Carnarvon Traders

ANCESTRY.COM in their infinite wisdom have decided to impose their corporate will on small webmasters and insist that the above horrible looking thing, which they call a "masthead," be added to all pages on this website. Some of you may have already noticed while browsing that their coding has corrupted the HTML/CSS on the site, which means that some pages will not load at all, and others display this corporate branding in the most inappropriate positions, rendering the site virtually unusable.

I have decided that the only option is to tell ANCESTRY.COM to go whistle and take the site down until I am able to find alternative hosting. The new address will be displayed on this page until such time that ANCESTRY.COM decide to remove it. All those who have opted to receive the latest updates by email will receive notification when the new site is up and running, and any links on gateway sites and message boards will be changed. Hopefully this will mean that Carnarvon Traders will finally have its own domain name, which will be a damn slight easier to remember than the gobledegook that ANCESTRY.COM foist upon its webmasters.

I hope that you will bear with me while this upheaval is going on.

Many thanks. Keith. 19th. June 2008.

Hosting has now been resolved and the new address for Carnarvon Traders is: