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       Note: The people listed below have graciously volunteered to look information up pertaining to Berkeley and surrounding counties. These people own or have access to these sources. Some sources are outside of Berkeley County, but are in counties from which Berkeley may have been formed and/or in nearby counties. Some tips when asking for a lookup:

    • Please do not expect these people to go to Berkeley County for you to find info.
    • Please be patient.  Many/most of these people have full time jobs besides genealogy.
    • Specify the book or resource name listed before the volunteer's name.
    • Be as specific as possible with the information on the person(s) you are researching.
    • Put BERKELEY COUNTY LOOKUP in your subject line (if you click on the person's name, that information should come up in your email message. If not, please include that since some resources list more than one county and many volunteers also do lookups for other counties).

    Thank you to our volunteers!  To volunteer, please contact me.
    Source Name Contact
    Ancestry — I am willing to do lookups on Ancestry.com to help those who aren't able to have a subscription.
    Births — I have a partial list of births in Berkeley County starting with Joseph Able and going to Anthony Rosenberger. Please email me with the name you are looking for (ONLY between those names) and I will see if your ancestor is listed.
    Cindy Billingsley Ball
    Civil War POW Volunteer
    Kevin Frye
    Clarke County Virginia Marriages 1836-1886, by Patricia B. Duncan
    Early Hampshire county, Virginia - Now West Virginia - by Clarka McC. Sage & Laura S. Jones;
    Frederick County, Virginia Wills, Inventories, Administrations, by J. Estelle Stewart King;
    Frederick County, Virginia Marriages 1771-1825, by Eliza Timberlake Davis;
    Hampshire County Death Records (1866-1922), by Vicki Bidinger Horton
    Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties Virginia (Revised), by Wilmer L. Kerns
    History of Berkeley County West Virginia, by Willis F. Evans;
    Land Records of Prince George's County Maryland 1717-1726, by Elise Greenup Jourdan;
    Marriage Records of Berkeley County, Virginia, 1781-1854, by Guy Keesecker
    Leslyn Lang
    Multiple Resources (local history, including "old Berkeley County," which included Jefferson and most of Morgan counties); particular areas of knowledge include South Berkeley County and Back Creek Valley. Most areas of historical research EXCEPT Civil War. Lifelong resident of Berkeley County, former President of the Berkeley County Historical Society, and author and publisher of local Berkeley County History
    Max Grove
    The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Berkeley County, Virginia, by Netti Schreiner-Yantis and and Florene Speakman Love Joy Unger Henning
    Tombstone Inscriptions
    Jefferson County, West Virginia

    Walt Bowers
    Tombstone Transcriptions for Berkeley and Jefferson Counties, West Virginia
    Bonnie Shafer

    To volunteer to do lookups in Berkeley County (or surrounding counties), send me a note. Please include Berkeley Lookups in your subject line since I maintain more than one county page. Your resources must include some information on people in Berkeley County, Virginia/West Virginia (or parent, surrounding or other counties carved from Berkeley; Even though they have separate webpages, it can't hurt to include them here especially for the beginning researchers). Thank you so much!

    Also, please notify me if you send to an address here and your message is returned. Don't give up on the first try; try again on another day. Temporary glitches or a full mailbox can cause one message to bounce. A repeated bounce, though, usually means the email address is not correct.

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