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Franklin County was created Dec 1837 out of Crawford County.
The first book of probate information is the combined County and Probate Court Minutes.
In addition there are loose probate packets.
Below I show what we have and don't for each known decedant or guardian case.
Probate and Guardianship
Cases 1836-1841
year/noteHas Loose
In Probate
Minute Book
Bourland, John Bacon1840yesyes
Brooks, Willis1841yes
Bryant, Rial1841yesyes
Calvert, Joseph1839yes
Carty, William1840yesyes
Caulk, minors1838yes
Clark, Johnathan1835/6yesyes
Cunningham, John1840yesyes
Evans, Miranda1839/minoryesyes
Evans, Mississippi1839/minoryesyes
Evans, Sally1839/minoryesyes
Featherston, minors1840               yes
Guest, William     1841      yes      yes
Hart, James        1841               yes
Haynie, Charles    1836               yes
Hixon, Benjamin    1841               yes
Humphill, Charles  1839               yes
Kendall, John      1841               yes
Lasater, John      1838      yes      yes
Miller, Samuel     1839               yes
Miller, Simon      not probated       yes
Moore, John        1839               yes
Moore, Thomas      1840      yes      yes
Morris, Thomas     1840      yes      yes
Quesenbury, John   1841      yes      yes
Rose, Corina       1841/minor yes     yes
Rose, H B          1841               yes
Sherwood, Benjamin 1839/minor         yes
Stout, Wilkenson   1841               yes
Turner, John       bef 1838           yes
Whitson, William   1838      yes      yes
Williams, Miles    1839	     yes      yes

Probate and Guardianship Cases 1842-1846

			year/note		Loose packet	Minute Book
Booth, Thomas		1846			yes		yes
Bryant, Russell		1843					yes
Davis, Nancy		1844					yes
Davis, Noah		1846					yes
Fleeming, John		1844 [Fleeman]		yes		yes
Gage, Jeremiah		1846			yes		yes
Grounds, George		1845			yes		yes
Guthrie, Wallace		1842			yes		yes
Hail, Joab		1844					yes
Huff, George		1843/minor				yes
Lane, Rowland		1846					yes
Lyon, John		1842					yes
Miller, Allen		1846			yes		yes
Moffit, Elijah		1844			yes		yes
M'deiss, Elophal		1842					yes
Pendleton, James		1845					yes
Price, John		1846			yes		yes
Reddin, Mrs [Martha]	1845 [Redding]		yes		yes
Redding, minors		1845/minors		yes		yes
Scott, Will W		1844					yes
Stutsman, Daniel		1844					yes
Temples, Robert		1844					yes
Turner, John		1844					yes
Wadsworth, John		1843					yes
Whitson, Charles		1844			yes		yes
Willi, William		1845					yes
Wisdom, Francis		1846					yes

Probate and Guardianship Cases 1846-1849

			year/note		Loose packet	Minute Book
Alstott, William		1849					yes
Anderson, Jonas		1848/9			yes		yes
Bowers, Michael		1847					yes
Brinkmires, Lauind ?	1848					yes
Brown, Henry		1847			yes		yes
Burton, Thomas		1847					yes
Christian, Yancy P		1847					yes
Clay, William		1847					yes
Fulton, James		1847					yes
Haile, Jacob		1847					yes
Hendrick, David		1847			yes		yes
Huggins, John		1849			yes		yes
McLaughlin, Samuel Lane	1848/minor		yes		yes
Martin, Hugh		1849/minors		yes
Meredith, Elijah		1848					yes
Milton, Fanny		1849					yes
Morrison, William		1849					yes
Parkes, Thomas		1847					yes
Powell, George		1848					yes
Smith, William		1847					yes
Steele, John N		1847			yes		yes
Wood, William		1849/minor		yes		yes

Probate and Guardianship Cases 1850

			year/note		Loose packet	Minute Book
Alstott, Thomas		1850/minor				yes
Baskins, Robert		1850			yes		yes
Benton, Thomas		1850					yes
Caulk, Nancy		1850					yes
Covert, John		1850					yes
Forts, David		1850					yes
Foster, Alvin		1850					yes
Guthrie, Nelson		1850					yes
Hendrix, D D		1850					yes
Hunter, William		1850			yes
Irvin, Allen		1850					yes
Marrs, Wiley		1850					yes
Puckett, Thomas		1850					yes
Richardson, Pleasant	1850					yes
Roberts, Peter		1850					yes
Sanders, Richard		1850					yes
Snodgrass, Isaac		1850					yes
Vaughn, Randolph		1850					yes
Williams, Lewis		1850					yes

Probates 1850-1880
Beneux, Justin Sr
Blackwell, Jesse
Blackwell, Joseph
Blackwell, Yowell
Brawley, Milton
Bolinger, Armstead
Boone, George
Boone, Squire
Cagle, David
Cagle, Leonard
Cannon, James
Colvart, Davis W
Counts, Allen R
Davis, Edward
Dickerson, James
Dunaway, Minors / Benjamin
Dunn, Joseph
Dyer, George
Fleeman, Marion F
Guest, Hester A & Mary Garnet
Jester, Spencer W
Jones, Joel W
Jones, John
Jordon, William A
Mainard, G W
Mainard, Rebecca
MCabe, D L
Miller, Wilson
Milton, Elisha Jr
Milton, Elisha Sr
Milton, Fannie
Moffett, Robert
Nixon, John C
Northum, William
Parker, Emanuel
Parker, Thomas
Quesenbury, Harvy
Quesenbury, John M
Quesenbury, Julia D
Quesenbury, William C
Ransom, Andrew J
Sadler, Alvin J
Shores, Alfred M
StClair, Thomas C
Steele, John
Steele, William E
Stout, Elizabeth A
Thompson, John H
Tindell, John
Tomberlin, Thomas
Wilkins, Dreaden
Wood, Oliver
Wood, Purley
Wood, William M
Wood, Madison
Wright, A J B
Youngblood, Edward