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Phone number:

J. D. Woolard

2295 E. High St.

Pomeroy, WA 99347

Retirement in Pomeroy with J. D. and Yvonne
This is a quiet comfortable town in the dry land farming country of South Eastern Washington. Pomeroy is the County Seat and only incorporated town in Garfield County. Here we can watch deer, pheasant and quail from the windows. A flaming sunset is beautiful.

Woolard Family Geneology
I've been working on the family history on and off for the last 20 plus years. My mother's Terrell line has been covered well by our Terrell relatives (1164 names 366 marriages). My father's Woolard line has really posed a challenge but have 461 names and 136 marriages in the data base.

Stella Roberts (Seymour) Terrell (1887-1974)

J. D. Woolard (1935-)

William Thomas Woolard (1891-1969)

John William David Woolard (1864-1932)

John William Woolard II (1838 - 1880)

Since retirement I have managed to acquire two boats: 1) 1959 Model 26 Fairliner. This is a wooden express cruiser built by the Western Boat Building Corporation in Tacoma, WA. The boat is powered by a 250 HP Charger series Crusader engine. Only had it out once and am looking forward to more cruises. 2) 1968 Chris Craft Seaskiff 38' Corinthian Sedan/Fisherman. Haven't had this one out yet. She is powered by two 260HP Volvo Penta engines and weighs around 16,000 lbs. This wooden boat needs considerable work but the engines run smooth. Both boats are moored at Hells Canyon Resort Marina in Clarkston, WA.

Pomeroy Buldings
Before I retired in 1997 we had purchased some commercial storefront buildings in downtown Pomeroy on Main Street. We recently sold one store. The remaining building houses two storefronts covering 60 feet. One side I've rented to my sister, Alverna Godinez. She lives there and runs an antique shop. The other side I use for my shop and storage.

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