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Monumental Inscriptions – Libanus Chapel

Set out below is an index to all the individuals named on the gravestones and memorials at Libanus Chapel near Brecon. The full text of all the inscriptions is available for purchase on CD or in A5 booklet format (see Ordering details).

Abel, Alfred
Abel, Euronwy
Abel, Margaret Elizabeth
Abel, Muriel
Adams, Reg
Adams, Vera May

Baldwin, Gordon Leonard
Bennett, B.
Bennett, F.
Bennett, Godfrey
Bufton, Ellen
Bufton, John
Brewin, Mary E
Brewin, Mary Elizabeth
Brewin, Tom
Brewin, William
Brewin, William (Billy)

Cunningham, James Lamb
Cunningham, Jessie Osborne

Davies, Ada
Davies, Catherine Elizabeth
Davies, Cecelia
Davies, David
Davies, David Morgan
Davies, David S.
Davies, Elizabeth
Davies, Emma Irene
Davies, George
Davies, Grace
Davies, Gwenllian
Davies, Isaac
Davies, Jeffrey Harold
Davies, John
Davies, Margaret
Davies, Margaret Ann
Davies, Mary
Davies, Mary Ann
Davies, Rees
Davies, Sarah
Davies, Thomas
Davies, William

Evans, Albert
Evans, Annie
Evans, David
Evans, David Brychan
Evans, David Stephen
Evans, Evan David
Evans, Jane
Evans, Margaret Jane
Evans, Mary
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Stephen
Evans, Tom Pugh
Evans, William Cyril

Ferguson, Alexander
Ferguson, Allen Osborne
Ferguson, David
Ferguson, David Glyn
Ferguson, Doreen
Ferguson, Eileen Mary
Ferguson, Eleanor
Ferguson, Evelyn Eunice
Ferguson, Janet Osbourne (Jessie)
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Margaret
Ferguson, Mary
(née Ferguson) Pritchard, Mary Elizabeth Grace
Ferguson, Mary Jackson
Ferguson, May
Ferguson, Peter
Ferguson, Russel Vincent
Ferguson, Sarah Annie
Ferguson, William
Ferguson, William Jackson
Fergusson, Charles Jackson
Fergusson, Donald
Fergusson, Jessie Osborne
Fergusson, John
Fergusson, Mary
Fergusson, Mary Dorothy
Fergusson, Robert
Fox, Dansey
Fox, Francis Celia

Gibson, Alec
Gibson, Margaret Olwen
Griffith, Ann
Griffith, Dafydd
Griffith, John
Griffith, Lewis
Griffith, Margaret
Griffiths, Alice
Griffiths, Ann
Griffiths, Ann
Griffiths, David
Grifiths, David Thomas
Griffiths, George
Griffiths, Hannah
Griffiths, Mary
Griffiths, Morgan
Griffiths, Thomas
Gwillim, David William
Gwillim, Margaret

Haines, Babies
Hardwick, Reginald Arthur
Hirons, Albert C.
Hirons, Margaret
Hirons, Mary Ann
Hopkins, Ebenezer
Hopkins, Elizabeth Jane
Hopkins, Margaret Ann
Hopkins, Mary
Hopkins, Morgan
Howells, Florrie
Howells, Luther
Hughes, Adele
Hughes, James William
Hughes, Robert

James, 'Baby'
James, David
James, James
James, John
James, Josiah
James, Margaret
James, Mary
James, Thomas
Jenkins, Annie Margretta
Jenkins, Rev William Thomas
Jones, Alsace Gertrude Loraine
Jones, Ann
Jones, Anna
Jones, Anne
Jones, Annie
Jones, 'Baby'
Jones, Catherine Glenys
Jones, Catherine Gwendoline Myfanwy
Jones, Charlotte
Jones, Chestina Jane
Jones, David
Jones, David J.
Jones, David John
Jones, Dewi
Jones, Ebenezer
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, (née Gladwin) Gertrude Jane
Jones, Heulwen
Jones, Ivor John Raymond
Jones, John
Jones, John Cynog
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Margaret Ada
Jones, Margaret Gwyneth
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary Gwen
Jones, Minnie Suzannah
Jones, Morgan
Jones, Olwen Mary
Jones, Polly Annie
Jones, Price
Jones, Richard
Jones, Sarah Hannah
Jones, Thomas Mervyn
Jones, William Ronald
Jones, William Percival

Lewis, A
Lewis, Ann
Lewis, Anne
Lewis, Annie
Lewis, David
Lewis, Ellen Miles
Lewis, James
Lewis, John
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Revd John
Lewis, William
Little, Blodwen Louisa
Little, Sidney Arthur
Lloyd, Agnes
Lloyd, Alfred
Lloyd, 'Bill'
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, Blodwen Jane
Lloyd, John Dilwyn

Matthews, Sarah
Matthews, Thomas
Meredith, Elwyn
Meredith, E.
Meredith, Elizabeth E.
Miles, A.
Miller, Helen Kennedy
Miller (née) Osborne, Janet Gibson
Miller, William Stevenson
Montague, Ken
Morgan, Ann
Morgan, Annie
Morgan, Annie Muriel
Morgan, Bill
Morgan, Cecilia Mary
Morgan, E.
Morgan, Eleanor
(née Morgan) Tredrake, Elsie
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, Howell
Morgan, Ivor
Morgan, John
Morgan, Mabel
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Mary Ann
Morgan, Morgan
Morgan, Moses
Morgan, Mr
Morgan, Mrs
Morgan, Rev James Rowland
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, W.
Morgan, William
Morgans, Elizabeth
Morris, Ann
Morris, Annie
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Elizabeth Mary
Morris, Ivor
Morris, William
Moses, Anne
Moses, Eliza
Moses, Jane
Moses, Thos.
Moses, Revd. William

Palmer, Allen Trevor
Palmer, Francis Ivor
Palmer, George
Palmer, Percy John
Palmer, Sarah
Parkinson, George Edward
Parkinson, James Edward
Parkinson, Phyllis Jane
Parry, Jonathan
Parry, William
Perrott, Addline Mary
Perrott, Annie Jane
Perrott, Mary Ann
Perrott, Walter
Perrott, William Richard
Phillips, David William
Phillips, Gwyneth Mary
Phillips, Pam
Phillips, Rendel
Phillips, Thomas
Pitman, Doris Mary Margaret
Pitman, Raymond Charles
Powell, Ann
Powell, Arthur Lloyd
Powell, 'Baby'
Powell, Edgar
Powell, Eleanor Beatrice
Powell, Gwen
Powell, John
Powell, Margaret
Powell, Mary Edith
Powell, Rees
Powell, Thomas
Powell, William
Powell Williams, M
Powell Williams, W.
Price, A.
Price, Ann
Price, Anne
Price, Annie
Price, Annie Persis
Price, Blodwen
Price, Catherine
Price, Clifford H.
Price, Edith Beatrice
Price, Edith M.
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Ethel
Price, Ethel J.
Price, Gladys B.
Price, Gwendoline
Price, Haydn
Price, Henry
Price, Jane
Price, Margaret Ann
Price, Margaret Winifred
Price, Martha Elizabeth
Price, Revd, Rees
Price, Sarah
Price, Sarah Ann
Price, Thomas
Price, Thomas David
Price, Vivian
Price, William R.
Price, W.
Price, William
Price, William R.M.R.
Price, William Richard
Price, William Watkins
Pritchard, Doris May
Pritchard, Eifion Thomas
Pritchard, Fredrick Keith
Pritchard, Magdalen
Pritchard (née Ferguson), Mary Elizabeth Grace
Pritchard, William
Prosser, David
Prosser, Edith Bronwen
Prosser, Gertrude
Prosser, Jane
Prosser, Joan
Prosser, John
Prosser, M. A. [wife]
Prosser, Mary Alice
Prosser, Roger
Prosser, Sarah
Prosser, Sarah Jane
Prosser, Thomas
Prosser, William
Pugh, Ada Jane
Pugh, Edgar Thomas
Pugh, Minna

Rees, David John
Rees, Eunice Mary
Rees, James
Rees, Jane
Rees, Joan
Rees, John
Rees, Mary
Rees, Morgan
Rees, Myfanwy
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Margaret
Richards, Thomas
Rogers, Annie
Rogers, Margaret
(née Rogers) Williams, Margaret June
Rogers, Sarah Ann
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, William

Scammell, Margaret Ann
Scammell, Thomas
Scammell, Violet Mary
Sharpe, Jane McCall
Sharpe, Thomas
Stephens, E.
Stephens, Elsie May
Stephens, Glyndwr
Stephens, H.
Stephens, Howell Havard
Sullivan, 'Aunt'

Thomas, Agnes Margery
Thomas, Alice
Thomas, Ann
Thomas, David
Thomas, Edith E.
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, Evelyn Doris
Thomas, Grace Florence
Thomas, Hilda Anne
Thomas, Howell
Thomas, Idris
Thomas, Irene
Thomas, John
Thomas, John Dilwyn
Thomas, Katie
Thomas, Ken
Thomas, Llewelyn Glyndwr
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Margaret Jane
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary Diana
Thomas, Mr J.
Thomas, Mrs J.
Thomas, Phyllis May
Thomas, Rees
Thomas, Rev G. Huxley
Thomas, Ronw
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, Thomas Nathaniel
Tottle, Martha Chandler
Tottle, Maurice Charles
Tredrake, Elsie (née Morgan)


Watkins, Anne
Watkins, John
Watkins, Philip
Watkins, Rees
Watkins, Sarah
Watkins, Watkin
Wilding, Baban [Baby]
Wilding, Catherine
Wilding, David
Will..., William
Williams, Ada Eveline
Williams, Alwyn Parry
Williams, Amelia Annie Jane
Williams, Ann
Williams, Anne
Williams, Annie
Williams, Aubrey
Williams, Beatrice Maud
Williams, Bernard
Williams, Bertha Annie
Williams, Betty
Williams, Brinley
Williams, Brinley Ewart
Williams, Brychan
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Catherine Ann
Williams, Catherine Elizabeth
Williams, Cecelia Ann
Williams, Ceridwen
Williams, Ceinwen
Williams, Charlotte
Williams, David
Williams, Dilwyn Llewelyn
Williams, Edith
Williams, Edna
Williams, Edward Lewis
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth Anne
Williams, Elizabeth Gwen
Williams, Elizabeth Irene
Williams, Ethel Mary
Williams, Evan
Williams, Fred
Williams, Glyndwr
Williams, Islwyn Glyn (Occy)
Williams, Ivor
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, John Edgar
Williams, John Rees
Williams, Kenneth Rees
Williams, Levi
Williams, Llewelyn
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Lewis John
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Margaret Ann
Williams (née Rogers), Margaret June
Williams, Margaret Mary
Williams, Maria
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary Ann
Williams, Mary Jane
Williams, May
Williams, Morgan
Williams, Rees
Williams, Roger
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sarah Jane
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas Idris
Williams, W.
Williams, Watkin
Williams, William
Williams, William Llewellyn
Williams, William Robert

The full text of all the inscriptions is available for purchase on CD or in A5 booklet format. The full text of all the inscriptions is available for purchase on CD or in A5 booklet format (see Ordering details).

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Updated 3 July 2010
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