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Deaths in Franklin County, Arkansas from Deaths certificates filed with the Arkansas State Department of Health as published by Desmond Walls Allen in her work "Western Arkansas Death Record Index 1914-1923" which is available for purchase by writing me at Will Johnson or by snail mail at:
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I present here only the surnames, in accordance with the "fair use" policy of copyright law. In order to get the death cert you will need the full name and date of death. Please email me for details

Surnames of those who died in Franklin County, Arkansas from 1914-1923
Abney, Adams, Addy, Ahrns, Aldridge, Allen, Alston, Amos, Anderson, Arbough, Armstrong, Arnold, Arvin, Asher, Ashly, Ashworth, Atherton, Atwood, Austin, Avans, Avery, Bake, Baker, Ballinger, Barber, Barker, Barnard, Barnes, Barrow, Barton, Baskin, Battles, Beard, Bearden, Beason, Beckham, Behiter, Bell, Belt, Benard, Benham, Benson, Beshears, Bills, Birchfield, Black, Blackburn, Blackwell, Blancet, Blevens, Bly, Boatright, Boles, Boren, Bounds, Bowick, Box, Boyles, Bradley, Branch, Brandenberger, Brickey, Briggs, Brison, Bristow, Brookey, Brooks, Brotherton, Brown, Bryant, Bryson, Buckhouse, Buckner, Buergler, Buford, Burch, Burcham, Burchan, Burell, Burns, Burris, Burrow, Burrows, Byford, Byrd, Caesar, Caire, Callahan, Calloway, Campbell, Canner, Canon, Capel, Carbell, Carey, Carlile, Carlsen, Carpenter, Carr, Carrie, Carter, Carver, Casey, Cater, Caulk, Cauls, Ceurry, Chancey, Chapman, Chapple, Childers, Chriswell, Chrortowski, Clark, Clarke, Classen, Clavan, Clem, Cloninger, Coffman, Cole, Collier, Collins, Combs, Cone, Conley, Conroy, Cooper, Corbell, Cowens, Crasly, Crassnoe, Crawford, Crofford, Crondell, Crossno, Crudup, Cruson, Cullins, Cummings, Currier, Curtis, Dan, Darr, Darshy, Davidson, Davis, Daws, Dawson, Dean, Dempsey, Dewitt, Dickerson, Dixon, Dodgen, Donaldson, Dorsett, Doss, Dotson, Douglas, Douglass, Dowell, Down, Dragoo, Drain, Duncan, Dunn, Early, Eason, Edgett, Edgin, Edward, Edwards, Eichbarger, Eichenberger, Ellis, English, Eschback, Ester, Eubanks, Evans, Ewin, Falcom, Farnus, Faubus, Ferguson, Fidler, Fines, Fiser, Fisher, Flag, Floyd, Flynn, Forbes, Forbus, Forbush, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foy, Frank, Franklin, Frasier, Fraysher, Fugerson, Fuller, Fulmer, Gabbard, Gage, Galisfy, Gammill, Garner, Gasnell, Gates, Gattes, Gazaway, Gerbic, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gillet, Gipson, Glanzmann, Glenn, Goff, Goodbar, Goodin, Goodwin, Gosnell, Gossage, Gottes, Gottis, Graham, Gravac, Gray, Greer, Grey, Griffia, Griffin, Grimes, Guledge, Gunter, Hacker, Haislip, Hamlen, Hampton, Hanis, Hannes, Hardnares, Harman, Harris, Harrison, Hartley, Hatfield, Haus, Hawkins, Haynes, Hays, Hefley, Helton, Hendrix, Henerson, Herring, Hice, Hickey, Hicks, Higdon, Highsmith, Hill, Hilligard, Hobbs, Hobson, Holloway, Hones, Hood, Hooker, Hooper, Horner, Hornes, Hoskey, Howard, Howell, Hudson, Huggins, Hunter, Hutchins, Hyde, Ichelbarger, Irvin, Irward, Isaacs, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jeffers, Jencik, Jeter, Jewell, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Karr, Keith, Keller, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelly, Kelton, Kindrick, King, Kirby, Kitchens, Kizzar, Kizzear, Knox, Komp, Kraus, Kuykendall, Kuykendoll, Lallis, Lamb, Lane, Lange, Laster, Lbounds, Lea, Ledgerwood, Leister, Lemaster, Lessley, Lester, Lewis, Lightle, Littleton, Livingston, Locke, Logan, Long, Looney, Love, Lovell, Lucas, Mahan, Maier, Mainer, Mainord, Malten, Mannon, Mannus, Mantooth, Martin, Marvel, Massingale, Mathews, Maxwell, Mayberry, Mayfield, Mayner, McAfee, McCallie, McCallister, McCartney, McClain, McClure, McElhany, McElroy, McFerrin, McGee, McGehee, McGough, McGraw, McIlsay, McIntosh, McKee, McKenney,, McKinzy, McLaughlin, McMurtey, McSwain, Metcalf, Meyer, Midlock, Miller, Milton, Minard, Minden, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morrell, Morris, Morse, Moss, Mullen,, Nation, Nelson, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickell, Nixon, Norvell, Nunn, Nutt, Obarr, Ockenfels, Olemer, Olener, Oliver, Oneal, Osborn, Owens, Pace, Pambell, Park, Parker, Paterson, Patrick, Paye, Pemberton, Penartz, Peppins, Perkins, Perry, Pettegrew, Phillips, Phipps, Plemons, Plymale, Pock, Ponder, Poteet, Powell, Preast, Presley, Price, Pruett, Pruit, Pullen, Pulse, Pyron, Quesnoy, Quick, Ragsdale, Raible, Reaves, Redwine, Reed, Reeves, Renals, Reynolds, Rice, Ricketts, Riddie, Rider, Riley, Risae, Ritchie, Roach, Robbins, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Roth, Rowland, Roy, Russell, Ruttage, Sallie, Sanders, Sapp, Scanlon, Schover, Scott, Screton, Scroggins, Seeley, Self, Sells, Seual, Sewell, Sharp, Shastid, Shea, Sheeby, Shelby, Shelton, Shoeweiler, Shook, Shropshir, Shuler, Shumate, Simpson, Sims, Siross, Smith, Snail, Snowden, Soller, Solomon, Sommers, Spears, Spencer, Staler, Standridge, Starnbak, Startin, Staten, Stater, Staton, Stephens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stiles, Stone, Story, Standridge, Streetman, Stroud, Stuart, Stubblefield, Sublett, Suggs, Sutliff, Swearingin, Swift, Taster, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thompkin, Thompson, Tilley, Timmons, Toby, Tolbert, Tomberlin, Tomlin, Treadwell, Tresp, Triplett, Tripp, Troy, Trudel, Tucker, Turner, Turrentine, Tyson, Upshaw, Valentine, Verner, Vernon, Voliva, Waggoner, Wagner, Wagoner, Walden, Walker, Wallace, Walls, Waltermire, Wamack, Ward, Watson, Watt, Weaver, Webb, Weeks, Weishaupt, Wells, Welton, Wesson, West, White, Whitehouse, Whites, Whittington, Wiehelner, Wilderson, Wilhelm, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wisdom, Woerner, Womack, Wood, Woods, Wooten, Wortham, Wortheam, Wyrick, Yarbrough, Yearta, Yeates, Yoerzer, Yoger, Young, Younge, Zeigler

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This page is copyright by Will Johnson and Fast Forward 2003, all rights reserved.
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