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This Web site is dedicated to finding and expanding on information about various Shankle family groups in North America. Based on currently known information there are a small number of Shankle family trees in the United States, and one tree in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Note sure what Shankle line your ancestors may be part of? Then go to the Surname Index which contains all Shankle and related individuals currently in my database. You may find a specific Shankle ancestor and from there determine which Shankle branch you are part of.

SITE POLICY: It is the policy of this site not to publish ANY information on living individuals. I make every attempt to clean my GEDCOM files of living individuals before generating the HTML pages for this site. Please contact me immediately if you find any information pertaining to a living individual.

The Shankle line of Avold Schenkel,  appear to have migrated from Oldenburg, Germany to Berwick Scotland in the early 1700'sand then to New Jersey or Pennsylvania around 1750. From New Jersey/Pennsylvania, parts of this Shankle line migrated south through North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. George Shankle (born abt. 1808 in Tennessee - died 1848 in Alabama) and John Shankle (born abt.1814 in Tennessee - died 1885 in Alabama) may be descended from Avold Schenkel. Descendants of John Shankle also use the surname variation Shankles starting with Johnithan Shankles.

Another line that might be related to the Shankle's of Alabama is that of W.E.Shankle (born abt. 1858 - died aft 1880). W.E.Shankle was married to a Hastings and his family migrated to Texas.

Adam Shankle (abt. 1770 - ?) is the earliest documented ancestor of another Shankle branch from Washington County,  Virginia.

The Lunenberg Shankle line originated in Switzerland/Germany and migrated to Canada in 1750, with branches of this line migrating to the United States in the 1920's.

Another Schenkel line is that of Sigmund Schenkel  (1500  - 1572 in Switzerland) and his ancestor Phillip Carl Schenkel (b. June 05, 1717 Edenkoben, Rhenish Prov., Bavaria; d. 1778, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania). Phillip Carl Schenkel's line in the United States has branches using the following surnames: Shinkle, Shankle, Schenkel.

If you have any information regarding any branch of one of these Shankle family genealogies, or would like to expand, correct or update any portion of the Shankle family records presented in these pages, please send an e-mail to: William Shankle ( )

There is a Shankle association mail list hosted by Rootsweb. Several descendants of the lines listed above are members of the list. To join the list send email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject line. There are also several Shankle bulletin boards maintained on the Rootsweb site with posting of Shankle information.The bulletin boards and other source material are listed below:

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