FWN — Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    GC — Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    GT — Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    HTL — The Herald and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Maryland
    IEG — Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, Pennsylvania
    IM — Indiana Messenger, Indiana, Pennsylvania
    IP — Indiana Progress, Indiana, Pennsylvania
    IO — The Impartial Observer, Shepherdstown, 1797; the only issues known are at Harvard; microfilm is available at the University of West Virginia, West Virginia Archives, and VSL
    KG — The Kentucky Gazette, Lexington, 1787 +; covers the entire state of Kentucky and parts of Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. Major collections are at the Lexington Public Library, University of Chicago, LC, AAS, and Harvard
    MJ — Maryland Journal and the Baltimore Advertiser, Baltimore, 1773-1797; covers the Baltimore area, the state of Maryland and adjacent Virginia and Pennsylvania. Major collections are at the Maryland Historical Society and LC
    NDN — The Naugatuck Daily News newspaper, Naugatuck, Connecticut
    NEWS — The News, Frederick, Maryland
    NH — Norfolk Herald began in 1794 as The Herald, and Norfolk and Portsmouth Advertiser (HNPA). In 1795 it became The Herald for about a month; then in December 1795 it became the Norfolk Herald (NH). A year later, in November 1796, it became The Norfolk Herald ∓ Public Advertiser (NHPA). In February 1798 it again became The Norfolk Herald; covers the Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Princess Anne area as well as Elizabeth City, Nansemond, Warwick, and Isle of Wight counties. Major collections are at LC, the University of Virginia, AAS, Harvard, and the Philadelphia Library Company; VSL has microfilm of issues for 1794-96
    NOI — New Oxford Item, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    PG — See PGBA
    PGBA — The Potowmac Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser, Martinsburg, 1792-1800; a continuation of the paper of the same name published in Shepherdstown; became The Potomak Guardian (PG) in 1798; covers the Berkeley County area. The major collection is at Harvard and the VSL has microfilm
    RC — Richmond Chronicle, 1795-1796; a continuation of the Virginia Gazette and Richmond Chronicle (VGRC); covers the Richmond area. Major collections are in the NYPL, Harvard, the Philadelphia Library Company, and LC; there is microfilm at the VSL
    RMA — The Richmond and Manchester Advertiser, 1795-1796, a continuation of the Virginia Argus (Arg), 1796-1816; covers the Richmond area and adjoining counties especially Pittsylvania, Cumberland, and Goochland. Major collections are at Harvard, LC, VSL and AAS; VSL has microfilm
    SS — The Staunton Spy, 1793-1795; became the Virginia Gazette (VGSWA) in early 1795; covers the Staunton area. Three of the five known issues are in the AAS; a microprint is available at LC and other major libraries
    S&S — Star and Sentinel, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    TDT — The Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, West Virginia
    VCWM — See BVCG
    VG — The Virginia Gazette, 1780-1781; a continuation of The Virginia Gazette published at Williamsburg; covers the Richmond-Williamsburg area and adjacent counties; major collection are at the VSL, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the NYPL. The 1780 issues are included in the Virginia Gazette microfilm produced by the Massachusetts Historical Society and by the Institute of Early American History and Culture
    ????VGAA — The Virginia Gazetteer the American Advertiser, Richmond, Virginia, 1781-1786. Major collections are at William and Mary, LC, NYPL, University of Michigan, VHS, AAS. VSL has microfilm of most known issues
    VGPu — The Virginia Gazette (VGPu and VGCD), published by Alexander Purdie 1775-1779 and Clarkson and Davis until 1780; covers the entire state. Major collections are at LC, the Maryland Historical Society, Colonial Williamsburg, and the University of Virginia
    VGWA — The Virginia Gazette and Winchester Advertiser, 1787-1791; covers the Winchester area. The major collection is at the Handley Library; VSL has a microfilm
    VGR — The Virginia Gazette (VGR), published by William Rind 1766-1773 and by John Pinkney (VGP) 1774-1776; covers the entire state. Major collections are at LC, VHS, William and Mary, and AAS
    VGRMA — The Virginia Gazette and Richmond and Manchester Advertiser, Richmond, 1793-1795; became The Richmond and Manchester Advertiser in 1795; covers the same area as the RMA. Major collections are at LC, AAS, VSL and the University of Chicago; VSL has microfilm of most known issues
    VGWeA — The Virginia Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, Richmond, 1781-1797; covers the entire state, especially New Kent, Princess Anne, James City, Henrico, Spotsylvania and Chesterfield counties and the city of Richmond. Major collection are William and Mary, LC, Harvard, VSL, AAS, and VHS. VHS has microfilm of issues at LC, Harvard, AAS and William and Mary; VSL has microfilm covering issues 1781-1797; University has microfilms 1787-1789
    VJAA — The Virginia Journal and Alexandria Advertiser, Alexandria, 1784-1789' covers the Alexandria area including Berkeley, Fairfax and Loudon counties, but may include information from Richmond, Powhatan, and Prince William counties. Major collections are at AAS and the Missouri Historical Society; a microfilm covering the known issues is available
    WG — Winchester Gazette (see BVCG)
    WN — Weekly News, Frederick, Maryland
    WP — Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

    Some City/State or County/State Locations:
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland
    Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland
    Charles Town/Charlestown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
    Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
    Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania
    Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia
    Rockbridge County, Alexandria, Virginia
    Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
    Washington is Washington, D.C.

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