Turner - Cogswell Family Genealogy
Turner - Cogswell Family Genealogy

Our ancestors originated from several European countries and emigrated
to North America from the early 1630's through the 1860's.
Their descendants were among the founders of several New England towns.
T hey were among the settlers who helped pushed the western frontiers
through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Some were Quakers, helping spread their belief westward through the new country.
The Migration Paths of our ancestors converged in Williams County,
the most northwestern county of Ohio, and a few miles further north
into southern Hillsdale County, Michigan.
They were among the first pioneers of these counties, carving farmland
from the wild frontier. Some of their descendants still live on these lands.

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This is an attempt to share genealogical information
that has been gathered on our families.
This information has come from a variety of sources --
some of it is from our own research,
while the rest has been compiled from the kind offerings of other researchers.
Please treat this information as a starting point
for your research, to be documented and proven.
If you have any additional information
or see that corrections need to be made, please e-mail to:

To protect the privacy of those who are still living,
most information starts with our grandparents' generation.


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