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launched 01JAN2002
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Over the past few years, our transcribers have been occupied with the census indexes for Monmouthshire (for more detailed information on these, please see our Publications pages). All our branches have also been engaged in producing our series of Millennium leaflets for each parish in the county.

NBI caseBecause of these commitments, we regret having been unable to make a significant contribution to the Federation of Family History Societies' National Burial Index (NBI), the first Edition of which was published on CD in the Spring of 2001.
NBI screenIts aim is to assist family historians find burial records, to complement the International Genealogical Index (IGI) which is a finding aid to baptisms and marriages. For more information on the NBI, you can go to the web-site of the Federation of Family History Societies and view "Federation Projects and NBI".

In fact, we were only able to make a token contribution of data for four parishes, and this was only for the 'core' period of 1813-1837 (i.e., from the start of the "new-style" burial registers until the advent of indexes to deaths). However, we are now transcribing the burial registers of other parishes, which we will be submitting in due course for the Second Edition of the NBI.

The good news is that the full details are being transcribed, so that we have more complete information than that included in the NBI. This information can be obtained for the four parishes included in the NBI through our Burial Index Enquiry Service.

This Enquiry Service also covers the other parishes currently being transcribed, and a list of these is included in the description of the Service. Alternatively, if you believe you know the parish in which your ancestor may have been buried, look at the indexes and transcriptions of Church and Chapel Registers that we sell on microfiche (or, in some cases, on CD as well), to see if we may have the details there.

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Parish Church dedicated to Years Entries
Llanddewi Skirrid St David 1813-37 47
Llangovan St Govan 1813-37 87
Llanover St Bartholemew 1813-37 153
Oldcastle St John the Baptist 1816-37 36

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