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    Hi again, sorry about the length of time between updates but pressure of work means this will be a bit sporadic for a while. Anyway here's a few new links, some new music and a strong recommendation. There is a piece of freeware that's really worth getting, it's called Parish Locator. For those people like myself who find a parish mentioned in a certificate or census entry and want to know where it is and most importantly where it is in relation to other parishes, this is an invaluable tool. you can get it at Freebies for genealogists.

    Flintshire was one of the original six counties created by Edward I in 1284. It originally comprised of three totally separate areas until they were reorganised at the behest of Henry VIII, in 1536. This created the county of Flintshire that remained until the "reorganisation" of 1974.

Maps by Expedia.com Travel

Maps by Expedia.com Travel


     GENUKI Flintshire Page  (information and links on all things Flintshire)

     Flintshire Records Office  (the records held by the office, as well as phone numbers and addresses)

     Flintshire Surname List (compiled by Phil Mustoe)  (a list of surnames being researched and contacts)

     Clwyd Family History Society  (the Clwyd Family History home page)

     Flintshire Look-up Exchange  (another list of researchers and their interests)

     Virtual Mold  (a trip through the county town of Flintshire)

     Lineages' Flintshire Page  (info on where to find records)


     Cyndi's List for Wales  (the ultimate linkfest for all things genealogically welsh)

     North Wales Internet Genealogy Info Page  (various research advice and ideas)

     Genealogy Wales, Wales/Cymru, the culture, language and history of Wales  (the title says it all)

     The Church in Wales  (some genealogical information on St Asaph)

     A guide to Welsh Patronymics  (an explanation of family naming conventions in historic Wales)

     WalesGenweb  (links to the other county co-ordinator sites)

     Association of Family History Societies of Wales  (info on family history societies)

     Wales Research Ouline  (some ideas from the LDS on how to research Welsh families)

     Welsh Family History Archive  (an information archive)

     Discover Your Welsh Ancestry  (some more research ideas)


     Research-It  (One stop research desk) 

     MultiGen  (Search multiple genealogy databases) 

     BBC Online History  (Info from the BEEB including notes on Bloodties) 

     Freebies for Genealogists  (Freebies for Genealogists including parish locator) 

     The Public Record Office  (all things Kew, some excellent leaflets to download)

     The OfFice for National Statistics  (info on the Family Records Center in London)

     The Free BMD Project  (a project, in it's infancy, to make BMD info available on the net)

     Parish Search  (ever needed to know the churches in a historical parish...)

     FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service  (the internet search engine for LDS records, recently improved)

     Commonwealth War Graves Commission  (an excellent site for finding info about the graves of servicemen who've died in conflict)

     Registration Districts in England and Wales (1837-1930)  (again the title says it all)

     British Genealogy Abbreviations and Acronyms  (a list of abbreviations used in historical documents)


     Flintshire Query Board

Queries will be posted automatically

The instructions are below:

    1...Place ALL SURNAMES (within your query) in CAPS.
    2...Enter your information exactly as you want it to appear.
    4...Please TURN OFF THE CAPS. It's hard to see the surnames if your whole query is in caps
    5...No more than 3 surnames per query please. It makes it to hard to follow

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Please note the following boards are not for queries but are specifically for posting items of interest regarding your family history.

     Biography Board For biographies of your ancestors.

     Obituaries Board For any obituaries announcements relating to your ancestors.

     Bible Records Board For family bible information.

     Wills Board For information regarding your ancestor's wills.

     Clwyd Mailing List

A mailing list sponsored by the Clwyd Family History Society for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in north-east Wales. You must be a subscriber to post to the list. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to clwyd-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or clwyd-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).

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