Setzer/Setser Family Genealogy

Setzer COA The German surname Setzer is an Upper German name with roots in the southern region of Bavaria. The name is derived from the German verb "setzen," meaning "to set," and was probably first borne by someone who worked at a market or fair, setting the prices of merchandise. The Low German variation of the name, Settegast, is even more specific, meaning "one who sets the price of barley." (info from 'House of Names')

The surname Setzer was first found in Regensburg; the first recorded bearer was Ortlieb der Setzer, who lived there in 1290. The young Setzer family was instrumental during this early period, playing a major role in the development of medieval Bavarian society. (info from 'House of Names')

A class of old German citizens from the 16th century, natives of the Preuben province, residing in Eberswalde (Wild Boar Woods or Forest). There is also listed, that the Lt. & Commander of an infantry troop, Herman August Setzer, in 1654, was distinguished for his great value to the Nation of the Prussian king's authority with the Medal of Valor, 1st Class and with paper of nobility in Pergament. [info from John Lee Setzer, Sr.'s book, Setzer Setser Genealogy]

Most descendents on this web site are from Jacob Setzer (abt 1730 - 1766) and wife Mary Magdalene Bovy of North Carolina. It also has descendents of George Tobias Setzer (1732 - 1808) and wife, Elizabeth Berrier of Pennsylvania, and Michael Martin Setzer of Pennsylvania.  Most assume these 3 Setzer's as sons of Johann Adam Setzer who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Patience" on 8/11/1750.  I have no real knowledge or proof of this.

(5/10/2017) I have now added the Fore Fathers of Johann Adam Setzer, based on information found at and to my database. You can use this information for your research but I have no real knowledge or proof of this.

Below or some Setzer's or close spelling, of those arriving in the new world about the same time.

Johann Adams Setzer arrived in Philadelphia, Pa. on the ship "Patience" on 8/11/1750. The Captain of ship was Hugh Steele of Rotterdam.
George Tobias Setzer Landed in Philadelphia, Pa. on Sept 14, 1751 on the ship "Brothers ??".
Jahann Martin Setzer in 1751 on the ship "Shirley".
Georg And Matthaus Fetzer (George and Mathias Setzer) on the ship "Duke of Bedford" in 1751.
Jacob Michael Sitzer/Setzer arrived on Sept., 26, 1753 on the ship "Brothers".
Click to view a picture of the ship Brothers at the National Library of Australia.
Ship Brothers
Jacob Shetzer arrived on Oct 27, 1738 on the ship "St. Andrew".
Peter Sitzer in 1749 on the "Good Intent".
Johan George Setzler on the "Two Brothers" in 1751
Jacob Seltzer arrived 22 September, 1752 on the ship "Brothers".
Hans Jacob Seltzer arrived on 19 Sept., 1752 on the "Edinburgh".
Michael and Andreas Fetzer arrived on 19 Sept., 1752 on the "Edinburgh".

Setzer/Setser Data Base
(has 19,970 individuals and 7,969 marriages as of 4/30/2021)

Database Table of Contents If you have data you would like to share, or if you find data I have that is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know so it can be corrected.  When referencing a person, please use the RIN (Record Identification Number) appended to the surname to help in identifying the correct person.  Send corrections, updates or questions to .
Please note, all personal information (except names) is removed from individuals still assumed to be alive, before placing on the website.

Otis & Mamie Family Photos

Maggie Valley For questions about a 2021 Setzer Family Reunion, please email Laura Setzer Lembeck at

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Pictures from the 2014 Setzer reunion in Maggie Valley, NC.
Pictures from the 2012 Setzer reunion in Maggie Valley, NC.
Pictures from the 2008 Setzer reunion in Maggie Valley, NC.

Maggie Valley is named for Maggie Setzer. Her father, John Sidney 'Jack' Setzer, was the postmaster for the area. As the area grew it was recognized that it needed a name. The postmaster submitted the names of his three daughters, and Maggie's name was chosen. The year 2004 was the centennial birthday of Maggie Valley.
In the hallway at the Town Hall in Maggie Valley (located at 3987 Soco Road) are pictures and information about Maggie, her family and the area.

Setzer/Setser Genealogy Book

    This genealogical history begins with Jacob Setzer who settled about 1752 in what is now Catawba County, NC, and includes his widely dispersed descendants who were born no later than 1970. Setzer COA Known data for each individual includes dates and places of birth, marriage, death, and burial place; and information sources. Similar information on spouses is included. The data included in this document is the result of more than 35 years of research.
     This history is compiled in a bound hard cover book with gold foil title on front and spine. Written text comprises 780 pages; and the index listing 14,800 names comprised pages. Among those listed are 3750 Setzers, 1100 Setsers, and 60 Sesters. No pictures are included.

The price of the book is $60.00 per copy.
Packaging and postage is $5.00 per copy.

Send mailing address and payment to:
John L. Setzer, Sr.
528 Country Club Circle, Shelby, NC 28150-4807.
For additional info call 704-482-2660

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