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A warm welcome to those of you visiting our site for the first time.
And, to those of you who are returning for another visit, welcome back.
"'Tis true; there's magic in the web ..." (Shakespeare: Othello)

If you haven't visited us lately, you may notice that we have extensively updated the content of our website and hopefully improved the way you can navigate around it. We hope that, after viewing it, you will have:

We also hope that you like what you see on these pages. To accomodate the widest range of browsers, the site originally avoided fancy features. "Web standards" now exist to guide accessibility and cross-browser issues, so these pages will gradually move towards greater standards-compliance - but rest assured, we aren't planning big changes. You may not even notice most of them, but the site should become more reliable and easier for us to maintain.

In the meantime, since we try to satisfy the needs of all our members, here are two animated images for those who like them:

Welsh flag
Gwent FHS flies the flag for Wales  -  "Cymru am Byth!"
If you get problems reading any pages, please tell us.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice..." (Scott)

webmaster Make a note of the following:

  • the page, and a clear description of the problem;
  • your browser's name and version number;
  • the equipment used (eg PC, Mac, Linux, WebTV);
  • whether you connect via broadband or dialup;
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  • your screen colour 'depth' (eg 256 colours, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit)
Then send these details to our Society Webmaster at:
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solely for messages  relating to the web-site,  and
cannot be used for any other e-mail to the Society

For the e-mail of the species is more deadly than the snail
(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

And finally, you should be able to easily find the page that you want to look at on our website, but - if you are having problems, here's a simple site map to help you locate the titles of our main sections and the other pages they link to:

Gwent Family History Society:
The key to roots in the historic county of MONMOUTHSHIRE

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